YouTube Wednesday: Alexa Mae…the new YouTuber that you will spend your whole spring break obsessing over

Hello people of the internet! On today’s ‘YouTube Wednesday’ we are going to discuss Alexa Mae, an AMAZING 18 year old beauty, fashion, lifestyle guru from Wisconsin that you NEED to check out. If you aren’t already subscribed to Alexa’s channel, then you definitely need to ASAP because she is a YouTube star on the rise that shows no signs of slowing down. In just about 3 1/2 months (as of March 11th, 2015), she had already gained 12,885 subscribers, and 135,437 total channel views. Honestly how insane is that? If you’re still not convinced that you should subscribe (like right this very second), then check out a few of Alexa’s videos below and prepare to become her #1 fan.


The first video that we’re going to talk about is Alexa’s ‘My Night Routine Holiday Edition!’ video, which was uploaded on November 25th, 2014. This is probably one of the best debut videos that I’ve ever seen on YouTube. All of the technical aspects like lighting and editions are perfect, and Alexa’s personality really shines throughout the video. Through this video Alexa is able to keep us interested in what she’s saying, and definitely makes you want to continue watching her videos. Honestly with such a strong start, I’m excited to see how good her videos will be years from now.


The next video that we’re going to discuss is Alexa’s ‘Cute & Easy DIY Mason Jar Room Decor’ video, which was uploaded on January 9th, 2015. I thought that this was a really cool idea, and with spring right around the corner, these jars will definitely add a little fun to your decor. Personally I really love that this DIY is easy to follow, and versatile enough that you can add your own style to make each jar unique. These also make really cool (and cheap) gifts for family and friends if you’re on a budget (or you spent all of your money at Starbucks…again).


This is definitely a fun video to check out, and I highly suggest that you try out this DIY. Now we’re going to talk about Alexa’s ‘What’s on my iPhone + How I Edit Instagram Photos!’ video, which was uploaded on February 23rd, 2015. Now admit it, we all love seeing what cool apps other people have on their phones. I was honestly really excited to see this video because you can tell that Alexa knows how to edit (I mean look at how great her videos are edited). The thing that I liked best about this video was the fact that the process that Alexa uses to edit her photos isn’t difficult to follow, and the end result will make all your selfies look very cool.


The last video that we’re going to talk about is Alexa’s ‘Huge Spring Haul 2015!’, which was uploaded on March 7th, 2015. Now y’all know that we’re not going to talk about a beauty/fashion guru and now include a haul video. As you can probably guess, I LOVED this video (honestly it’s hard not to love Alexa’s videos). I think that it’s fun to check out what other people buy because you really get a sense of their style and personality, and you can get a lot of cool outfit ideas from these videos. Alexa definitely found a lot of cute spring pieces that you will all want to run out and get right now.


Keep up with Alexa’s new videos here!

YouTube: Alexa Mae

Twitter: Alexa Mae (@misslexamae) | Twitter

Instagram: Alexa Mae (@misslexamae) • Instagram

Tumblr: alexa-mae



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