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Monday Memos: The steering wheel that will change the way you drive forever

Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘Monday Memos’ we’re going to talk about a new invention that I’m sure smart wheelyou’ve all heard of by now. In 2013 T.J. Evarts, his sisters, and his friends (aka possibly the smartest group of teens on the planet) premiered their invention the ‘SMARTwheel’ on ABC’s show ‘Shark Tank’ and thus introduced us to the future of safe driving. In 2010 T.J. (then 14 years old) decided to try to find a solution to the texting and driving problems that kids (and really everybody) faces. Not only is it dangerous but it’s also against the driving laws in Georgia and elsewhere across the nation. Those injured because of a distracted driver may want to pursue legal action against them. Over the next 6 years T.J. and his group would develop a product that will not only save lives but will change the way we drive. Hopefully, people will start to take note of this new invention, and will actually start to use it, as it could make people a lot safer at driving.

This isn’t the only way to get people to drive safer on the road though, it doesn’t matter how good a driver you are, accidents will always happen. This is why many people like the idea of taking a defensive driving course (with a company like my improv). This will help teach you safe driving techniques for controlling your vehicle in emergency situations, as well as procedures for handling fatigue, emotional stress, and road rage. If you can take this course, as well as having a SMARTwheel in your car, then there’ll be less chance of an accident happening though.

This might mean that there are fewer accidents on the road. It won’t get rid of accidents altogether though, as accidents will always happen. However, it might just make driving on roads a safer place. As a side note, if you have been involved in a car accident recently, then you should get a lawyer involved. There are loads of law firms out there, such as lamber goodnow who would be more than happy to help you with your case. Anyway, let’s get back to talking about T.J. and his group.

There have only been a few people who you can say have truly changed an industry and I think that it’s safe to say that T.J. and his group will soon join this exclusive group. Yes, there are surely other distracted driving solutions offered by the likes of Lytx, but those are aimed mostly at commercial vehicles and are useful for fleet management. The system that is talked about here, can also be used by individual drivers who are concerned about driving safety. So now that you know a little bit about the history of the ‘SMARTwheel’ I’m sure you’re wondering what this product actually does right? Well keep reading to find out! Ready? Ok, let’s go!!!

The ‘SMARTwheel’ has a sensor that produces a buzzing sound and flashing lights when you take both or one of your hands off of the wheel. When you put your hands back on the proper position then the flashing lights and buzzing sound stops. The ‘SMARTwheel’ also has sensors that allow you answer your phone (through the use of a Bluetooth headset), and adjust your windshield wiper speed without taking your hands off of the wheel. Also, when you purchase the wheel, you can get a free app that records how often you take your hands off of the wheel, forms charts & graphs to track how your driving habits change over time, and gives you a grade based off of your progression. The wheel is scheduled to go on sale on smartwheelusa.com in the next few months, and will be priced at $199 (but besides the fact that this product could save your life, you can also get free mp3 songs and gas cards if you buy this product and keep your hands on the wheel). With everyone from MIT, President Obama, and U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood endorsing this product, it definitely seems like something worth checking out.

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YouTube Wednesday: Angry Grandpa’s house prank

angry grandpa

Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘YouTube Wednesday’ we’re going to talk about a recent YouTube video that we can’t stop watching. I know we often talk about how talented, funny, and creative YouTubers are, but sometimes we forget that they are regular people who just share their awesomeness with us. However, sometimes we get videos where our fav YouTubers discuss social issues with us, tell us about their fears/problems, and basically treat us like the BFFs that we all wish we were to them. If you love the popular YouTube channel ‘Angry Grandpa’ and/or videos that will make you cry then please keep reading. Ready? Ok, let’s go!!!


