YouTube Wednesday: lovinglaurenx…the YouTuber that you’ll be lovin in 2015

Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘YouTube Wednesday’ we are going to discuss a new YouTuber that you need to watch in 2015. Lauren aka lovinglaurenx is a fashion/beauty/lifestyle guru who is quickly making her mark on YouTube. She is one of those unique YouTubers who is able to share her knowledge of beauty and fashion in a way that is informative, fun, and keeps you coming back for more. In a short 2 years, she has been able to gain 213,237 subscribers, and 16,394,641 total channel views. It’s incredible how she’s been able to gain 16 million views in two years! This sort of growth and increase in numbers has made us wonder whether she’s bought any views from legitimate sites like, as they provide a service that will generate a growth like this. One of the things that I find particularly incredible about Lauren’s channel is that she is using her influence and YouTube exposure to give her subscribers advice about how to have more confidence, achieve their dreams, and live a happy life. Honestly you have to love a beauty guru who knows that the most beautiful thing about all of us is what’s on the inside. So now…let’s start talking about the video! K? OK!


The first video that we’re going to talk about is Lauren’s first video, which is a ‘Revlon Nail Polish Haul’, which was uploaded on February 8th, 2012 (here’s the link: Revlon Nail Polish Haul). I thought that this was a really good first video, because you could tell that Lauren was not just emulating what other gurus do, but was using their influence to create her own style. The review was informative and impartial (which I love because it’s cool to get an unbiased opinion from your fav beauty experts). This is a really good introduction to what sort of an entertainer Lauren is, and will definitely make you excited to see more. So…let’s see more! Next up we have Lauren’s ‘My Everyday Winter Routine’ video, which was uploaded on December 14th, 2012 (here’s a link for y’all: My Everyday Winter Routine ? (Makeup, Hair & Outfit!) . Even though this video is 2 years old, I thought that y’all could watch it and draw inspiration for your own winter looks. My favorite part of this video, is that the looks are easy to replicate, and give off a very chill, laid-back vibe that is also very cute. These looks are absolutely perfect for work, school, or if you’re just too lazy to put a lot of effort in your look (which is basically me every day).


Now we’re going to discuss Lauren’s 2013 ‘Fall Haul’, which was uploaded on September 22nd, 2013 (link here: FALL HAUL ft. Victorias Secret, B&BW, Ipsy & More!) . Y’all knew that a haul video review was coming because let’s face it…haul videos are perf. I just love them, and I know y’all do too. I mean what’s better than being able to shop and not spend any money? It’s like Pinterest set to video! Moving on. I love this haul because Lauren shows items from stores that most of her viewers probably have access too, and she showed that she loves a good deal (I mean if you get a good deal on stuff then you have more money to shop even more…everybody wins!). I also like that Lauren showed a wide variety of clothes, accessories, makeup, and other items, because all of her viewers have things that they will love from this video. The next video that we’re going to talk about is Lauren’s ‘What’s Important to You? video, which was uploaded on February 27th, 2014 (here’s the link: What’s IMPORTANT to YOU? ? Finding Yourself, Growing Up & Traveling!) . I thought that this was a fun video to talk about because I love it when YouTubers take the time to make advice/inspirational videos for their fans. It’s really cool as a YouTube fan, to feel close to your fav YouTubers, by hearing about their stories, struggles, and triumphs, and feeling that maybe one day you can live out your dreams just like they are living out their dreams. The last video that we’re going to discuss in this post is Lauren’s ‘My Top 5 Netflix TV Shows’, which was uploaded on November 26th, 2014 (click here to view for awesomeness: MY TOP 5 NETFLIX TV SHOWS!) . I thought that this was such a fun video idea, because let’s face it; we’re ALL hopelessly addicted to Netflix. I really loved that all of the shows that she profiled were from different genres, so you WILL find shows that you love. It’s fun to see our fav YouTubers fangirl out (because we all fangirl…several times a day…about everything). So that’s all for now people of the internet! I hope y’all enjoyed this blog post, please subscribe to Lauren’s cannel, and if YOU have any YouTubers that you want me to showcase on here then please let me know. See y’all in 2015!!!


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