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YouTube Wednesday: RUNAGROUND, the YouTube band that you will be addicted to this fall

Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘YouTube Wednesday’ we are going to feature Andy Kirka aka RUNAGROUNDRUNAGROUND, a phenomenal singer/songwriter/producer that you will be obsessing over! This is a channel that you HAVE to subscribe to, because regardless of your personal music tastes, you will find covers that you will be replaying all day. It’s rare that you find a musician that can take any song and make it sound original while also keeping the elements that originally made the song a hit. So now let’s get to the music! Ready? Ok, let’s go!!!


The first song that we’re going to talk about is RUNAGROUND’s live cover of ‘Set Fire To The Rain’ by Adele, which was uploaded on August 2nd, 2012. I thought that this was an amazing cover to kick tings off with, because we really get to see Andy’s powerful vocals. Needless to say, one of the most important rules of YouTube is that you HAVE to make a great first impression. This cover not only mesmerizes you, but leaves you wanting more. Ok, now let’s move on to RUNAGROUND’s cover of ‘Impossible’, which you can check out below (the James Arthur rendition, which is different than the song’s original version by R&B singer Shontelle), which was uploaded on January 21st, 2013. This cover does a really awesome job of showing Andy’s artistic talent, by displaying that he can fully connect to the emotions of a song. In this video you can really feel the venerability of the song’s lyrics, and Andy does a cool job of mixing the soulfulness of the original version of this song, with a cool punk pop edge that makes this rendition very unique.


Now we’re going to talk about RUNAGROUND’s cover of ‘Take Your Time’ by Sam Hunt, which was uploaded on December 29th, 2014. This cover really showed Andy’s talent as a performer, and since we already know that he’s an amazing vocalist, it was really cool to hear his rapping skills. This cover will really make you excited to see how RUNAGROUND’s sound changed in the future. The last video that we’re going to talk about is RUNAGROUND’s official music video for their original song ‘Solace’, which was uploaded on August 21st, 2014 (you can check it out below). This is a really beautifully shot video that has cool camera angles, and really keeps your attention from start to finish. The song is really catchy, and will stay at the top of all of your playlists this fall. It’s so cool to see RUNAGROUNDS original music, since we originally fell in love with the band’s covers. It’s great to see this band’s growth, and will leave you waiting to see what this awesome band does next.


Keep up with everything RUNAGROUND is doing:


Website: runagroundmusic.com


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Monday Memos: High Valley, the band that will hook you from the first note

Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘Monday Memos’ we’re going to talk about an AMAZING Country music high valleyband that you just gotta check out. If you’ve never heard of High Valley then please keep reading! These guys will instantly hook you with their incredible vocals, and insanely catchy songs. If you’re already a fan of this band then you know just how awesome they are, if you haven’t heard of them then prepare to be amazed. Ready? Ok, let’s go!!!


High Valley is a Canadian Country music band that has already made a HUGE splash in the Country Music scene. Because of this, they have already opened up for music legends such as: Little Big Town, Alan Jackson, and Shania Twain. They have also worked with country music stars such as singer/songwriter/producer Paul Bradt (who has won numerous music awards both in the U.S. and Canada, and also co-wrote the song ‘For You’, which was performed by Johnny Cash and Dave Matthews for the soundtrack of the film ‘We Were Soldiers’). Most recently High Valley  worked with songwriter/producer Seth Mosley (who won a Grammy Award in 2015, and has worked with Contemporary Christian music superstars such as: Michael W. Smith, Mercy Me, Hawk Nelson who we covered in a previous blog which you can check out here: http://celindareyesblog.com/2015/03/monday-memos-hawk-nelson-your-new-favorite-band-has-arrived/, Jeremy Camp, Newsboys, and many others), and co-wrote songs with Ben Stennis (who has worked with country music superstars such as: Jason Aldean, Chase Rice, Tim Hicks), Fred Wilhelm (who has worked with country music legends such as: Faith Hill, Rascal Flatts, Little Big Town) and award-winning Canadian country music songwriter Deric Ruttan.


Ok, now that you know a little bit about the band, let’s get to the music! Now I really wish that I could talk about all of this music that High Valley has released because it’s AMAZING (if you want me to talk more about this band please leave a comment below), but I choose 3 songs that I feel will really get you excited about High Valley. The first song that we’re going to talk about is High Valley’s cover of Bucky Covington’s 2010 single ‘A Father’s Love (The Only Way He Knew How), which was included on the band’s 2010 self-titled album. I absolutely loved this cover because High Valley slowed the song down just a bit which made it feel fresh, but were also able to keep the vibe of the original version that fans have come to love. Through this cover, High Valley is really able to make you feel the emotion of the lyrics, and you find yourself getting completely lost in the story they tell. The next song that we’re going to talk about is High Valley’s ‘Rescue You’, the 1st single off of their 2014 album ‘Country Line’. This is such a fun, high energy song, that is perfect to sing along to in the car. The message of the song is really sweet, and before you know it you WILL be completely addicted to this song. Ok, the final song that we’re going to talk about today is the band’s latest single off ‘She’s With Me’ (which you can check out the official music video for below).Personally this is one of my favorite High Valley songs, because it’s a really high energy song, with infectious lyrics, and it’s the perfect mix of country with just a touch of indie pop. You will definitely have this song on repeat for a LONG time. After hearing ‘She’s With Me’, I’m really excited to see what this incredible band will do next.


