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YouTube Wednesday: BriannaxBeautyx…the beauty guru who is quickly rising to the top

Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘YouTube Wednesday’ we are going to talk about another AMAZING beauty/fashion guru who you NEED to know about. I was randomly looking on YouTube (because I’m always randomly on YouTube), and I stumbled across a channel that I am now so in love with, and I know y’all will be too! If you’re not already familiar with BriannaxBeautyx, then you need to subscribe to her channel right now (I mean like right this very second…finish reading this and then please go subscribe to this channel, because you’ll become obsessed). Brianna is a 13 year old beauty/fashion guru from Ohio, who is also a musician (here’s the link to her music channel: Brianna Nicole). With her knowledge about all things beauty/fashion related, witty banter, and natural on-camera charisma and honesty, I anticipate that Brianna will soon become one of the queens of YouTube. So get ready to meet your newest fav YouTuber.


The first video we’re going to discuss is Brianna’s ‘Makeup of The Day’ video (here’s a link: Makeup Of The Day! ), which was uploaded on June 10th, 2012. I picked this video because it’s the first beauty video that she uploaded, and I feel that you can really see her raw talent as a beauty guru. You can really see how a YouTuber grows from their first video, and in 2 years’ time, Brianna has grown A LOT from this initial video. I do think that the look that she shows on this video is a nice, easy to copy look for anyone just starting to wear makeup, because she shows exactly which products and colors she uses. The next video that we’re going to discuss is Brianna’s ’10 Products I would repurchase Tag’ (here’s the link to the video: 10 products I would repurchase TAG!), which was uploaded on February 17th, 2013. I thought that this would be a fun video to talk about because it’s an easy to find out different beauty guru’s favorite products. Personally I like watching these videos because you get honest opinions about lots of different products, so you find out which products you should purchase, and which ones you should skip (so you can save your money and do even more shopping. I really enjoyed Brianna’s video because it was a fun mix of high-end and drugstore products. She also explained why she chose each product, which is perfect for someone who is starting to learn about makeup.


Next up we have the ‘Summer Clothing Haul 2014’ video (here’s a link: Summer Clothing Haul 2014! {VS Pink, Hollister & More!}, which was uploaded on June 10th, 2014. Now y’all know that I had to include a haul video in this piece because haul videos are AMAZING! This video really gives viewers a glimpse into Brianna’s personal style. I really liked that the items she showed were trendy, very style neutral (meaning most people would probably like these pieces regardless of your personal style), and affordable enough that if you like the pieces shown you could probably buy the same items, or something similar. The last video we are going to talk about is Brianna’s ‘Back To School: Emergency Kit For Girls!’ video (link: Back To School: Emergency Kit For Girls!), which was uploaded on August 23rd, 2014. I thought that this was a really cool video idea, that y’all would enjoy, and the video is actually really helpful so I suggest you all watch it. I think that Brianna mentions a lot of really good beauty/personal items that you should have with you at school or work. This video will definitely help you avoid a lot of common embarrassing situations so I would suggest you watch this video closely. Lastly, I really love how you can see just how much Brianna has grown as a YouTube over the past 2 years. I’m really excited to see where she goes from here, because she is definitely a star on the rise that we all need to look out for.


Keep up with Brianna!:

YouTube: BriannaxBeautyx

Twitter: brianna (@BriannaxBeautyx) | Twitter

Instagram: brianna (@BriannaxBeautyx) | Twitter

Tumblr: briannaaanicole



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YouTube Wednesday: Lennon & Maisy Stella

Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘YouTube Wednesday’, we are going to feature emerging YouTube/TV stars Lennon and Maisy Stella. On May 29th 2012, 12 year old Lennon and 8 year old Maisy uploaded a cover video of ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ originally recorded by Swedish singer Robyn. When the Stella sisters uploaded this video to YouTube, they had no idea that this decision would change their lives forever.


The girls’ version of the song was an acappella rendition in which only empty butter tubs were used as “beat makers” (this method had all ready been used by Swedish group Erato, whose video went viral on YouTube when it was uploaded in January of 2012). As of November 12, 2013, Lennon & Maisy have 21,270,708 views on YouTube. In the video Lennon (the 12 year old), shows great vocal control and technique while singing the main vocals of the song and Maisy (the 8 year old) does an amazing job helping with the harmonies. This video is not only cute, but so well done I suggest you check it out here à: ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ Robyn/ Erato cover by Lennon & Maisy Stella – YouTube


Since the video has gone viral, the sisters have performed at the Grand Ole Opry, the 2013 CMA Fest, The View, the ‘On Air with Ryan Seacrest’ show, the CMA Awards, and numerous other venues. In late 2012, it was announced that the girls were going to be added to the cast of the hit ABC show Nashville, The sisters have said in an interview on ‘The View’ that Maisy originally auditioned for the show before their viral video was uploaded, and after hearing the girls sing together, the casting directors decided to hire both sisters. It was announced in early 2013 that the girls’ were promoted to series regulars for the show’s second season.


Not only are these girls great actresses, and amazing at making cover songs sound unique, they also have an original song titled ‘Bright Side’, which is located here à: Lennon & Maisy – “Bright Side” (Acoustic) | On Air with Ryan Seacrest – YouTube . If for some reason you haven’t heard of this amazing duo, here are some links to help you get familiar with them!

Lennon and Maisy at CMA fest à: Lennon & Maisy Stella – Ho Hey – CMA Music Fest 2013 – YouTube

Lennon and Maisy at the Grand Ole Opry à: Lennon and Maisy – “Ring of Fire” Live at the Grand Ole Opry – YouTube

Lennon and Maisy performing at CMAs à: Lennon & Maisy Stella at the CMA Awards – YouTube






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