A few weeks ago the YouTuber ‘thekidwiththecamera’, who is the son and one of the masterminds behind ‘Angry Grandpa’, uploaded a “prank” video that will melt your heart. If you’ve never seen ‘Angry Grandpa’ before, it’s a YouTube channel where a man named Michael “Pickleboy” Green uploads his father (Charlie Green) reacting to current events, celebrities, and pranks that Pickleboy pulls on him. There are videos of Angry Grandpa pulling pranks on his son as well (disclaimer: The only video on this channel that I’ve seen is the one that I will post below, but some of the other videos do contain language that may be inappropriate/insulting to some people, so keep that in mind if you check them out). Anyway, in this video, Pickleboy, his girlfriend, and his father are looking at a house because Pickleboy has told his dad that he’s interested in buying it. The three go through the house, and after they get Angry Grandpa’s approval, Pickleboy tells him that he’s not buying the house for himself, he’s actually buying it for Angry Grandpa. The reaction to this is priceless and will definitely make you want to go and hug your loved ones (just round them all up in a big group hug…no it’s really not as weird as it sounds…moving on). Before this, Angry Grandpa lived in a trailer home, so that fact just breaks you heart even more (seriously I haven’t cried this much since I saw ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ and now YouTube has me crying again…anyways…). Personally I like seeing videos like this because it’s cool to see that there are so many good things in the world, check out the video below, but have some tissues on standby.




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YouTube Wednesday: Stephanie Carina…your newest YouTube bestie!!!

Hello people of the Internet! On today’s ‘YouTube Wednesday’, we’re going to talk about fashion/beauty/DIY guru Stephanie CarinaStephanie Carina. This rising YouTube star is quickly winning the hearts of fans worldwide, and has gained a loyal following of 94,597 subscribers (or besties as she likes to call them), and 1,391,821 total channel views. I am really excited to feature Stephanie this week, because her videos are super addicting! Once you watch Stephanie’s videos, her fun and bubbly personality will instantly make you feel as if you’re talking to your best friend (and the best part is this best friend has the GREATEST fashion, beauty, & DIY tips!). So now let’s get to the fun part…the videos! Ready? Let’s go!!!


The first video that we’re going to talk about is Stephanie’s ‘DIY Pumpkin Spice Milkshake | Starbucks Inspired!’ video, which was uploaded on October 9th, 2014 (check out the video below). This is traditionally more of a fall treat, but who doesn’t love the idea of having Pumpkin Spice milkshakes all year long. Stephanie gives very detailed step by step instructions that make these milkshakes easy to prepare. These milkshakes are perfect for a party, or relaxing while you watch your fav YouTube videos, so you should definitely try them out! Next up we have Stephanie’s ‘How to Pack Healthy Lunches for School or Work! Quick & Easy!’ video, which was uploaded on November 15th, 2014. If you’re freaking out because you’ve waited until now to get in shape then don’t worry because Stephanie has you covered! The recipes in this video are easy/quick to make, and will give you a break from your typical lunch. This video also features really cute lunch boxes that are designed to help you correctly portion your food (you gotta love it when staying healthy is easy).

Now we’re going  to talk about Stephanie’s ‘The Real Way to Fake Naturally Curly Hair WITHOUT HEAT!’ video, which was uploaded on March 26th, 2015. Ok let’s be real for a second. Spring/Summer is the perfect time to rock awesome curls, but it’s also the worst time of the year to use excessive heat on your hair. This videos shows you how to use an inexpensive product to make beautiful curls without any heat. It’s definitely worth checking out. The last video we’re going to discuss is Stephanie’s ‘Music Festival Inspired DIYs! Tumblr and Coachella Inspired!!!’ video, which was uploaded on April 12th, 2015. This is a MUST SEE video for all music festival junkies (or if you just like to look really cool). The various DIYs in this video are super easy to make, and look AMAZING! So check out the video below, and prepare to make all your friends jealous by how cool you look.


Keep up with everything Stephanie is doing:

YouTube: Stephanie Carina

Twitter: stephiecarina

Instagram: stephaniecarina



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Monday Memos: Movie Review of ‘Grace Unplugged’…drama, heart, music…this movie has it all!!!

