Monday Memos: Trapdoor Social. Great Music, Big Hearts

Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘Monday Memos’ we are going to discuss an INCREDIBLE new band whose member’s heart’s are just as big as their musical talent. Trapdoor Social has made numerous strides in the industry thus far, and is on the verge of becoming YOUR new favorite band. As the wise philosopher Augustus Waters once said, they’re “…on a rollercoaster that only goes up…”. So people of the internet, let’s get started!


Merritt Graves and Skylar Funk of Trapdoor Social met at Pomona College (located in Southern California) during an environmental program. The band introduced themselves as a musical force with the release of their 2012 EP ‘Death Of A Friend’. The EP fused the band’s musical influences into an incredibly strong introduction that alternative rock fans would definitely gravitate towards. ‘Death Of A Friend’ was produced by Curt Schneider, and features Death Cab For Cutie’s drummer Jason McGerr. The EP quickly became a hit due in part to the single ‘Like You Never’ (which received radio play from a number of major market stations around the US). On May 20th, 2014 Trapdoor Social released their latest EP ‘Science of Love’. The EP produced two AMAZING singles entitled ‘Science of Love’ and ‘Angel City’ (you can see a live in-studio version of ‘Angel City’ here:Trapdoor Social – “Angel City” (Live at Bedrock Studios) – YouTube). While working on ‘Science of Love’ (the EP), Trapdoor Social became connected with ‘Homeboy Industries’ (a non-profit that allows former gang members the opportunity to find jobs as they re-enter society). Due to the band’s passion for the environment and music, they agreed to partner with ‘Homeboy Industries’ and generosity donated 100% of proceeds from ‘Science of Love’ towards adding a solar rooftop to the company’s headquarters.


Ok, now that you know Trapdoor Social’s background let’s dive into the music. Ok? Ok! I found the band’s first EP ‘Death of A Friend’ to be a very diverse record. I definitely suggest this EP to all fans of rock music, no matter what your particular tastes within the genre may be. After listening to the EP, I can definitely see why tracks such as, ‘Like You Never’ (which was the single off of this EP, please check out the music video here Like You Never), were such big hits for Trapdoor Social. ‘Like You Never’  has very fun lyrics, and the overall vibe is very comparable to the sound ‘Blink-182’ had in the 90s, fused with Jimmy Eats World (specifically the sound they had on the track ‘Hear Me You’). The album itself also contains songs that will resonate with fans of bands such as: American Authors, Simple Plan, and Metro Station. Basically if you’re a fan of any sub genre of rock, you will LOVE this EP. Next we move on to the band’s latest EP ‘Science of Love’ (you may now say yay…ok, ok let’s get on with the music). I really liked that ‘Science of Love’ showed the band’s growth, but did not completely waver from ‘Death of A Friend’. The EP allowed the band to step a bit out of its’ comfort zone with tracks such as ‘Paper Love’ and ‘Out Alive’ (the two tracks had a very pop feel, similar to Maroon 5 and The Fray), but also keep a familiar vibe with songs like ‘Science of Love’ (the track that shared the same title as the EP). Speaking of the track ‘Science of Love’ (you can find the official music video for this track here: Science Of Love – Offical Music Video), let’s discuss this single a little more. In April of 2014, Trapdoor Social discussed the track ‘Science of Love’ with, and stated that “Often love can bring out the best in us, allowing us to create things we would have never been able to absent the inspiration, but it can also encourage us to be reckless and take risks in its attainment”. This track is a fun, radio friendly song that will DEFINITELY find its’ way onto your music libraries, and keep you dancing all summer. The band’s newest single ‘Angel City’ (you can see a live in-studio version of the track here: Trapdoor Social – “Angel City” (Live at Bedrock Studios) – YouTube), is a very powerful song that will have you singing along in no time. This track really gives the EP a unique identity that makes it instantly recognizable. This makes it a perfect radio song for Trapdoor Social, because fans would instantly recognize this song, and new fans would be intrigued and left wanting to know more.


So are y’all addicted to Trapdoor Social yet!?! You’re welcome! But seriously people of the internet, I do have a question for you. Do you want to be the first to fall in love with a band that will very soon become a household name? Do you want to find new, AMAZING music that will become the soundtrack to all of your favorite summer memories? Don’t you want to support a band that is not only 100% dedicated to their music, but also to the important causes that are near and dear to them? The answer to all of these questions is yes (but I know that you already knew that). So I suggest that you all become very familiar with Trapdoor Social because very soon this powerhouse band will be inescapable.



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