Keep up with everything High Valley is doing:

Website: highvalleymusic.com

YouTube: High Valley

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Monday Memos: Hey Anna, the band whose new song ‘Island’ will be your new summer anthem

Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘Monday Memos’ we are going to discuss an awesome new band that y’all hey anna 2will hear about A LOT this year. If you haven’t heard of Hey Anna, then you are definitely missing out. This cool indie-pop band’s music has already been featured on numerous awesome websites, and more recently on nylon.com (yeah they’re really THAT cool). The band is comprised of Anna Rauch-Sassen,(vocals), Erin Rauch-Sassen (guitar), Katie Rauch-Sassen (keyboard), Matthew Langer, and Jamie DiTringo. With their debut album ‘Run KoKo’ dropping later this summer, this is the band that you NEED to know about now, before all your friends become obsessed with them. Luckily for us, Hey Anna has recently released a new singe entitled ‘Island’, to get us prepared for the wave of awesomeness that ‘Run KoKo’ will bring. So are y’all ready to discuss ‘Island’? Ok, let’s go!


If you’re looking for a fun, yet soothing summer anthem, then ‘Island’ is perfect for you. This song combines the best of Indie and Pop music, into a song that you will be singing along to all year long. I have seriously had ‘Island’ on repeat for the past few days, because it just has this incredible energy that completely makes you incapable of not having it constantly on repeat. I am soooo excited that Hey Anna released ‘Island’ as their upcoming album’s lead single, because it really gets you excited to see what their full album will sound like. It’s not very often that you hear a single and think “wow this band is going to be unstoppable”, but that’s exactly the feeling you get after listening to ‘Island’. So get ready people of the internet, because Hey Anna is about to shake up the music industry in a BIG way!



Keep up to date with everything Hey Anna is doing:

Twitter: HEY ANNA (@heyannamusic) | Twitter

Website: HEY ANNA

Instagram: HEY ANNA (@heyannaband) • Instagram

SoundCloud: HEY ANNA | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Facebook: heyannamusic




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Monday Memos: Interview with YOUR new fav band Crossley Hunter

crossley hunter interview


Hello people of the Internet!!! On today’s ‘Monday Memos’, we have an AMAZING new interview with rising band Crossley Hunter (you can check out my 1st blog post about them here: Monday Memos: Crossley Hunter…the newest band on the rise that YOU need to know about | celindareyesblog). In this interview I got to speak to Justin Hammond (who is the vocalist/guitarist in Crossley Hunter), about how the band formed, where they got their awesome name, and so much more! Please remember to look out for the band’s 1st full length album, which will drop later this year (don’t worry I’ll keep y’all updated on the release date!), and support Crossley Hunter by checking out their newest song ‘Devil Smiling’ (you will be ADDICTED to it, trust me!). Also remember that if you’re in the area, definitely check out Crossley Hunter on April 23rd at the Rancho Relaxo in Toronto, Ontario & on May 4th, at The Rockpile in Toronto, Ontario. Ok are y’all ready? Let’s jump into the interview!



Celinda: Let’s start off with who/what inspired you to pursue a career in the music industry?

Justin: To be honest, I just decided I wanted to try playing guitar when I was younger because I was never huge into sports or anything. So my uncle took me out one weekend and helped me pick out my first guitar, and then I started taking some basic lessons. I soon realized that I had the most fun experimenting and trying to write my own stuff, and after about ten thousand hours of that, I started to kind of get the hang of it.



Celinda: Cool, so how did Crossley Hunter form, and what inspired your name?

Justin: Crossley Hunter essentially started a bit after Michelle and I started dating. We had met at a local show that my old high school band was playing, and started dating soon after. We had been together for several months before I even knew she played music, but I was pretty surprised to find out she was a classically trained pianist. She had given up playing when she was younger, but I sort of convinced her to start playing with me and experimenting with some of the music I had been writing. After we had a few songs written, I found out that her brother Jay had played guitar in a few bands growing up, and that he was also a pretty talented drummer. So he started playing and writing tunes with us, but we were still short a bass player. That’s when we got the idea to go out and buy a bass guitar for their other brother Joe (who also happened to be very musically talented). We jammed with various lead guitar players under various different band names over the years, but we eventually settled on the name Crossley Hunter for no other reason than it being the name of the road that Michelle, Jay, and Joe grew up on, and where we jammed at the time.



Celinda: That is such an interesting story! So which artists/bands would you say have influenced your sound?

Justin: I can’t speak for anyone else in the band, but some of my biggest musical influences growing up would have to be Matthew Good, Third Eye Blind, Our Lady Peace, Alien Ant Farm, Saves the Day, Weezer, the Pixies, Boys Night out, Radiohead… but that’s just to name a few. I listened to a variety of different stuff over the years.



Celinda: Staying on the topic of influences, which artists/bands have influenced your sound that might surprise your fans?

Justin: Well, listening to our music, most people probably wouldn’t think of The Doors as being a huge influence. But I’ve always been a huge Jim Morrison fan…. his vocal style has had a huge impact on mine.



Celinda: Now let’s move on and talk about your upcoming album. First of all I just want to say that ‘Devil Smiling’ is an awesome song that I’m completely addicted to. Is this song a good indication of the vibe of the rest of your upcoming album?

Justin: First of all, it’s so great to hear that you dig the tune! Your review of Devil Smiling was more than generous, so we’d like to thank you for that! To answer the question, I’d say that song is a pretty good representation of the album as a whole – which is why we’ve decided on it as the first track. I think the majority of the album has a similar feel… however there are a couple curve balls in there – just to keep things interesting! I mean, we really wanted John Wozniak to agree to sing on a song on the album, so we ended up writing a tune that kind of catered more to his brand of folk rock song writing. So in short: we do change up the pace and feel for a few of the tracks, but they all sound like Crossley Hunter.