Hello people of the internet, on today’s ‘Monday Memos’ we are going to talk about an AMAZING new movie that I recently saw called ‘Grace Unplugged’. This movie has drama, romance, great acting, and phenomenal music. It is inspiring and a film that will charm audiences of all ages (however there are scenes that involve drinking in the film, so parents should be careful when showing this film to young children). I truly believe that this is a film that the whole family can sit down and watch on a weekend nighttogether. ‘Grace Unplugged’ will make you cry, it will make you sing, but most importantly it will make you think. So without further ado, here is my review of ‘Grace Unplugged. Spoiler Alert! The next few paragraphs are a summary of the movie, so if you don’t want to know how it ends, please skip to the last paragraph. Enjoy!!!


‘Grace Unplugged’ tells the story of an 18 year old musician named Grace Trey (AJ Michalka). Grace’s father Johnny Trey (James Denton) was a one-hit wonder who found God after becoming entrenched in extreme alcohol consumption, and the various other pitfalls of stardom. After changing his ways, Johnny devotes his life to playing music for God, and installs this believe in Grace. From a very young age, Grace begins singing, and playing the piano and guitar. Eventually, Grace begins to play in her father’s band, and they travel all over the United States performing and ministering at various churches.  The movie begins in Birmingham, AL where the Trey family has been living for 3 years. Although Grace and her father have always played together, they often argue about how the music should be arranged. Johnny wants the music to be played the way he wrote it, and Grace wants the opportunity to come up with her own ideas and style. This difference in opinions begins to cause a deep rift in and Grace’s relationship, which causes to become more protective over Grace and Grace, becomes more rebellious by lying to her parents more often. One day, Johnny’s former manager Frank “Mossy” Mostin comes to town, and informs Johnny that a major record label wants to sign him after his old hit ‘Misunderstood’ goes viral. Johnny declines the offer, so Grace records her own version of the song and sends it to Mossy. She then runs away from home, and goes to Los Angeles to take meetings with Mossy.


Mossy tells her that the record label that wanted to sign Johnny is interested in her, but they want her to record and shoot a video for ‘Misunderstood’ in order to see how the track does before they possibly do more for her. When Johnny and his wife find out that Grace has run away, they become very upset, and Johnny tries in vain to talk Mossy into convincing Grace to come home. Not long after Grace arrives in Los Angeles, Mossy sets up a gig for her, and Grace finds out that the head of the record label will hear her perform. Grace is very nervous to perform in front of her first “bar crowd”, but once she begins to perform, she becomes very comfortable and the crowd goes crazy for her. After the show is over, Grace finds out that Johnny came to the show, and he tries to convince her to come home by questioning her motives for doing what she’s doing. Grace refuses to go home and Johnny goes home heartbroken. Shortly after the gig, Mossy takes Grace to a party with the label head and some of his team, and Grace feels pressured to drink champagne, so she does. Mossy then gives Grace an advance that the label has provided, and she buys herself a car. The label’s team continues to try to change Grace’s image little by little, and Grace begins to give into the temptation of drinking socially with them. One day when Gracie returns to her apartment form the grocery store, she finds the door unlocked, and is startled when she meets Quentin (the label’s image consultant’s intern). Soon after, Mossy tips off a popular magazine to the fact that Grace is going on a date with a famous TV star named Jay. Grace begins to slowly fall in love with Jay, and is further charmed when she receives flowers from Jay in the middle of an interview. Grace continues to go on dates with Jay, and becomes drunk on one of the dates. Jay tries to take her home, but she refuses because of her beliefs, and goes home to her apartment.


