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YouTube Wednesday: Alabama Capital…the new internet senstations that you will be fangirling over this summer!!!

Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘YouTube Wednesday’ we are going to talk about two twin brothers that you will soon become COMPLETELY obsessed with. These guys can sing, play the guitar, write amazingly catchy songs, and will steal your hearts with their winning smiles and natural charisma. These astonishing musicians have gained a large, loyal fanbase, which includes: 26,862 YouTube subscribers, 410,200 ‘likes’ on Facebook, 171,100 followers on Twitter, and 41,000 followers on Instagram. People of the internet please allow me to introduce you to Caleb and Nathan Montgomery of ‘Alabama Capital’ (yay!!!).


Alabama Capital is a duo which consists of Caleb and Nathan Montgomery, twin brothers from Cincinnati, OH, who have quickly begun to make a name for themselves in the music industry. Caleb and Nathan began developing their musical skills at the tender age of 6, and quickly gained experience by performing anywhere they could, including family get-togethers, church gatherings and local music festivals. Due to their experiences being homeschooled as children, Caleb and Nathan were able to completely focus on their individual musical interests. Caleb gravitated towards the rhythm guitar, bass and piano and Nathan focused on mastering lead guitar licks and solos. Their hard work began to greatly pay off in the fall of 2011 when Grammy-nominated producer Shawn Campbell (one of the main people responsible for the discovery of pop sensation Cody Simpson, who was also found on YouTube) came across their YouTube videos. According to Alabama Capital’s Facebook page, Shawn Campbell has stated that he “was floored”, upon discovering the duo’s music, and that “Caleb and Nathan are in a class of their own. They are true artists and don’t need a lot of bells and whistles to create a great experience for music fans”. The upward momentum continued for Alabama Capital in June of 2012, when they were listed at #15 on Billboard’s ‘Next Big Sound 25’ chart. In October of 2012, Alabama Capital was featured and interviewed by J-14 Magazine (a popular teen magazine), as a part of their ‘Hot Band’ series (a series that features popular rising bands).


On March 19th, 2012 Alabama Capital uploaded their first cover video, which was a live version of One Direction’s first hit single ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ One Direction – “What Makes You Beautiful” (Alabama Capital cover) . The cover definitely showed off the duo’s immense talent as vocalists and guitarists. I loved that they were able to keep the upbeat, fun vibe that made the original song such a hit, but added their own unique flair that made the song sound as if it was actually their sing and not a cover. The next track that we are going to discuss is the duo’s rendition of Jesse McCartney’s hit song ‘Beautiful Soul’Alabama Capital – “Beautiful Soul” – Jesse McCartney (LIVE) , which was uploaded on July 9th, 2013 (you may now squeal! Ok, ok enough of that…ok one more minute to fangirl…ok let’s get serious). This cover just completely blew me away when I first listened to it (and it has been on repeat ever since). It really shows off the intense level in which this duo has mastered their craft (their guitar playing will leave you SPEECHLESS…absolutely speechless). It also allows for them to show off the R&B influence that sets them apart from other pop duos, and proves that there are no limitation regarding what Nathan and Caleb are able to do with their voices. Jesse McCartney is not an easy artist to cover, but this duo is able to make the track feel completely new again (which leads me to hope for a possible Alabama Capital and Jesse McCartney duet one day…it has to happen people, it just has to). The final cover video that we are going to discuss is their PHENOMINAL, SUPER AMAZING cover of Ariana Grande’s hit track ‘Problem’ Ariana Grande – Problem ft. Iggy Azalea cover by Alabama Capital – YouTube which was uploaded on June 12th, 2014, (even though I could honestly sit here and discuss all of their videos with y’all, I am completely serious, I am that addicted to their music). Ariana Grande is an artist that is VERY difficult to cover, so it is extremely hard to find really good covers of this song. However, Alabama Capital proves once again that no song or artist is too big or difficult for them. Nathan and Caleb keep the original R&B vibe of the track, but use their harmonies to keep the cover form sounding like a copy of Ariana’s version. Also, they put their guitar skills front and center, by adding a very cool (I mean I can’t even explain just how cool) guitar solo in the middle of the track (the part where Iggy Azalea, raps). If this video doesn’t prove just how gigantic Alabama Capital is going to become then I don’t know what will. If y’all check this cover out, I guarantee that you WILL completely fall in love with Alabama Capital’s music.


