Monday Memos: Discovering Heaven…the documentary that will inspire and uplift you

Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘Monday Memos’ we’re going to discuss an amazing new documentary I was recently given the opportunity to screen about a man who died and went to Heaven. If you loved films such as ‘Heaven is for Real’ and ’90 minutes in Heaven’ then prepare for a documentary that will lift your spirit and make you question just where the line between life and death is drawn and what exactly happens to us when we die. Through the use of beautiful cinematography as well as captivating storytelling, director Stephen Gray is able to demonstrate just why this film has won best documentary awards at: Festigious IFF Los Angeles, New York Film Awards, Los Angeles Film Awards, and selected as a Daily Pick on Film Shortage. So if you’re ready to hear an incredible story that will truly inspire you then please read on! Ready? Ok, let’s go!!!


On July 18th, 1969 at 19 years old, Capt. Dale Black became the sole survivor of a non-survivable plane crash in Burbank, California. In ‘Discovering Heaven’ Capt. Black describes his vast 40 years of experience as a pilot, flight instructor, standards captain, aviation safety counselor, and FAA designated examiner, which was though to be impossible after the extensive bodily damage he suffered as a result of the crash. In the documentary Capt. Black explains the horrific experience of crashing 5 feet from the top of a 7 story tall concrete dome called ‘The Portal of The Folded Wings’ (which was made to honor fallen pilots) at 135 miles per hour. Prior to the crash the plane of deemed suitable for flight and appeared to be in perfect operational order. In a split second Capt. Black’s life would forever change. After the crash occurred Capt. Black describes viewing his own body, as well as the bodies of his two co-pilots, after the three individuals fell 70 feet from the air. He then traveled to Heaven with two angelic beings, before returning to his body in the hospital. Capt. Black described his experience as feeling alert but without fear or pain. Upon waking up in the hospital Captain Dale had to undergo a vast amount of physical therapy due to his bodily injuries which included his back being broken in multiple places, and well as pieces of debris having to be removed from his body, among other injuries.


Capt. Black goes on to describe how this experience truly changed him due to his family’s background as logical indivduals who believed that there was a scientific explaination for everything. I truly do believe that Capt. Dale’s story is an increbile account of a miracle that few of us are given the opportunity to experience. However I think Capt. Black says it best in ‘Discovering heaven when he states that his advice is to, “Get a good bible and read everything Jesus said and keep your mind alert but open your heart, and then make your own decision. It’s your life, it’s your eternal life, so do with it whatever you want to do”.

Check out the trailer for ‘Discovering Heaven’ below:


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