Celinda: I’m so glad that you enjoyed my review of Devil Smiling! Based on what you’ve just told me, I’m honestly even more excited to hear the album! So, I know it’s probably hard to pick favorites, but what’s one song off of the upcoming album that you’re really excited for fans to hear? If you can’t give us a name, then can you say whether it’s a more upbeat song, or a ballad?

Justin: Umm, there’s a few that I’m pretty excited for people to hear. The song that John sings on called “Stomp, Clap, Drink” is a really fun tune, and it’s something different for us, so I’m interested to hear what people think of it. Another one I’m pretty proud of is the album closer “Aphelion” – it’s just got kind of a dark, raw feel to it that came through really well during the recording process.



Celinda: I’ll definitely look out for those songs. So what’s one thing you wish you had known about the music industry before entering it?

Justin: Well… it’s hard to choose just one thing, but I’d say what probably stands out most to me, is the ridiculous amounts of effort that independent musicians have to put in to get even minimal recognition. I don’t think the average person realizes just how hard aspiring musicians work, and how much of their effort ends up being entirely in vain. I know that in recent years especially, I’ve personally been feeling more and more cynical about the idea of ever accomplishing the goal of becoming an established musician – but then I have to stop myself and realize that that’s not really the reason I write music in the first place. The real value of writing and playing music lies in catharsis. Without this outlet, I think I’d be pretty spun.



Celinda: I love that answer, it’s very insightful. So I know that you guys have some live performances coming up, do you have anything special that you do either individually and/or as a band to prepare for a live performance?

Justin: Besides lots of practice? Nothing really comes to mind, other than maybe having a drink or two beforehand to help take the edge off!



Celinda: Cool, so what advice do you have for anyone who wants to get into the music industry?

Justin: I think this is a good place to pick up where I left off earlier: any aspiring musician should be prepared for years and years of hard work that may ultimately go entirely unappreciated. But again, if you’re just ‘in it to win it’, then you’re going about it the wrong way anyways. The only reason anybody should be wasting their time on music is if they truly enjoy it. Besides, the sense of community that comes with being involved in some of these local music scenes is worth all the effort alone. Some of the best people I’ve ever met came into my life as a direct result of my involvement in these independent music scenes, so for me, that alone has made all the effort worth the while.



Celinda: Lastly, do you have anything else you’d like to say to any of your fans who are reading this interview?

Justin: I’d just like to say that we all really appreciate anyone and everyone who gives us the time of day, and everyone who has, and continues to support us by coming out to shows and such. We’re extremely excited to release our first full length album this summer, and we really hope that everyone enjoys listening to it as much as we enjoy playing it!



Celinda: Thanks so much for taking the time to speak with me today!

Justin: Thank you for having interest in our music, and thanks again for the thoughtful review you did for us!



Keep up with Crossley Hunter:

Twitter: Crossley Hunter (@crossleyhunter) | Twitter

Instagram: @crossleyhunter • Instagram

Reverbnation: Crossley Hunter

Facebook: Crossley Hunter | Facebook


If you haven’t already heard Crossley Hunter’s new song ‘Devil Smiling’, then check it out below



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YouTube Wednesday: Kurt Hugo Schneider…the producer/director behind all your favorite YouTube musicians

Kurt Hugo Schneider

Hello people of the Internet!!! On today’s ‘YouTube Wednesday’, we are going to talk about director/music producer Kurt Hugo Schneider! Kurt is one of the AMAZING YouTube producers that has worked with so many of our fav musicians (both YouTubers and mainstream musicians). I guarantee that you’re VERY familiar with Kurt already, but just in case you’re new to his awesomeness, Ready? Ok let’s go!


Kurt began his online career in 2008, when he and his friend Sam Tsui released a cover of ‘Can I Have This Dance’ from the movie ‘High School Musical 3’ (this is the first video that is on their YouTube channel as of 3/31/2015). In this video, Kurt accompanies Sam on the piano, and also added cool effects on the video that make it look like multiple copies of Sam are singing at the same time. Kurt continued to post videos with Sam, with other people, and also solo, before he posted a cover that would begin to change his channel. On July 24th, 2009 Kurt uploaded a new cover with Sam Tsui, which was an a cappella Michael Jackson Medley, which features Kurt beatboxing (I included the video below so y’all can check it out). This video got a lot of media attention for Kurt & Sam, and is still one of their most popular videos with over 33 million total views. In 2009 & 2010, Kurt’s channel started growing so much that he & Sam were featured on: The Bonnie Hunt Show, Oprah, and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Since then Kurt’s channel has definitely not slowed down, & he has worked with INCREDIBLE artists such as: Jason Derulo, Victoria Justice, Max Schneider (who we have already talked about, click here to read about him: ‘YouTube Wednesday’: Max Schneider, Hollywood’s longest kept secret | celindareyesblog), Alyson Stoner, Keke Palmer, Hunter Hayes, Jason Mraz, and so many more. Now that we know how Kurt built such an awesome channel, let’s move on to some of the bigger projects he has released.