As if just having killer vocals and insanely unreal guitar skills were not enough, of course these guys have to further impress us by also showing their amazing songwriting abilities. Their first original track entitled ‘Self Made Millionaire’ Self Made Millionaire – Alabama Capital was uploaded on YouTube on March 6th, 2012. This beautiful love song conveys the story of loving someone fully and completely, to the extent that you feel like a millionaire even if you don’t have a cent. This song contains very beautiful lyrics, and is radio friendly. It certainly shows off the duo’s emotional depth, and is a track that is perfect for Valentine’s Day, a school dance, or just to listen to when you are completely in love and want to let everyone know it (even if your friends are tired of hearing it). They uploaded their next original song on March 20th, 2012. The track, entitled ‘Look At Her (Beautiful)’ “Look At Her” (“Beautiful”) – Alabama Capital – [UG Studios/Acoustic] is an extremely beautiful and heartfelt track that will keep you pressing the replay button. This track is about trying to make someone understand what makes them beautiful, even though they don’t believe it. I can definitely anticipate that this song will steal your heart (and time because you will constantly be playing it). After listening to both of these INCREDIBLE tracks, it is obvious that Caleb and Nathan know exactly how to write a song that their fans will fall in love with, and have molded their niche in the music industry.


So are you now completely addicted to their videos!?! You’re welcome! But seriously, I can definitely see big things on the horizon for this duo. They possess that rare talent of being able to instantly draw you in, and keep your full attention from the first note, to the last note. It’s really rare to find artists that are truly able to make you love every single song they perform, but Alabama Capital makes this task seem simple. SO if you’re not already a fan of this INCREDIBLE power duo (I find this very hard to believe), jump on the bandwagon NOW, and be prepared to spend hours and hours listening to their amazing YouTube covers and original music!


Keep up to date with Alabama Capital!!!:

YouTube: ACapitalMusic

Twitter: Alabama Capital (alabamACapital) on Twitter

Website: Alabama Capital

Facebook: Alabama Capital | Facebook

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YouTube Wednesday: Lexxi Saal, the girl with the big voice, and an even bigger heart!!!

Hello people of the internet!!! In Today’s ‘YouTube Wednesday’, I will introduce you to an extremely talented young performer who is not only an amazing singer/songwriter, actress, but is also passionate philanthropist. I’ve been listening to her various YouTube covers and original songs for some time now, and I have to say that I am constantly impressed by her vocal skills and growth as an artist. Although she already has performance experience that numerous artists would aspire for (and she’s only 16 years old), I believe that she will continue to succeed and will soon be a HUGE star. Please allow me to introduce you to (start the drumroll….) Lexxi Saal.


Lexxi Saal is a singer/songwriter from New York City.  At the tender age of 6, Lexxi began acting, and thus ignited her love of entertaining others.  She has since performed in numerous plays with the organization ‘Way Off Broadway’.  At age 11 Lexxi began singing and discovered a true passion for music. Lexxi’s talent and determination has allowed her to perform on numerous iconic stages, such as: ‘The Apollo Theater’ (which has been the starting place for numerous music legends),’The Cutting Room’, and ‘The Bitter End’. At age 12, Lexxi wrote a song entitled ‘Thank You’, as a tribute for those who have, and continue to serve in the military. The song not only showcases Lexxi’s AMAZING vocals, but also contains inspiring, emotionally conviction, that charged lyrics, that will cause anyone listening to it, to reflect on how much those in the military sacrifice for us. The song is sung A cappella, and is delivered with such conviction and sincerity, that it seems impossible that it was written by a 12 year old girl. I believe that this song is truly a testament to Lexxi’s musicianship and artistry. I would HIGHLY suggest that you check out the video for the song here Tribute to our Troops “Thank You” Lexxi Saal however I will say, when listening to this song you better have your tissues ready. Lexxi has received numerous awards from the military because of this song, and she continues to perform it at military benefits and events.


