YouTube Wednesday: thebeautyguru4u…the rising YouTube star whose name says it all!!!

 Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘YouTube Wednesday’ we are going to discuss an AMAZING new beauty guru who is quickly winning over the internet with her humor, knowledge, and natural charisma. If you haven’t heard of Emma, aka thebeautyguru4u then you NEED to read this post immediately! Now I know that if you go on YouTube you will notice that there are A LOT of incredible beauty gurus that you could spend you homework…I mean “free” time watching. So what makes Emma so different from the rest? Glad you asked! What I really enjoy about Emma’s channel, is the she’s very honest, she’s funny, and she honestly makes you feel like you’re talking to a friend. She is also very open with her viewers and because of this you really feel like you get to know her ona personal level. So if you want to find out why Emma really is the beautyguru4u, then please read on, and remember to subscribe to Emma’s channel. Ready? Let’s get started.


The first video we’re going to discuss is Emma’s ‘What’s in my Backpack!’ video, which was uploaded  on December 8th, 2012. I thought that this was a really cool first video because it was different than most beauty/fashion gurus post, and you were still able to get a sense of what Emma’s channel would eventually become. In this video Emma seems very at ease in front of a camera, which makes her fun to watch and causes viewers to instantly want to learn more about her and her channel. I thought that this was a very good way to start off Emma’s channel, and makes you excited to see what’s to come. The next video we’re going to discuss is Emma’s ‘Hair Care Routine & Tips for Long and Healthy Hair’, which was uploaded on August 6th, 2013. I decided to talk to y’all about this video because a lot of people have a difficult time keeping their hair healthy in the fall/winter time. I really like this video because it’s detailed, and talks about how to wash your hair, how to properly blow dry it, what foods you should eat to promote hair growth, and other fun tips and tricks to help your hair grow longer and become stronger.


Next up we have Emma’s ‘New Years Eve Makeup’ video, which was uploaded on December 31st, 2013. I thought that y’all would really love this one because before we know it New Years Eve will be here and you’re gonna want to look GOOD (whether you actually have somewhere to go, or you have a date with your TV). I found this look to be really cute and gave off a dressy vibe, without making you look  overly done. I definitely think that you would stand out with this look, and (bonus points time!) it’s not that difficult to recreate. Lastly we have Emma’s ‘HUGE Fall Haul 2014! Bath & Body Works, Tobi, Forever 21’ video, which was uploaded on October 22nd, 2014. Personally I love halls (I mean really, who doesn’t!?!), because you get all the fun parts of shopping, without having to spend money (everybody wins!). Anyways, what I really loved about this haul, is that you could fully see how much Emma has grown as a vlogger. Also, I love it when beauty gurus shop at places that all of their viewers have access too, because it’s easier to get style inspiration that way. After watching this video, you’re left to grow excited about how much more Emma’s channel will grow, and the AMAZING videos that she will release (be excited people of the internet….be very excited!). 
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