Now let’s talk about some of the other amazing projects Kurt has been a part of (and remember guys that I’m just giving you a quick little highlight reel because honestly we could be here for days talking about why Kurt is so awesome). Kurt (along with Max Schneider) co-wrote the song ‘Standing In China’, which is on pop singer Cody Simpson’s album ‘Paradise’ (which was released in 2012). Another really awesome collaboration that Kurt did was a ‘Holiday Medley’ with Victoria Justice & Max Schneider which was uploaded on December 14th, 2012. This cool mash-up of popular Christmas songs features multiple videos that were played on multiple Sprint phones, that give the illusion that the vocalists in the videos are jumping from one phone to another phone (sorta hard to explain, but check out the video below to check out the greatness! In 2013, Kurt teamed up with Coca-Cola to create music videos (along with some really talented vocalists) where Kurt covered ‘Feel So Close’ by Calvin Harris & ‘Little Talks’ by Of Monsters and Men (this is the only cover that feature an instrument because the other artist in the video is a cellist) for their ‘The Sounds of AHH’ campaign. In the covers, Kurt is shown making the track playing only Coca-Cola bottles, glasses and cans. Like I said, this is only a small sample of the cool videos you’ll find on Kurt’s channel, so definitely add him to your “must watch” list!



YouTube: KurtHugoSchneider

2nd YouTube Channel: Kurt

Twitter: kurthschneider

Instagram: KurtSchneider

Website: Kurt Hugo Schneider

Facebook: Kurt Schneider | Facebook



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Monday Memos: Hawk Nelson…your new favorite band has arrived

Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘Monday Memos’ we are going to discuss an AMAZING band that you will have on repeat all year. If you haven’t heard of the awesome pop punk/Christian rock band Hawk Nelson (which is hard to believe considering their music has charted at #1 on VH1’s ‘Top 20 Countdown’, and they have been nominated for numerous of the music industry’s top awards), then be prepared to become addicted to their music. What’s really cool about this band’s sound is that it has a wide variety of influences, so whether you like pop, punk, or rock, you will find songs that you love! Their new album ‘Diamonds’ dropped today (March 17th), so y’all should all definitely pick up a copy (I promise you won’t be disappointed). So, if you’re not already a Hawk Nelson fan, please read on and prepare to become obsessed.

The first song we’re going to discuss is the band’s song Shaken, (which is off of their 2009 album ‘Live Life Loud’, you can check out the official music video for the song below). This is a really powerful song that will instantly grab your attention and won’t let go until the last note. I love that the lyrics have a really powerful message about a person being “shaken” by something and because of this, wanting to find out how they can make a difference. The music video for this song is also extremely powerful, and will definitely make you wonder what you could do to make a positive difference in the world. The next song that we’re going to talk about is Hawk Nelson’s single ‘Words’ (which is off of their 2013 album Made). I thought that this was a good song for us to talk about next because so many problems that we have in our day-to-day lives is caused by words. As this song explains, words have the power to lift us up, or tear us down. I think that this song is the perfect anthem for all of the bullying that so many people face daily at work, school, home, and even over the internet.


Now we’re going to discuss two of the new songs off of Hawk Nelson’s latest album Diamonds. The first song that we’re going to talk about is the band’s single ‘Drops In The Ocean’ (you can check out the official music video below). This is a really sweet song about someone loving & forgiving you unconditionally. The lyrics in this song really leaves a powerful impact. Whether you think of God, a family member, a friend, or someone else when you hear this song, I definitely think it’s one that we can all relate to. The final song that we’re going to discuss is the title song of the album, ‘Diamonds’. Now even though I LOVE so many of Hawk Nelson’s songs, I have to say that this one is my one of my top favorites. This is the perfect song to kick off your spring/summer playlists with! It is an energetic, uplifting song about God helping you take the negative things in your life, and turning them into positive things. With all of the pressure that we face in our day to day lives, it’s nice sometimes to hear that everything will be ok, and this song will definitely leave you feeling that way. Judging by these two songs, I definitely think that this album is a must have for anyone who loves AMAZING music!



Keep up with everything Hawk Nelson is doing:

Website: hawknelson.com

Twitter: Hawk Nelson (@hawknelson) | Twitter

YouTube: Hawk Nelson – YouTube

Instagram: hawknelsonmusic

Facebook: hawknelson



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YouTube Wednesday: An Honest Year…the new band that you will honestly never get enough of this summer

Hello people of the internet!!! Do you love amazing bands with fun, energetic songs such as: Boys Like Girls, Fall Out Boy, Yellowcard, 5 Seconds of Summer, and The Vamps, then you’ll love today’s ‘YouTube Wednesday’ featured band. This band has spent the past few years steadily playing gigs, adding AMAZING songs to their repertoire, and building a fanbase that has given them 118,000 Twitter followers, 15,422 YouTube subscribers, and 21,158 Facebook likes. So if you aren’t already a fan of An Honest Year, then you’re behind on what’s soon to be your next big musical obsession. So please read on, and learn why YOU will soon become COMPLETELY obsessed with An Honest Year (you’re welcome in advance!).


An Honest Year is a Pop/Alternative band from Philadelphia, PA. The band consists of: Matt McKay (lead vocals), Stephen Morrell (lead guitarist), Jon Pfingsten (rhythm guitarist), Jordan Mitchell (bass/vocals), and Greg Pinney (drums). The band made a powerful debut on to the music scene, with their September 2012 self-titled EP. The EP helped the band begin to earn a loyal fanbase, and thus allowed them to sell out numerous local shows. An Honest Year has also had the privilege of sharing the stage with numerous popular bands such as: twenty one pilots, Switchfoot, New Politics, MS MR, Rookie of the Year, Sandlot Heroes, Dinner and a Suit, Phone Calls From Home, and more. The band further solidified their place in the hearts of their fans with the release of their latest EP ‘Moments’ in September of 2013.


