Monday Memos: Gilmore Girls Reboot

Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘Monday Memos’ we’re going to discuss one of the most exciting imageannouncements of 2016 so far (seriously it’s AMAZING!!!). Yes, we’re talking about the announcement of the ‘Gilmore Girls’ reboot. For 7 seasons ‘Gilmore Girls’ entertained us with the show’s witty writing, interesting characters, and overall charm. Now that we have the opportunity to go back to Stars Hallow and see how all of our fav characters are doing, I know we have so many questions. So let’s all meet at Luke’s Diner and discuss the burning questions we all want answered. Ready? Ok, let’s go!!!


Everybody here? Ok then let’s begin!

3) What is Rory’s relationship status and what career path did she take?

Throughout the duration of the show we saw Rory with three boyfriends who were very different people, and helped Rory grow into the person she would become. When we last left Rory she rejected Logan’s (her college boyfriend) proposal and was single and ready to focus on her career. It will be interesting to see what Rory’s relationship status is now, and what career she chose. With her intellect the sky was truly the limit, so I know that we’re all anxious to see where they’ll go with her character.


2) How the show will honor Richard’s memory after Edward Herrmann’s passing, and how Emily handles this?

I know that we will all miss seeing Edward Herrmann on our screens because of his unbelievable talent, and the amazing way he was able to help mold Richard into a character that we all still love and respect. Emily (Richard’s wife for anyone who doesn’t know) was always a very complex, and often confusing character to understand, so I’m really excited to see how her character will evolve and change as she adjusts to the life of a widow (btw Kelly Bishop who played Emily confirmed that Emily is now a widow).


1) Did Luke and Lorelei ever get married?

Yes we’ve reached the BIG question on everyone’s minds! I mean we loved Lorelei, we loved Luke, and more importantly we loved them together, so c’mon ‘Gilmore Girls’ writers let’s make this happen (please don’t break our little hearts and sink this ship, we might never recover for the shock…seriously ?).




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