Monday Memos: Lauren Hill…the young girl who has taught us all how to truly live

Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘Monday Memos’ we are going to discuss an AMAZING young athlete who is not only talented, but is so inspiring and courageous that her story deserves to be told for years to come. I’m sure by now that you’ve all already heard of 19 year old Lauren Hill, the Mount St. Joseph (which is in Delhi Township, Ohio) college freshmen who found out 49 days after her 18 birthday that she has DIPG (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Gilomas), which is a terminal brain cancer. This type of cancer has a 0% survival rate and mostly affects children. Lauren was given a maximum of 2 years to live, but her only question after receiving the news was whether or not she would be able to fulfill her dream of playing college basketball. She was told that she could continue playing but would have to do so while undergoing chemo therapy and various other treatments. Unfortunately, she found out earlier this year that her tumor had grown, and that she would most likely not live past December 2014. Mount St. Joseph’s first game was suppose to be an away (at the rival college) game on November 15th, 2014, but the college was given special permission to move the game up to November 2nd, 2014, and it will be at Mount St. Joseph.


When I heard this story I felt that I needed to write about it because honestly Lauren’s story truly touched me. Athletes that play at the college level have to endure years (usually from the time they can walk/hold a ball/etc.) of hard work, training, and sacrifice to have the chance of possibly playing at a college. Even if a person is able to do all this work, it is still difficult to land a spot on a college team. The fact that Lauren was able to do this is a HUGE achievement, so imagine how difficult it must be to have your dreams in your hands, and in a moment it feels like the thing you worked for your whole life is just taken away. I don’t want to continue talking about how much this really sucks for Lauren, because I think the most important part of this story, and how such a young girl can be so strong, passionate, and inspirational. I’m sure that most people in her position would want to hide away and cry all day, but instead Lauren decided to endure the pain of her disease and treatments, and continue pursuing her dream of playing college basketball. I think that Lauren’s pure passion for the game is breathtakingly inspiring, and something that is so rare and beautiful that THIS is what we should remember most about Lauren Hill. Whether or not Lauren’s team wins on November 2nd (I’m writing this post on November 1st), Lauren has already won by sharing her story and raising awareness that might save others in the future. Lauren has been able to get the attention of numerous sports superstars (within the WNBA and other sports), and doing so has produced donations from these stars to fund research to find a cure for DIPG, fundraisers from other colleges to raise money to donate, and a website where people can learn about Lauren’s story, and how they can help.


I think that Lauren’s courageous spirit is best summed up in a quote she gave in an interview with a local Cincinnati, IN news station “I’m not scared of leaving, because I won’t be here. But the people I worry about are the people that I’m leaving behind” (here’s the link for the interview One Last Game).  I think that if we could all have be this level of unselfishness, courage, and strength then we would all be better people. Whether or not Lauren does pass away, I think that she was able to do something that many strive for but few accomplish, and that is to truly make a difference. She has taught us all to be strong, determined, passionate, to go after our dreams, and never take a day for granted. Thank you Lauren.


Here are is a website where you can go to learn more about Lauren’s story and donate to fund awareness for DIPG:

Website: #1More4Lauren


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