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Monday Memos: Artist Spotlight, Parmalee…a rising country band that will soon be blowing up your radio

Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘Monday Memos we are going to discuss the band Parmalee, a new country group who is steadily on the rise to become legendary. This band exploded onto the music scene in 2012 with the release of their debut single ‘Musta Had A Good Time’, and followed it up with their 2013 sophomore smash single ‘Carolina’. Parmalee has already proven that they are not only talented musicians, but have the artistry to write music that is relevant to their fans lives, and in doing so have earned country music fans’ love and respect. So please read on, while we discuss why Parmalee is a band on the rise, and definitely a musical force that you NEED to keep your eyes on.

Parmalee is a country band from Parmale, North Carolina. The members of the band include: Matt Thomas (lead vocals, guitar), Scott Thomas (drums), Barry Knox (bass) and Josh McSwain (guitar). Brothers Matt and Scott gained experience as performers by playing in their father’s group ‘Jerry Thomas and the Thomas Brothers Band’. Eventually,  their father retired, but they decided to continue performing. The brothers enlisted their cousin and childhood best friend, and thus Parmalee was born. The band released their debut EP ‘Daylight’ in 2002, and in doing so was able to draw attention from producer David Bendeth (an award winning producer who has worked with numerous award winning bands) of RCA Records. David invited them to record 3 songs at ‘Water Music Studios’ in Hoboken, New Jersey. This led to a publishing deal with Los Angeles-based ‘Windswept Publishing’. David then invited the band to record the remainder of the 12 songs that eventually became Parmalee’s debut LP ‘Inside’. Following the release, of ‘Inside’, Parmalee spent the next 2 years touring and promoting the album. During this time, Parmalee also released a live acoustic album called ‘Unplugged’, and a documentary-style DVD entitled ‘Inside Live’. In 2006, they went to Los Angeles, CA, and began to record with producer Stevo Bruno.. Parmalee continued to tour and record in Los Angeles, and were even given the opportunity to collaborate with on several tracks with Nikki Sixx ( the bassist of ‘Mötley Crüe’). Finally, Parmalee travelled to Nashville, TN to write, produce, and mix the remainder of the record with producer Kevin Beamish. After years of hard work and travel, Parmalee dropped their EP ‘Complicated’ in 2008. While in Nashville, the band met David Fanning from ‘New Voice Entertainment at Sound Stage Studios’, and collaborated to create the band’s debut hit track ‘Musta Had a Good Time’. This song led to Parmalee’s production and record deals with Stoney Creek Records. Parmalee has stated that the inspiration for ‘Musta Had a Good Time’ came from personal experience. One of the band’s lead vocalists Matt describes the track as “that one epic party that all of us have either been to, or hope to go to, at some point in our lives”. Upon the release of ‘Musta Had a Good Time’, Parmalee received a lot if media attention, such as; being featured as a Billboard ‘Bubbling Under’ artist in June of 2012, and as Clear Channel’s ‘NEW! Artist to Watch (Country)’. The track was also picked as one of CountryMusicIsLove.com’s ‘Top 15 Songs of Summer’. Parmalee had even more success with tier second single ‘Carolina’ (which was released to country radio in February of 2013. Carolina peaked at #2 on the ‘US Billboard Country Charts’, and #1 on the ‘US Billboard Airplay Charts’ (‘Musta Had A Good Time’ peaked at #42 on the ‘US Billboard Country Charts’, and #38 on the ‘US Billboard Airplay Charts’). The track was eventually certified as ‘Gold’. The wide success of ‘Carolina’ perfectly set the stage for a Parmalee to release their latest LP ‘Feels Like Carolina’ (which was released in December 2013, and peaked at #10 on the ‘Billboard US Country Charts’). Parmalee released their third single ‘Close Your Eyes’, to country radio in February of 2014. Although ‘Close Your Eyes’ did not have quite the success that ‘Carolina’ had, it still peaked at #29 on the ‘US Billboard Country Charts’, and #27 on the ‘US Billboard Airplay Charts’.

Parmalee’s lead single ‘Musta Had A Good Time’ (Parmalee – Musta Had a Good Time (Music Video))  is a fun energetic song that is perfect for large party, or to just to jam out to while driving around. The theme of the song is perfectly in tune with the classic party mentality that has always been prevalent in country music. With fun lyrics, a high energy beat, and the power to fill a dance floor, I can definitely see why this song brought such great fortune for Parmalee. The band’s next single ‘Carolina’ (PARMALEE – Carolina) definitely went in a different direction than ‘Musta Had A Good Time’, however the powerful track was still able to grab the attention and hearts of country music fans. This emotional love song tells the story of the pain that a person feels when they are away from their loved ones for a significant amount of time. This is the perfect song for couples, or families that have to spend a large amount of time away from one another. The lyrics in this song are very raw and emotional, but are also relatable in such a way that it is easy to feel a personal connection to the song. I could definitely see ‘Carolina’ becoming one of music’s greatest love songs. Parmalee’s newest single’ Close Your Eyes’ (Parmalee – Close Your Eyes – YouTube) represents a nice marriage between the vibes that made up ‘Musta Had A Good Time’, and ‘Carolina’. I really love that this track is fun and energetic, but also has that romantic vibe that fans love. ‘Close Your Eyes’ is basically about meeting someone and wanting to get closer to them, which is a feeling that everyone can relate to. I really love that Parmalee has been able to how their vast knowledge as artists, by releasing singles that their fans will love, but that also make chronological sense. You can definitely see that the member of Parmalee not only has a great mind for

So are you completely addicted to them…yeah I knew you would be. After listening to their music, it is easy to see why everyone has fallen in love with Parmalee. The band’s music is catchy,  heartfelt, and has lyrics that paint a picture of every story the track discusses. Also, Parmalee is at its’ core a country band, but also dabbles within the pop and rock genres, which allows the band’s music to rise a wider audience. With all of these pieces perfectly combining to make up this dream band, it’s clear that Parmalee has a long career ahead of them. So make sure you stay up to date with everything Parmalee is up to, so you don’t miss out on Country Music’s next big thing.


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