Lexxi has also opened for numerous artists, and has toured extensively. Some popular artists that Lexxi has opened for include: teen pop star Cody Simpson (who Lexxi opened for on November 19th, 2011 and again on November 10th, 2012, in her home state of New York), later in November of 2012, she opened for teen pop/YouTube star Austin Mahone, as in New York. Lexxi performed extensively in 2013, appearing as a part of the Pop Explosion Tour, OMG Music Fest, Digifest, VidCon, Teen Hoot show, and Fall Jam shows. Lexxi also opened for numerous phenomenal artists in 2013 such as: Connor Maynard (YouTube star/Parlophone Records (a subdivision of Warner Music Group) recording artist , Jillian Jenson ( The X Factor USA season 2 contestant), and Aaron Carter (yeah, I don’t think I need to explain who he is), and numerous other acts. Lexxi was also a featured performer at Sam Pottorff’s (1 of the 6 members of the EXTREMLY popular ‘our2ndlife’ channel on YouTube) 18th Birthday Party Concert. As you can see, 2013 was certainly a HUGE year for Lexxi, and I see 2014 as an even bigger year for the star.


Starting in 2011, Lexxi began posting numerous cover videos of popular songs from artists such as Adele, Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Lorde, and numerous others. Lexxi has proven through these videos that she has the vocal control, soulfulness, and emotional range of numerous well established artists. She has also demonstrated that she has grown immensely as an artist over the years, by perfecting her crafting, and developing her own, unique sound. I have also noticed that Lexxi’s wide range of artists that she chooses to cover, speaks volumes about her various musical influences. It is essential for an artist to be influences by various artists, because it allows them to be well versed in numerous styles of music, thus aiding them in creating a fuller, more diverse sound. Lexxi also proves through her cover videos that she is fully capable of captivating a crowd, simply by using her voice. I definitely suggest that you check out her covers, you will not regret it!


Lexxi has also released numerous original song, which include ‘Just Breath’ ( Lexxi Saal Original “Just Breathe” written by Lexxi Saal, an beautifully written song about longing for another person), ‘Gossip Girl’, ‘Winner’, ‘Soft Ribbon’, Hold on Pain Ends( Lexxi Saal Hold On Pain Ends (H.O.P.E) Lyric Video – YouTube an inspirational, moving song about finding hope in the aftermath of bullying and trauma), ‘Regret’ (a high tempo EDM inspired track that’s a very unexpected yet cool direction for her), and lastly her VERY popular 2012 track ‘Thank You JB’ ( an ode to the obstacles pop star Justin Bieber encountered on his rise to fame, and the way his story has inspired her and other fans. This song can be found on ITunes). Lexxi’s website states that she is preparing to release an EP of original music (judging from the music she has already released, I will definitely purchase her EP…I suggest you do too!!!).


If you thought that Lexxi was just a phenomenal actress, singer/songwriter, then you were wrong! Although Lexxi is extremely busy with her blossoming career, she is also very dedicated to her organization ‘LexxiLoves’. Lexxi founded this organization when she was 8 years old (doesn’t she make you feel like a slacker!?!), the organization’s mission is to donate gifts, raise awareness, and encourage others to aid in supporting and fundraising for children in foster care, and as Lexxi state on the LexxiCare’s website, “Make a Child Smile”. Lexxi has numerous projects that her organization participates in, such as their ‘Sweet Dreams Pillow Project’, which is a program that provides numerous foster children with a pillow case with an inspiration message on it. The ‘Sweet Dreams Pillow Project’ pillowcases are also available for purchase, and all purchases count as donations to LexxiLoves. The organization is also partnered with 1-800 Flower.com, which provide a bouquet of followers to a child in foster care every month. Personally I think that it is so amazing that this young, talented girl is so passionate about helping and inspiring others, so I definitely suggest that you check out and share the link to the Lexxi Loves website lexxiloves : About Lexxi Loves.


As you can see, Lexxi Saal is a phenomenal actress, vocalist, songwriter, who certainly has a long future ahead of her as an entertainer. She has also been gifted with a large heart, and the determination and passion to see her vision through. I can certainly see Lexxi quickly becoming a household name, as well as a constant radio presence. Due to the fact that her vocal abilities exceed traditional genre limitations, and her songwriting skills are very advanced for her age, I can see Lexxi obtaining and maintaining a very diverse fanbase. I also believe that due to Lexxi’s hardworking and meticulous nature, that LexxiLoves will continue to gain ground, and soon have the ability and support to give hope to numerous children in the foster care system. I HIGHLY suggest that you become familiar with Lexxi Saal, because this is a name that you will hear extensively for years to come.


Here’s how to stay connected with Lexxi Saal:

Twitter: LexxiSaal (LexxiSaal) on Twitter

Facebook:Lexxi Saal | Facebook


Website: Official Lexxi Saal

LexxiLoves Website: lexxiloves : About Lexxi Loves

Instagram: lexxisaal on Instagram





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