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Monday Memos: 2015 must see new TV shows

Hello people of the internet!!! For today’s ‘Monday Memos’, I thought that it would be fun to discuss some of the new shows that we will become addicted to this season. I wanted to create a list that would cover just about everyone, so you’ll be able to find something you like no matter what your personal tastes are. So if you’re ready, let’s countdown the top 4 must-see shows of 2015!



4) Marvel Agent Carter (ABC, premieres January 6th at 8/7c ):

First off we have a new series for all of the Marvel comics fans. The series centers around Peggy Carter, an officer with the Strategic Scientific Reserve, and Captain America’s love interest. According to press releases about the show, her character will be seen balancing work, going on secret missions for Howard Stark (the father of Iron Man, and head of a technological company that focuses manufactures advanced weapon and defense technology), and balancing the adventure of living life as a single woman in the 1940s (because Captain America is presumed to be dead at this point). Whether or not you’re a fan of the comics and superheroes (be it as a big fan of all the DC vs. Marvel analysis or just aware that they exist), I think that everyone will find something that they like about Agent Carter. This show will have romance, suspense, and action, so it’s definitely worth checking out.


3) K.C. Undercover (Disney Channel, premieres January 18th at 8:30/7:30c):

Now this show is the perfect new addition for the young and young at heart! K.C. Undercover centers around a teenage girl named KC, who gets recruited by her parents, to join their spy organization. K.C. and her family soon have to learn how to balance spy work and everyday life. This show stars Disney Channel veteran and Dancing With The Stars runner-up Zendaya Coleman (who previously co-starred on another successful Disney show called Shake It Up). This show sounds like a cool combination of Spy Kids meets Kim Possible, so it’s definitely a show that could quickly become a hit for the network.


2) iZombie (CW, premieres sometime during the network’s midseason lineup):

If you love the supernatural, then you will definitely get into this show. The CW has already proven that it can deliver highly successful shows within this genre (I mean seriously everyone loves The Vampire Diaries). iZombie is about a medical student named Olivia Moore who goes to a party and gets attacked by a zombie, thus turning her into a half-zombie. She then gets a job at the morgue in order to get access to brains that she can eat. When she eats the brains, she begins to receive memories from the person that the brain belonged to, and ends up helping her boss and a police detective figure out how the person died. The show is going to be executive produced by Rob Thomas of Veronica Mars fame (which was a hit and is definitely a plus for the future of iZombie). If you’re a fan of shows like Cold Case then you will definitely love this one.


1) Eye Candy (MTV, premieres January 12th at 10 /9c):

Wrapping up our list is MTV’s newest scripted drama, which stars Victoria Justice as Lindy Sampson, a 21 year old computer hacker who beings to think that one of her online dates is a serial killer. She begins to work with the New York cyber-crimes department to solve murders. Lindy is a street-smart girl who dropped out of college and moved to New York after her younger sister Sara was abducted. She then began using her hacking skills to find her sister and help other people solve their missing persons cases. Things get even more complicated for Lindy when she has to work with Ben, a detective in the cyber-crimes department who previously fell in love and arrested Lindy due to her “unlawful” ways of solving crimes. If you love drama, romance, and suspense then I think that this will be the PERFECT show for you. MTV has been on a roll in the past 3 shows with releasing hits, so that is definitely a plus for this show’s future.




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