Monday Memos: The single word that changed a life

Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘Monday Memos’ we are going to talk about a story I read last week on Facebook that I just Bekah Georgy anorexia starbucks girlhad to share with y’all. Everyday we are constantly bombarded with terrible, often unimaginable crimes that happen in the world. In fact we have become a culture that in a lot of ways have become a bit unaffected by disaster. We’re so used to hearing about how dangerous and terrible the world is that it can be difficult to imagine a world were people do nice things just because they want to be nice. As I previously said, I read a story last night about a Starbucks barista that performed a simple small action that really affected a woman. So now let’s get to the story. Ready? Ok, let’s go!!!


On October 20th, 2015 a woman from New Hampsire named Bekah Georgy wrote a piece for about a recent trip to Starbucks. Now this may seem like the beginning of a really boring story, but I promise you it gets really good. In the piece Bekah explains that she has suffered from Anorexia Nervosa for half of her life. Her anorexia is so bad that she has to wear a feeding tube, because she explains that most days the most she can consume is coffee. Bekah also suffers from anxiety and depression and has attempted to commit suicide 5 times. She continues to explain in this post that she was having a particularly bad day, in which her suicidal thoughts were worsening, and she contemplated not even drinking the coffee that she had just bought from Starbucks. Then Bekah saw that the barista at the Starbucks had written the word ‘Smile!!’ on her cup. Bekah explained that this simple word helped her feel better about her day and stopped her from doing any harm to her body that day. I found this story to be really inspiring because we just don’t hear about these stories as often as we should. It really shows that ever little action we take has a more powerful reaction. I’ll link the article Bekah wrote below because I really think y’all should read it. This just shows that sometimes the biggest smiles, hide the deepest scars.


Bekah’s articleWhat the Starbucks Barista Didn’t Know When She Wrote ‘Smile’ on My Coffee




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