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Monday Memos: How a YouTube video could help YOU change the world

Hello people of the internet on ‘Monday Memos’ we are going to discuss a YouTube video that as of 9/27/2014 has over 500,000 views (and it was uploaded on 9/8/2014, so that’s pretty impressive. This video was uploaded by a man named Prince EA, and is entitled ‘Why I Think This World Should End’ (here’s a link to the video Why I Think This World Should End – YouTube). Now before you jump to any conclusions, this is an inspiring, NOT DEPRESSING video (because honestly we go on the internet to get away from the depression life or situations can cause). If you’ve seen this video then you know why we have to talk about it, if you haven’t then please stay with me here, because you WILL want to know all about this video. And yes I know that YouTube videos are usually reserved for Wednesdays, but this blog goes beyond just talking about the video. Trust me you’ll love it (oh and if any of my former teachers see this post, I promise that I know that you aren’t suppose to start a sentence with and…just putting that out there in the universe). Ok on to the blog!!!


In this video Prince EA speaks about how the world has turned into a cruel, intolerant place, that just seems to be getting meaner and more negative as we become more technologically advanced. He included a really cool Robert Kennedy quote, that would be too long to include here, but basically says that even though not everyone will necessarily change the world on their own, if we all do small things to make a positive difference, then we can change the world together. When I saw this video I was instantly blown away because of how powerful and relatable this video is to our everyday lives. Honestly everyday people are bullied for the things that make them special and unique. Whether it’s how you act, what you enjoy doing, what you believe in, etc., you should and go have the right to be you. Unfortunately as technology and human curiosity has made the world a smaller and smaller place, meanness has also advanced. In the past few years, bullying and other tragedies in the world has gotten a lot of media attention. But if we stop and think about why, the answer is really sad. It seems that as more and more celebrities, young adults, teens, and get ready for it KIDS struggle with eating disorders, self-harm, suicide, and even murdering others, the topics of bullying, and the growth of unkindness in general begin to become more present in our lives. Now when I say “bullying” I don’t just mean hitting someone, or being mean to them in person or online every day. Even if you’re not targeting someone, you can still be a bully. How you ask? We’ll have you ever been mean or lashed out at someone because YOU were having a bad day? Well that mean word from you may be the 100th mean thing that person has heard that week or even that day. Eventually all this can make a person crack. Now even though having bad days or just being in a bad mood is natural, the best thing to do is talk to someone about it, because taking it out on someone else (whether you mean to or not) can just cause someone to hurt themselves, other people, or even you (I know I sound like a digital billboards d or something, but this is all true and VERY important). Recently Disney Channel has announced its’ ‘Choose Kindness’ campaign, where they will try to raise awareness of the effects of bullying through topics discussed on its’ shows, and most likely PSAs (which means public service announcements by its stars). The first two shows to take the lead in this campaign are the popular Disney shows ‘Girl Meets World’ and ‘Austin & Ally’ (which will show episodes where popular characters are bullied for being themselves, and their friends must help them deal work through it). I think that this is definitely a step in the right direction, because if we learn to be kind and positive at a young age, then maybe bullying will disappear or at least not be as bad and common as it is now.


As y’all can see, kindness is a little thing that can really make a big difference in the world (ok now I sound like a PBS special, but you get the point). If we could all just remember these world, “be kind to one another”, then I think that the world would be a happier place for everyone. BTW do you know what great philosopher said those words? Yes the one and only Ellen Degeneres (who said TV wasn’t educational!?!). So since we are a generation that loves challenges and tags, I challenge/tag all of you to share this video (and if you want to share the blog too, that would be awesome…just sayin’), and to also be kind to 1 person a day. Whether that’s a giving them a compliment, calling/texting a friend/family member just to see how they are doing, or just smiling at a random stranger. I promise doing something small for someone everyday may just make you day a little better ( I mean it can’t hurt right?). Just think about something real quick, some of our favorite YouTubers were bullied in school and turned to the internet for support. Now, they’re able to use their popularity and skills to help inspire others, and help them have a place to turn to when life gets just a little too hard. So if they can use kindness and positivity to help others, then why can’t you? I would like to thank Erica(aka Beautybabe149), for mentioning this video on her latest YouTube video about kindness. Without that video I don’t know if I would have found this AMAZING video, so please go check out her channel, subscribe, and if you want to learn more about her, I have a link to a blog post I featured her in here: YouTube Wednesday: Beautybabe149, the next YouTube beauty/fashion queen has arrived | celindareyesblog.


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