An Honest Year uploaded its’ first YouTube cover video on February 5th, 2013. In the video, they covered Coldplay’s track ‘Sparks’ (Coldplay – Sparks Cover (An Honest Year)).  The members of the band (that participated in the cover, the whole band was not in the video) do an amazing job of delivering the emotional intensity that this song requires, and in doing so, prove that An Honest Year are not just phenomenal musicians, but true artists. Coldplay can often be a hard band to cover, because their songs are not only beautifully performed, but also have a haunting affect that gives the band a unique sound. An Honest Year is able to take this song and put a new spin on it that makes their rendition equally haunting and alluring, in its’ own way. I personally love it when a band/artist is able to make a song their own, while also keeping the original version’s charm intact, luckily for us, An Honest Year is able to pull off this task like true pros. The next cover that we are going to discuss is An Honest Year’s take on the Boys Like Girls hit song ‘Thunder’, which was uploaded on September 16th, 2013 (Boys Like Girls – Thunder Cover (An Honest Year) – YouTube). I really loved this version of the song, because it was even more stripped down and raw than the original version was, which made the track even more amazing. Once again, the band members in the video were able to properly deliver the emotional content of the song, but do so in a way that felt totally unique to An Honest Year’s sound. I really felt that the members of the band connected with the song, and because of this were able to make me feel as if they meant every word and note that they were performing. Honestly if I didn’t know any better I would have thought that this cover was one of the band’s original songs. I definitely hope that they cover more Boys Like Girls songs in the future (hint hint!). The last cover song that we are going to discuss in this blog post is An Honest Year’s rendition of the hit single ‘She Looks So Perfect’ by 5 Seconds of Summer (which you know has become one of the BIGGEST songs of the summer of 2014). This cover was uploaded on February 10th, 2014 (5 Seconds Of Summer – She Looks So Perfect Cover (An Honest Year) 5SOS – YouTube). When I saw that they covered this song, I was a little worried because the original version of this song is so awesome. Luckily my fears were unfounded, because An Honest Year did an INCREDIBLE job of keeping the upbeat, energetic vibe of this song alive, but also breathing a fresh feel into the track. This is honestly one of my favorite covers that An Honest Year has posted, because I feel that it really shows that this band is the total package. I definitely suggest that you all check out this cover, because you will fall in love with it.


Next, let’s move on to An Honest Year’s original material, because we all know that the mark of a truly great band is whether or not they can produce their own amazing original material. I really loved the band’s debut self-titled EP, because the sound was really different than a lot of the Pop/Alternative rock that you hear on the radio today. The whole EP felt like a trip back to the mid 2000’s, and definitely showed the influence that popular bands during that time had on An Honest Year. The EP contains themes of love, loss, and basic confusion about the world. I really loved how honest the songs felt, which resulted in a very relatable EP that I would certainly find myself listening to on repeat (trust me you will too). The band released an acoustic version of their next track ‘Your Forgiveness’, which was released on YouTube and SoundCloud on December 2nd, 2012. This track stayed with the sound that An Honest Year has cultivated, and proves that this amazing band has the passion and talent to handle an acoustic performance without losing a step. On May 12th, 2013, the band released the official music video for their song ‘Liars & a Thief’ (An Honest Year – Liar & a Thief (Official Music Video) – YouTube) off of their Moments EP. The video follows the lead singer (Matt), as he falls for a really pretty girl, who continuously uses and abuses him, and he is “powerless” to stop. At the end of the video, the band members begin to approach the girl in the video and her group of pretty friends, and the girls attack the guys. It is a really funny video, which adds to the high energy of the track, and makes it even more amazing. The Moments EP also contains a non acoustic version of ‘Your Forgiveness’, which is fun, upbeat, and honestly makes me conflicted about which version I like the best (it’s a serious problem you guys). Although I honestly love the entire EP, some tracks that I feel deserve a special shout out, include: ‘Don’t Leave Me’, (which has moments where the vibe of the song ventures into a harder alternative rock sound. A bit into the realm of the band Breaking Benjamin, definitely a change of pace for An Honest Year, but they pull it off nicely), the inspirational ‘Live Your Life’ (which I can’t stop playing on repeat), and of course the title track ‘Moments’ (which is about not letting those precious moments/important pass you by.  Although I picked these particular tracks out, I would honestly suggest that you listen to the whole record, because you WILL love it).  I also really loved this EP, because An Honest Year experimented with their sound a little bit, but did not lose the essence of who they are (which is really easy for an artist/band to do). Also, you can certainly see how much hard, meticulous work went into making this EP (which I appreciate because hard work equals passion, and I love to listen to artists/bands that are passionate about what they do). . These two projects, along with the band’s cover videos certainly make me excited for the next project that the An Honest Year will release.


With infectious hooks, and powerhouse instrumental and vocal skills on their side, it is easy to see that An Honest Year will very soon become a staple on all of your music  playlists. I have no doubt that this band is on its’ way to having a long career in the music industry, and will certainly make a lasting legacy for themselves. It’s not very often that a band is able to make such an immediate and powerful impact on fans, so the fact that An Honest Year is on such a steady rise definitely speaks volumes about the band’s advanced level of artistry, and their future in the industry. They are truly on a roller coaster that only goes up (sorry I had to throw a little ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ reference). I am so excited to see what is next for this limitless band! So if you haven’t listened to their music yet, what are you waiting for!?! I highly suggest that you check out An Honest Year’s music, I promise that you will become completely addicted to every one of their tracks. Have I ever lied to you before people of the internet? Then go on and meet the band that you will become obsessed with for the rest of the year (and many more years to come after that).


