YouTube Wednesday: missmollyanne14…the YouTuber that has beauty, fashion, and health down to an art

Hello people of the Internet!!! On today’s ‘YouTube Wednesday’ we are going to discuss Molly Bailey (aka missmollyanne14), the final member of ‘Behind the Beauty’, the new collab channel that I’m sure you’re all subscribed to by now (if you’re not here’s a link ). Molly is a very successful beauty/fashion guru whose channel currently has 120,467 subscribers (as of October 12th, 2014) and 4,827,417 total views (as of October 12th, 2014). If you love YouTubers who are witty, knowledgeable, and very interesting and funny then you definitely need to check out Molly’s channel. So let’s jump into the blog!


The first video that is currently on Molly’s channel was uploaded on January 14th, 2013, is entitled ‘What’s n My Purse’ (What’s In My Purse? ). I really really loved this video because you were able to get a really good idea of Molly’s personality, and what the vibe of her channel is. I love it when YouTubers are really open and honest with their viewers by allowing their real personalities to shine through. Molly seems like a really fun, bubbly, and interesting person to watch, which will make viewers continue to flock to her channel. I also didn’t feel like she was too awkward or stiff in this video (like some YouTubers are, but I mean c’mon cameras do take some time to get used to). Once I saw this video I immediately wanted to watch the rest, because you know that if Molly was able to get off to such a great start, then the rest of her videos are just going to be absolutely AMAZING. The next video that we are going to discuss is Molly’s ‘Fall/Winter Collective Haul!’ (Fall/Early Winter Collective Haul! Kate Spade, Target, Forever 21 – YouTube), which was uploaded on November 13th, 2013. I decided to talk to y’all about this video because the items in the haul were really really cute, and as you all know I love haul videos (I mean you get to shop without spending money what could be better than that!?!). Honestly I usually decide on which YouTubers I love to watch based off of their ability to make a good haul video…and Molly definitely didn’t disappoint. What I really enjoyed about this video, is that Molly showed items that were all very different style wise, which I personally loved because all of her viewers will most likely find something that fits their individual style. I also really loved that she engaged her viewers by asking them to leave comments on the video about what they thought of the things she bought, and how they would style certain things.


Next up we have Molly’s ‘Healthy Habits: 3 of My Go To Recipes for Breakfast’ (Healthy Habits: 3 of My Go To Recipes for Breakfast – YouTube), which was uploaded on July 7th, 2014. I thought that y’all would like this video because it shows 3 really unique recipes that are healthy and also yummy. They are also not difficult to follow, so I basically everyone could try these recipes out (I mean I can follow the instructions and I burn cereal…I’m just kidding…well sort of). I know that all of y’all are super big foodies, so you gotta love a video that allows you to give into your cravings without feeling like you have to run 5,000 miles afterwards…everybody wins!!! The final video that we are going to talk about is Molly’s ‘My Everyday School Look: Hair, Makeup, & Outfit’ video which was uploaded on August 27th, 2014 (My Everyday School Look: Hair, Makeup, & Outfit – YouTube). Now honestly I wish I could discuss each of Molly’s videos with y’all but then I would have you here reading this blog for months, and let’s be real, candy crush is not going to beat itself right? Right! So I choose 1 last video that I thought y’all would love! I thought that this was a cool video to feature because the hair, makeup, and outfit looks are really simple to replicate, and thus perfect for school. If you’re anything like me you literally have about 5 minutes to get ready before you have to leave, so this video is the perfect aid to help you look like you put some effort in your appearance without actually having to put some effort into your appearance. The makeup look is really natural so you won’t have to worry about your principal or parents not approving, and the hair and outfit looks are easy enough to do daily without having to sacrifice the small amount of sleep you are able to get after watching YouTube videos all night…I mean studying math and stuff…don’t worry I won’t tell on you.


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