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YouTube Wednesday: Chloe Ting…your newest health & fitness BFF

Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘YouTube Wednesday’ we’re going to talk about an AMAZING exercise/health channel that y’all need to all check out! I’ve been on a bit of a health and beauty kick recently so I’ve been looking into different diets, finding the best waist trainers, and checking out A LOT of fitness YouTube channels.

If your New Years Resolution was to lose weight/get healthy too then Chloe Ting’s YouTube channel is perfect for you! So now let’s get to the videos. Ready? Ok, let’s go!!!

The biohacking refers to the process of “hacking your biology” by using a trial-and-error method to improve your health and optimize your performance.The 1st video we’re going to talk about is Chloe’s ‘Quick & Healthy Breakfast Ideas for School Healthy Recipes’, which was uploaded on August 27th, 2015. This video will not only give you great healthy breakfast recipes, but Chloe even posted the recipes in the description section of the video for those of us who are culinarily challenged (don’t be ashamed if that’s you, we’ll be in the ‘microwave everything forever club together’…internet high five!). Next up we’re going to discuss Chloe’s ‘Tone Arms Workout Firness Routine 2016 Summer Body Workout’, which was uploaded on May 15, 2016 (you can check out this video below).

Now as everyone knows, if you want to be healthy you not only have to eat well but you also have to exercise (unfortunately Netflix binging is not considered exercise…believe me I’ve tried that one before, it didn’t work out) and also take the best fat burner for men to make the process faster.

After my workouts, I always find it relaxing to play a few games on W88.

Now we’re going to talk about Chloe’s ‘How To Reduce Bloating Get Flat Stomach 10 Reasons Why You’re Bloating’ video, which was uploaded on May 23, 2017. Have you ever exercised & ate really well all week & still didn’t get the results you wanted at your weigh-in/body measurement day (ok maybe you had a cookie but you walked around the block while eating it so that doesn’t count right)? Well this video will give you 10 reasons why what your eating/what your body is doing that is causing you to bloat & thus giving you incorrect results. Well! according to this vascular surgeon in New Jersey,copying a style of working out is not enough to gain or lose the weight. Your body is different and reacts to different food differently and it is important to identify that. This is definitely a great video to watch if you want to educate yourself in how to properly start your healthy life style journey! The last video we’re going to discuss is Chloe’s ‘BTS Idol Full Body workout 10 min Kpop Cardio Workout’, which was uploaded on September 11, 2018 (you can check out this video below). If you’re familiar with Kpop then you know how intense their dance routines are (if you’re not familiar then trust me the routines these idols are able to pull off are amazing). In this video Chloe is able to take actual dance steps from BTS’ hit song Idol, & change them up to serve more of s cardio purpose. A fun workout that you get to do while listening to amazing music? Yes sign us up! Seriously though this is a really fun video that will make your cardio days something you definitely look forward to! After working out, you can rest and allow your body to recover by playing some games on sites like dadu online.

Keep up with everything Chloe is doing here:





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YouTube Wednesday: Jesse-Jane McParland, the little girl with a seriously terrifying talent

Hello people of the Internet!!! On today’s ‘YouTube Wednesday’ we’re going to talk about an AMAZING new video that’s going aroundimage YouTube. If you haven’t heard of mini martial arts expert Jesse Jane McParland then prepare to have your mind blown. At only 10 years old Jesse is a world kickboxing champion, and already has 117 martial arts titles to her name (seriously impressive!). So please keep reading and prepare to be completely amazed. Ready? Ok, let’s go!!!


Jesse made a huge impact on the world when she competed on the reality T.V. show ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ in early 2015. She ended up placing 8th in the competition, but definitely became a fan favorite throughout her time on the show. A few days ago a YouTube video of Jesse competing at the 2015 World Championship Kickboxing tournament surfaced on YouTube, and once again we got to see how awesome she is. Jesse did some really cool routines with a sword that you just HAVE to check out in the video below. Needless to say this isn’t the last time that Jesse will amaze us with her martial arts skills. With a future of endless possibilities one thing is for certain, you definitely don’t want to mess with this girl.