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Monday Memos: Artist Spotlight, Parmalee…a rising country band that will soon be blowing up your radio

Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘Monday Memos we are going to discuss the band Parmalee, a new country group who is steadily on the rise to become legendary. This band exploded onto the music scene in 2012 with the release of their debut single ‘Musta Had A Good Time’, and followed it up with their 2013 sophomore smash single ‘Carolina’. Parmalee has already proven that they are not only talented musicians, but have the artistry to write music that is relevant to their fans lives, and in doing so have earned country music fans’ love and respect. So please read on, while we discuss why Parmalee is a band on the rise, and definitely a musical force that you NEED to keep your eyes on.

Parmalee is a country band from Parmale, North Carolina. The members of the band include: Matt Thomas (lead vocals, guitar), Scott Thomas (drums), Barry Knox (bass) and Josh McSwain (guitar). Brothers Matt and Scott gained experience as performers by playing in their father’s group ‘Jerry Thomas and the Thomas Brothers Band’. Eventually,  their father retired, but they decided to continue performing. The brothers enlisted their cousin and childhood best friend, and thus Parmalee was born. The band released their debut EP ‘Daylight’ in 2002, and in doing so was able to draw attention from producer David Bendeth (an award winning producer who has worked with numerous award winning bands) of RCA Records. David invited them to record 3 songs at ‘Water Music Studios’ in Hoboken, New Jersey. This led to a publishing deal with Los Angeles-based ‘Windswept Publishing’. David then invited the band to record the remainder of the 12 songs that eventually became Parmalee’s debut LP ‘Inside’. Following the release, of ‘Inside’, Parmalee spent the next 2 years touring and promoting the album. During this time, Parmalee also released a live acoustic album called ‘Unplugged’, and a documentary-style DVD entitled ‘Inside Live’. In 2006, they went to Los Angeles, CA, and began to record with producer Stevo Bruno.. Parmalee continued to tour and record in Los Angeles, and were even given the opportunity to collaborate with on several tracks with Nikki Sixx ( the bassist of ‘Mötley Crüe’). Finally, Parmalee travelled to Nashville, TN to write, produce, and mix the remainder of the record with producer Kevin Beamish. After years of hard work and travel, Parmalee dropped their EP ‘Complicated’ in 2008. While in Nashville, the band met David Fanning from ‘New Voice Entertainment at Sound Stage Studios’, and collaborated to create the band’s debut hit track ‘Musta Had a Good Time’. This song led to Parmalee’s production and record deals with Stoney Creek Records. Parmalee has stated that the inspiration for ‘Musta Had a Good Time’ came from personal experience. One of the band’s lead vocalists Matt describes the track as “that one epic party that all of us have either been to, or hope to go to, at some point in our lives”. Upon the release of ‘Musta Had a Good Time’, Parmalee received a lot if media attention, such as; being featured as a Billboard ‘Bubbling Under’ artist in June of 2012, and as Clear Channel’s ‘NEW! Artist to Watch (Country)’. The track was also picked as one of CountryMusicIsLove.com’s ‘Top 15 Songs of Summer’. Parmalee had even more success with tier second single ‘Carolina’ (which was released to country radio in February of 2013. Carolina peaked at #2 on the ‘US Billboard Country Charts’, and #1 on the ‘US Billboard Airplay Charts’ (‘Musta Had A Good Time’ peaked at #42 on the ‘US Billboard Country Charts’, and #38 on the ‘US Billboard Airplay Charts’). The track was eventually certified as ‘Gold’. The wide success of ‘Carolina’ perfectly set the stage for a Parmalee to release their latest LP ‘Feels Like Carolina’ (which was released in December 2013, and peaked at #10 on the ‘Billboard US Country Charts’). Parmalee released their third single ‘Close Your Eyes’, to country radio in February of 2014. Although ‘Close Your Eyes’ did not have quite the success that ‘Carolina’ had, it still peaked at #29 on the ‘US Billboard Country Charts’, and #27 on the ‘US Billboard Airplay Charts’.

Parmalee’s lead single ‘Musta Had A Good Time’ (Parmalee – Musta Had a Good Time (Music Video))  is a fun energetic song that is perfect for large party, or to just to jam out to while driving around. The theme of the song is perfectly in tune with the classic party mentality that has always been prevalent in country music. With fun lyrics, a high energy beat, and the power to fill a dance floor, I can definitely see why this song brought such great fortune for Parmalee. The band’s next single ‘Carolina’ (PARMALEE – Carolina) definitely went in a different direction than ‘Musta Had A Good Time’, however the powerful track was still able to grab the attention and hearts of country music fans. This emotional love song tells the story of the pain that a person feels when they are away from their loved ones for a significant amount of time. This is the perfect song for couples, or families that have to spend a large amount of time away from one another. The lyrics in this song are very raw and emotional, but are also relatable in such a way that it is easy to feel a personal connection to the song. I could definitely see ‘Carolina’ becoming one of music’s greatest love songs. Parmalee’s newest single’ Close Your Eyes’ (Parmalee – Close Your Eyes – YouTube) represents a nice marriage between the vibes that made up ‘Musta Had A Good Time’, and ‘Carolina’. I really love that this track is fun and energetic, but also has that romantic vibe that fans love. ‘Close Your Eyes’ is basically about meeting someone and wanting to get closer to them, which is a feeling that everyone can relate to. I really love that Parmalee has been able to how their vast knowledge as artists, by releasing singles that their fans will love, but that also make chronological sense. You can definitely see that the member of Parmalee not only has a great mind for

So are you completely addicted to them…yeah I knew you would be. After listening to their music, it is easy to see why everyone has fallen in love with Parmalee. The band’s music is catchy,  heartfelt, and has lyrics that paint a picture of every story the track discusses. Also, Parmalee is at its’ core a country band, but also dabbles within the pop and rock genres, which allows the band’s music to rise a wider audience. With all of these pieces perfectly combining to make up this dream band, it’s clear that Parmalee has a long career ahead of them. So make sure you stay up to date with everything Parmalee is up to, so you don’t miss out on Country Music’s next big thing.


