Monday Memos: The Barbie doll that made history in 2016

Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘Monday Memos’ we’re going to discuss a toy that most of us grew upabby wambach barbie doll playing with, or at the very least heard about on the playground. Yes, we’re talking about Barbie. Over the years we’ve seen Barbie take on numerous professions, but this year Barbie is truly changing history. It was recently announced that Mattel will release an Abby Wambach in honor of the soccer star’s career. The doll is dressed in Wambach’s U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team uniform, and even has her signature sports shoes you can find at the local store. After the team’s impressive World Cup win in 2015 (which earned them the first ever Ticker Tape Parade for a women’s sports team), and their inclusion in the ‘EA Sports’ FIFA’ video game (which was the first time women were included in the game series), this has definitely been a BIG year for women’s soccer. So let’s jump into the blog post and discuss how this move by one of the world’s most loved toy companies is changing sports & pop culture as we know it. Ready? Ok, let’s go!!!


Needless to say Abby Wambach has had an amazing career that spanned more than a decade, during which she was able to help bring Women’s soccer to the forefront of the American public’s minds. Wambach has said that she will focus her post soccer career as an advocate for LGBTQ & women’s rights. The marriage of Mattel and Abby Wambach is a perfect match because through this decision Mattel is proving that they are committed to diversifying their products as our culture changes. This will also help the sport of soccer as a whole, because it is one of the sports that most people only think about during the Olympics or World Cup. This seems to be the year that the sport (more specifically women in soccer), get the opportunity to truly become a part of sports & pop culture and garner the attention that they deserve. Good job Mattel!


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