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Monday Memos: Book Review of ‘The Book That Made Me’ anthology

Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘Monday Memos’ we’re going to review a really cool anthology which was provided by Candlewick Press, and was released on September 1, 2016. This book features authors from/living in New Zealand & Australia, & as the name suggests, consists of short essays that explain what book had a profound effect on the author’s writing and/or life. I’m sure a lot of you have wanted to write a book like this, detailing all the things that shaped you into the book lover you are today. It might not be impossible to publish a book like this if you spend enough time and love on it. You could start looking at amazon self publishing options and find your dream quickly becoming a reality. Book lovers always talk about what books they would love to write and the style they will use so why not go for it? Anyway, As always this review will be spoiler free & completely honest, also this is the 1st time we’re reviewing a non-fiction book so let’s see how it went. Ready? Ok, let’s go!


Usually I would give a quick plot summary here but we can’t really do that this time because the whole book is essays following a similar theme so we’re going to skip straight to the review. Personally I knew that I would enjoy this book because I’m a giant book nerd & this collection is about other giant book nerds talking about books however, I also know that this book won’t necessarily be for everyone. In this anthology you’ll find stories about author’s who recount how a book changed their perception of themselves or where they came from, inspired them to become an author through the book’s ability to entrance them, or inspired them to become an author because they didn’t like the book in question and you can even see this book in PDF format thanks to software as Sodapdf which can easily be found online. If you think that this is the sort of anthology you’d enjoy reading then this collection has some really interesting stories for you. Now you’re probably wondering what I thought. Well although I did enjoy this book, I honestly had to give it a 3 out of 5 smiley faces because some of the stories were more interesting than others. I’m glad that I read this book, but because of the fact that every story isn’t totally gripping I can’t really give it a higher rating.

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