A few days later, Grace gets a surprise when her idol Renae Taylor who is on the same record label) shows up at Grace’s music video shoot. Renae and Grace begin to speak about Jay, and Grace is heartbroken when Renae tells her that everyone in Hollywood uses each other to get ahead, and don’t necessarily have any romantic interest in each other. The next day, Grace has drinks with Jay, and discovers that Mossy set the whole thing up, and Jay’s only interest in her is to get publicity. Grace confronts Mossy, but Mossy tells her that she needs to get over it and work on an original song that she is suppose to present to the label. Grace (who has never written a song), feels an overwhelming amount of pressure to write the song, and she copes with this by drinking excessively. Grace overhears some of the label employees talking about her in the restroom, and she has a confrontation with Mossy over the fact that she couldn’t write an original song. Grace’s drinking escalates, until Quentin goes to her apartment, and invites her over to his home to have dinner with his family. When Grace arrives at Quentin’s home, she finds that Quentin’s family is very religious, and Quentin actually found God when Grace and her father played at the church that Quentin’s family attends. Back in Alabama, Johnny views Grace’s music video online, and becomes stricken with grief because he never allowed Grace to develop as an artist and a person. Grace then embarks on a radio tour, and Mossy informs her that due to the fact that her single is doing so well, the label wants to make an album for her. Mossy gives her a song to learn on the road, and she discovers that one of her stops is Birmingham. Quentin sends Grace a care package which contains a book that Quentin said helped him find God. When Grace arrives in Birmingham, she plays a song with her dad in her dressing room, and they both begin to regret how strained their relationship is.


When Grace returns to Los Angeles, Grace tells Mossy that she does not want to sing the song that he picked out because its’ lyrics contain a message that she doesn’t believe in. Mossy tells her that she has to sing the song, because she was just named as the opening act for Renae Taylor. Grace talks about her problem with Quentin, and he asks her why she wants to be an entertainer (just as Johnny did after her first gig in Los Angeles). The next day, Mossy and Grace’s band are waiting for her in the recording studio to record the new single however; she leaves a note telling Mossy that she’s going home, so Mossy uses another girl that he’s recently signed. Grace goes home to Birmingham, and asks her parents and her congregation for forgiveness for the wrongs she has committed. Grace plays a song she has written (which is the first song she has ever written), and her dad embraces her with open arms. Two years later, Grace is engaged to Quentin, and she and Johnny perform as special guests at a Chris Tomlin (a real-life Christian artist show. The movie ends with Grace receiving the opportunity to share her music with the world, performing with her dad, and strengthening her relationship with God.


Hello again! So now that you know what Grace Unplugged is about, I’m sure that you’re ready to go get the DVD right? Well if you still need convincing, please allow me to explain why I loved the film. First of all, I really love the character of Grace, although she made a lot of mistakes that had me yelling at my computer “girl what’s wrong with you! C’mon Grace think!!!” I do like that she’s willing to take chances to achieve her dreams. I also love the emotional journey that Grace goes on throughout the movie, as she attempts to discover who she is, what her relationship with her parents and God is, and what she will risk for her dreams. I felt that AJ Michalka (who you may know from the duo Aly & AJ, the movie ‘Secretariat’, cameos in other films and TV shows, or the duo 78Violet) did an amazing job bring Grace to life, and causing the audience to fall in love with her. I honestly thought that all of the various other actors and actresses were cast very well, but the casting directors did a particular good job casting James Denton (who you may know from TV shows various TV shows, particularly Desperate Housewives, and various film) to star as Grace’s father Johnny. The relationship between Johnny and Grace was pivotal to the film, so it was nice to see two thespians that were able to connect so well, and really make you believe that they were father and daughter. Lastly, I really loved that the film was not overly cliché and did not hide the truths about the dangers of stardom. We often hear about celebrity disaster stories, but we don’t often stop to think how these stories begin. In the movie, Grace’s drinking becomes a problem for her, although it begins very innocently. Grace also made a lot of mistakes that she later had to apologize for, but was eventually able to make her dreams come true. This is the type of movie that will leave you feeling inspired, and will warm you heart. I give it 5 smiley faces (oh c’mon, you know that smiley faces are more fun than stars!). I definitely recommend this cinematic gem to EVERYONE!!!