Keep Up With Parmalee!!!

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Monday Memos: My interview with YOUR newest favorite indie pop band Trapdoor Social!!!

Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘Monday Memos’ I have another exciting interview for y’all. I recently asked Merritt Graves, and Skylar Funk of Trapdoor social some questions about the band’s musical influences, what inspired the sound of their newest EP ‘Science of Love’, and what they want their legacy to be. Whether you’re already COMPLETELY addicted to this rising indie pop band, or you haven’t heard of them but want to know more (you can read this previous blog to learn more about the band Monday Memos: Trapdoor Social. Great Music, Big Hearts | celindareyesblog), then please read on, and remember that their newest EP ‘Science of Love’ is available for purchase on ITunes.  


Celinda:  Hi guys! I read that you first formed the band at an environmental event at Pomona College. What initially sparked the idea of starting a band together?

Trapdoor Social: We were both very concerned about sustainability and wanted to make music, so we decided to combine the two into a single project.


Celinda:  Very cool. So what bands or artists have influenced your musical style?

Merritt:  For me it’s been Radiohead, Muse, Tears for Fears, Third Eye Blind and Death Cab for Cutie.

Skylar:  Bon Iver, Jimmy Eat World, Postal Service, Macklemore, Third Eye Blind, Ratatat, Cake, yOya, etc.


Celinda:  Are there any bands or artists that have influenced  you that may be surprising to your fans?

Merritt:  I don’t know about surprising per se, but our influences stretch pretty far apart and it can be interesting to see how we can fuse them.  For example, I really like orchestral stuff, while Skylar likes rap and funk, so all of these interests come together in some unpredictable ways.


Celinda:  That’s really interesting, so what inspired your sound for your latest EP ‘Science of Love’?

Trapdoor Social: We wanted to write a song you could really groove to, after that everything else  just seemed to fall into place, once we had that feel locked in on the chorus.  That’s what often happens on a song,  you get a beat or a melody that you’re compelled by and it informs the next thing which informs the next thing – so on and so on.


Celinda:  Definitely sounds like a really fun process. I know that this next one might be a hard question to answer, but what’s your favorite track on ‘Science of Love’?

Merritt: Science of Love

Skylar: Old Wings


Celinda: I love both those songs too! So, I feel that your music just continues to get better and better, how would you say your music has evolved from ‘Death of a Friend’ to ‘Science of Love’?

Trapdoor Social: Well, we definitely have some more electronic elements but the albums also reflect what we’re feeling and what we care about at the time, and of course some of that changes and some of that stays the same.  For example, on Science of Love we still greatly care about and promote sustainability, but we’ve started thinking more about how sustainability applies to technology – those ideas definitely bleed into how we write lyrics.


Celinda:  That’s really cool; it makes me excited to see what will be discussed on the next project you work on. Now I usually like to ask this question because I find that every artist/band gives me really unique answers, but how do you each prepare for a performance?

Trapdoor Social: We always try to think about the things that really matter to us and freeze everything else out . . . then it’s just you and the music and the people you’re trying to connect to.  Also, It’s not very rock and roll, but we always do a vocal warm-up beforehand, too.


Celinda:  I’m sure your fans appreciate the fact that you’re so mentally and physical prepared when you go on stage, it definitely makes the energy in the room feel different.  Another question that I like to ask artists/bands is what’s one thing that you wished you had known about the music industry before entering it?

Trapdoor Social: We knew it was going to be tough so no surprises there.


Celinda: I love that you guys were prepared, makes the quality of your work so much better. So what would you like your legacy to be?

Merritt: To have always tried our best in the face of adversity.

Skylar: To leave the world better than we found it.


Celinda:  Those are some really amazing answers; with this kind of positivity, I certainly think that you guys will be remembered fondly by your fans. So, is there anything else you’d like to add for your fans, or for people who are just now discovering your music?

Trapdoor Social: Just to stop by and say “hi” on Facebook or Twitter, or come see us on tour this summer!  We love to meet the people who listen to us.

Celinda: Well that’s all for now guys, but thank you for your time and good luck on the rest of your tour!



So as I’m sure you can tell, Trapdoor Social is a band of musicians who love what they do, and love their supporters. If you want to be able to say that you heard of this band first (Hello bragging rights!!!), then please check out their music, and fall in love with their greatness.So if you’re not already supporting them, what are you waiting for! C’mon listen to their EP, check out their social media site, but a ticket to one of their shows, I promise you WON’T regret it (pinky promise ok? Great now it’s official!). I had an image that displays all of Trapdoor Social’s tour dates on the third leg of their current tour, but I couldn’t get the image to appear big and clear enough to read, so I will post the dates on my official Facebook page which you can get to by clicking here: Celindareyesblog | Facebook     Keep in touch with Trapdoor Social: Twitter: Trapdoor Social (TrapdoorSocial) on Twitter YouTube: Trapdoor Social Facebook: Trapdoor Social | Facebook Website: Trapdoor Social



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Monday Memos: Interview with Signal City…the band on the brink of fame, fortune, and YOUR summer playlists

Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘Monday Memos’ I have another exciting interview for y’all. Last Monday I introduced you to the AMAZING new indie pop band Signal City (which you can read here: Monday Memos: Signal City…the new band whose AMAZING music is our new found Fortune | celindareyesblog). I was recently able to interview Cameron Boyer from Signal City, and we spoke about that band’s musical influences, what to expect with their upcoming debut EP, who would be on the band’s dream tour, and so much more! So please read on, and remember that Signal City’s debut single ‘Fortune’ is available on ITunes NOW.


