Monday Memos: ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ trilogy Book Review

Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘Monday Memos’, we are going to discuss an AMAZING book trilogy that YOU should read this summer. What trio am I talking about? I love it when you ask me questions people of the internet! The trio we are discussing is ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ trilogy. These books have it all: romance, friends, a cool summer beach house, drama, tragedy, and so much more! So if you’re looking for a fun book series to read this summer, read on to learn why you should give this trilogy a shot.


In the first book ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’, we are introduced to 15 year old Isabel ‘Belly’ Conklin. Belly has spent every summer of her life at her mother’s best friend’s (Susannah) beach house in a town called Cousin’s Beach. In the beginning of the first book, Belly, her mother (Laurel), and her older brother Steven drive up to the beach house and are instantly greater by Susannah’s sons Conrad and Jeremiah. Belly has had a very obvious crush on Conrad ever since they were kids, and Jeremiah has always been her best friend. Throughout the summer, Belly starts to notice that Conrad and Jeremiah are treating her differently, and she is also shocked to notice that she’s receiving attention from other guys at Cousin’s Beach. Even more surprising, Belly thinks that Conrad and Jeremiah might have (everybody gasp!) non friend felling for her. At the end of the summer, tragedy strikes the beach house. That’s where I leave you for now people of the internet. So does Belly begin a relationship with one of her “friends”, will a new guy capture her heart first? What happens at Cousin’s Beach that completely tears Belly’s world apart? If you want to know people of the internet, please check out ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’.


In the second installment of the series ‘It’s Not Summer Without You’, Belly must deal with the tragedy that happened at the end of the last book, as well as deal with more boy drama. Now in her first summer away from Cousin’s beach, Belly has to face her hardest year yet. She will attempt to face all of the heartache, loss, love, and new experiences that the year will bring. When one of Susannah’s sons runs away, Belly must team up with the other to find him. Will they find him, and if they do, will they regret it? As Belly learns that her best summers may be behind her, how will she move forward?


In the final book, ‘We’ll Always Have Summer’, Belly is a freshman in college, and from here on out everything changes. The conclusions of the first two books have forever changed Belly’s life, and now she will make another life altering decision. But what do you do when everyone you love questions your choices? Will Belly ever be able to find the balance in her life again? And what will Summer mean after a series of events leads Belly to make discussions that she can’t take back? In this exciting, and dramatic end to ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ trilogy, you will get to see Belly go from a 15 year old girl who just exited her “awkward stage”, to the woman that the 15 year old girl will become, after the summer she turned pretty.


So are you interested in reading the trilogy! Who do you think Belly will ultimately choose? Who would you choose? I really hope that you ALL read this trilogy; I PROMISE that you will not regret it! And if you’re having a “staycation” this year, ‘Cousins Beach’ will provide you with an eventful filled summer. Let me know what you think people of the internet!








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