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YouTube Wednesday: Rivers Monroe, the band that will soon take over your radio and IPod

Hello people of the internet!!! For today’s YouTube Wednesday blog, I will be introducing you too another AMAZING band (you may now clap….ok now shall we begin? Great!). I found out about this band after one of their members followed me on Twitter, and I have to say that I have been completely obsessed with their debut cd (which they are giving away for free on their website…I know how amazing is that)! So please allow me a few minute to tell y’all why Rivers Monroe will soon add a permanent spot on your IPod’s playlist.


According to their Facebook fan page, Rivers Monroe was founded in Philadelphia when friends Mat Rivers (a pianist/vocalist) and Mike Monroe (a guitarist/vocalist) decided to join forces and begin a band. The two musicians later added a guitarist named Doc, a bassist named Kirby, and a drummer named Dan. Once the lineup was completed, the future of this amazing band was set. Over the years, Rivers Monroe has been able to gather a loyal fanbase, which has led them to perform a national tour, which was sponsored by Coca-Cola, Sunoco, Cerwin-Vega, Motel 6, and other businesses. The band currently has 7,688 likes on Facebook, 23,364 followers on Twitter, 620 followers on Instagram, and 307 subscribers on YouTube. Needless to say, these guys have certainly used social media to spread the word about their music, which shows that they are not only great musicians, but also have a firm grip on the “business” end of the music business.


Rivers Monroe has also had the experience of playing shows with many established bands, such as: Paramore, All Time Low, Fun, Incubus, Phoenix, The Wonder Years, Passion Pit, Allstar Weekend, and numerous others. Just in case you’re not familiar with any of these bands (and if you are not, your homework this week is too search all of these bands on YouTube…after you read this blog and check out Rivers Monroe of course), many of these bands have had platinum selling albums, have won Grammys, and have been on the Vans Warped Tour. So needless to say, Rivers Monroe has performed alongside a very impressive group of musicians, this definitely speaks volumes towards the band’s talent and fan base. Now if you thought that this band couldn’t get any more impressive, prepare to have your mind blown away one more time, Rivers Monroe has also been a fixture on TV. They have been featured on the Verses Network, NASCAR Network, FOX Sports TV, Speed TV, and their music has been featured in the 2011 and 2014 NASCAR video games. I honestly don’t know how this band finds the time to be this awesome…but yet they do!


Now that you know enough information about Rivers Monroe to win a trivia contest, allow me to introduce you to the amazing music that this band makes. The overall sound of Rivers Monroe is pop-punk, with definite stylistic influences from amazing alternative rock bands such as Fall-Out Boy and We The Kings. Their music is very high energy, and perfect for spring break/summer road trips, or for just dancing around your house. Although the majority of their music is very high energy and fun, Rivers Monroe also knows how to write very moving ballads. This allows them to tap into another aspect of their musicianship, and the result is a small hint of blue-eyed soul infused rock, that demonstrates that these guys can not only rock, but also know how to write lyrics that will cut deep into your soul. I understand that we have now become a singles centric society (meaning that we have the ability to only buy single tracks off of an album), I personally still love having the ability to buy and enjoy an album in its’ entirely. With Rivers Monroe’s album, I am able to play the album from beginning to end, and I never have to skip a track due to boredom. Trust me, finding an album that you truly enjoy from beginning to end is rare these days, so when you find a band that can do this, you know that you’ve truly found a band that will one day completely control the radio airways. I HIGHLY recommend this band for music lovers everywhere, because even if you think that Rivers Monroe’s music will not be something you like, you will soon find yourself addicted to their catchy beats and infectious hooks.


Here’s how to stay connected with Rivers Monroe:

Website: Rivers Monroe

Facebook: Rivers Monroe | Facebook

Twitter: Rivers Monroe (RiversMonroe) on Twitter

Instagram: Instagram

YouTube: RIVERS MONROE – YouTube








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