Celinda: Hi Cameron. I really love the band’s name, how did you guys come up with the name Signal City?

Cameron: Coming up with the band’s name was literally the hardest thing we’ve ever had to do. We came up with so many names, probably over 200 in total. One thing we were all sure about though was “Signal”. At first we were just going to be called “The Signals”, but then we found out that like 6 bands already had that name. So after a while we decided to just put “City” after it. We still weren’t sure if we liked it, but it started to grow on us so we decided to stick with it.


Celinda:  So what/who inspired you to pursue a career in music?

Cameron: For me it was my dad mostly. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have started this career. He forced me to do a musical when I was a kid. I was asked to do it by some friends but I declined, then my dad said “no you gotta do it”, and so I decided to try it, and that’s how it all started. I met Justin doing musicals, but the musical scene wasn’t really for us, so we decided to form a band.


Celinda: That’s a really cool story, so what bands or artists have influenced your band’s musical style?

Cameron: Once the band was formed, Green Day, Muse, The Killers, The Black Keys, and similar bands became our main influences. Green Day is what first influenced me, but I wanted to go further so I started listening to SOO many different genres of music. With all of those influences, we started to form our own sound, which is very broad and hits lots of different styles


Celinda: That is so interesting; I love to see bands that are well versed in various styles of music. So, what bands or artists have influenced your music that would surprise your fans?

Cameron: Well we were also influenced by classical stuff like Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, etc. We also listened to jazz, blues, ska, reggae, and indie. The fans would probably be surprised with the classical influences, and the blues and jazz stuff. Not too sure what would surprise them though.


Celinda: What’s your songwriting process like?

Cameron: We tend to write when we feel like it. It’s just that simple. When an idea comes we just go at it and don’t stop unless we can’t continue. Sometimes we write with all 5 members and sometimes we write with just 4, 3, 2 or by ourselves. We will do whatever it takes to write a good song.


Celinda: Very cool, it sounds like you guys are really creative. So speaking of writing good songs, what’s the story behind your debut single ’Fortune’?

Cameron: ‘Fortune’ is a song driven by the experiences that the band has encountered. We all have been through so many hard times, and have done so much hard work just to be in this band. Some of the sacrifices we have made have even forced one of us to move houses, lose friendships, and many more hardships. But we have always kept at it and take the opportunities that come along, so that we can get the best possible “fortune” out of them.


Celinda: That’s a really inspiring story. So what can you tell me about your upcoming EP?

Cameron: For the upcoming EP we worked with Simon Katz from Youngblood Hawke, which was awesome because he really helped us and took our music to new levels, which really opened up our minds and made us think. The new EP is very different from what we are used to writing, but we love it and are super excited to get it out there. Like ‘Fortune’, the whole EP has the theme of trying to stay alive and do your best in anything you do. Hopefully it inspires others the way it has inspired us.


Celinda: Now I’m really excited about the upcoming EP! So, what’s one thing that you wished you had known about the music industry before entering it?

Cameron: Definitely how to make it using an easier path. Hahaha, it’s been really hard, so I wish I knew everything I needed to make this process easier. But then again, I also don’t wish that, because it has made us who we are. So I appreciate the process, even though it sucks. Haha.


Celinda: Very true.So, if you could put together and go on a dream tour, who else would be on it?

Cameron: Our band, Muse, The Killers, The Black Keys, and Green Day.


Celinda: That would be an awesome tour! Ideally, what do you want Signal City’s legacy to be?

Cameron: I really want our legacy to be that we are a band that people remember in the best way possible. I want people to listen to our music and feel good about themselves and about everyone and everything around them, even those things or people whom they may not be fond of. I want people to say “Because of Signal City, I became a better person in whatever way”. I want people to see us in a positive light. I also want people to seriously rock out like crazy and have crazy fun too while listening to our music, haha.


Celinda: I definitely see that becoming Signal City’s legacy. Your music is so amazing and upbeat, that people can’t help but rock out and have fun while listening to it. Lastly, is there anything else you’d like to add?

Cameron: Just that I really hope that we make it, because I’m dying for more to hear our sound.

Celinda: I definitely see you guys making it far in the music industry, I am so excited about what’s ahead for Signal City. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer the questions Cameron!


So as y’all can see, Signal City is definitely a band on the rise. I HIGHLY suggest that you all stay on the lookout for Signal City’s debut EP, which is dropping later this year (and don’t worry, I will make sure you ALL know exactly when the EP is released). If you’re looking for a band with infectious, upbeat music to jam out to this summer, then look no further. I anticipate that very soon, Signal City will no longer be LA’s best kept secret, and will instead be the band that EVERYONE is obsessed with. Now don’t you want to be ahead of the curve? That’s what I thought!



Keep up to date with Signal City:

Website: Signal City

Twitter: Signal City (SignalCity) on Twitter

Facebook: Signal City | Facebook

Instagram: signalcitymusic on Instagram




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