Monday Memos: Be like Bill…the meme that kicked off 2016

Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘Monday Memos’ we’re going to talk about the meme that has the internet in a craze, ‘Be Like Bill’Be like bill meme blog post. If you’ve been on Facebook this month then you’ve probably used this meme to generate your own hilarious story. However if for some strange reason you haven’t heard of this meme, I would definitely check it out. All you have to do is write you name and select your gender and the meme automatically gives you a funny short story about yourself (and if you don’t like the story you get then you can always click try again and well, try again until you get the perfect story for you). Also for fun this is the story I got, and yes it’s true, good job Bill! So now let’s talk about why memes like ‘Be Like Bill’ become so popular in the first place. Ready Ok, let’s go!!!


So why do we love memes and other viral internet trends so much? I’m sure that there are scientific and/or cultural reasons as to why this happens, but I think that the answer can be summed up two words: enjoyment and involvement. Of course we like watching or participating in anything that’s fun, but internet culture is built on involvement. Whether you tweet your fav celebrity, join a fandom, make a YouTube video, or even write a blog, we all like sharing the things we like (and occasionally the things we don’t like) with people who feel similar. So whether you want to be like Bill or can’t stand him, we all have to admit that everyone likes to be apart of a movement, and as long as we feel this way, there will be many more viral memes to come.




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