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YouTube Wednesday: Mixed Makeup…your newest YouTube addiction

Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘YouTube Wednesday’ we are going to discuss an awesome YouTube channel that I couldn’t wait to share with y’all. I recently starting watching an AMAZING new YouTube channel called Mixed Makeup that launched on May 1st of this year, and is definitely going to become a channel that you will all be VERY familiar with soon. Mixed Makeup was co-founded by Susan Yara (whose résumé includes: beauty reporting and video producing for ‘People’ and ‘New Beauty’ magazine, ‘TotalBeauty.com’, and ‘PopSugarTV.com’. The channel features numerous fun and knowledgeable beauty/fashion/DIY (Do It Yourself Projects) experts, who you will become completely obsessed with. So if you like beauty, fashion, home décor, and DIYs, then please allow me to introduce you to the channel that you will spend ALL your free time watching.


The first video that we are going to discuss is the ‘DIY Painted Ombre Side Table’ video (#PrettyLittleProjects featuring Caitlin and Caitlin Design Co.), which is the first video in the ‘#PrettyLittleProjects’ series, which was uploaded on May 1st, 2014. This video shows how to take any piece of furniture, and repaint it to create a really cool pink ombre look, that is the perfect finishing touch to spice up any room. I really like this video because it not only shows you exactly how to complete the DIY (the video shows how to sand the furniture, paint, etc., but it does this in a way that is concise, and entertaining. Caitlin and Caitlin (both of the hosts of this series have the same first name), are really entertaining, funny, and able to make you feel like you’re doing a project with one of your friends. I also really loved that they pick ombre instead of just pink, because I feel like this tutorial will make your furniture have a cool flair and stand out more than the colors you can buy from the store. I am REALLY excited to try out all of their DIYs, and after you watch their videos, you will be too. Next up we’re going to talk about the ‘How To Get Radiant Skin with Catt Sadler’ video (, which is a video in ‘The CattWalk’ series, and was uploaded on June 19th, 2014. Many of you may recognize Catt Sadler form her work as an on-camera correspondent on ‘E! News’, ‘Live from the Red Carpet’ coverage for E!, and various other shows and specials on E!. I was really excited to see that she had a series on ‘Mixed Makeup’, because if you’ve ever watched any of Catt’s work, then you know that she is incredibly knowledgeable, witty, and very fun to watch. In this tutorial Catt and makeup artist Maria Vargas show you how to achieve a flawless makeup look, that will give off the appearance of radiant, well-rested skin. I really enjoyed that this is an achievable look, that isn’t very difficult for the average viewer to replicate. A lot of the products used in the video are projects that most viewers either already own, or are at your fav makeup store (so now you know what to ask Santa to get you for Christmas).


Next up we have the ‘5 Minute Full Body Workout: Bear Squat, Plank, Spiderman, Bear Reach’ video, which is a part of the ‘Best Body Anywhere with The Studio (MDR)’ (5 Minute Full Body Power Workout: Bear Squat, Plank, Spiderman, Bear Reach | Best Body Anywhere), which was uploaded on August 6th, 2014. I thought that this was a great video to discuss with y’all because turkey day is approaching very quickly. Now let’s be honest…nobody diets on Thanksgiving, it’s just wrong (oh you know you sneak another slice of pie when no one is watching…its ok, #noshame). So if you eat 2 times your body weight over the holiday season, but still want to fit into all those cute clothes that you will buy on Black Friday, then these ideas are perfect for you. I love that all of the videos are high impact workouts that you can literally do during the commercial breaks while you’re watching your favorite TV show (or will you’re watching our newest BFF Catt on E! News). I mean c’mon, no matter how many times we say we’re “too busy” to work out, you can spend 5 minute of your Netflix time to work out…then eat pizza while tweeting during your ‘Pretty Little liars’ marathon (because 5 minutes of working out works off 5 slices of pizza right? Dare to dream people of the internet). But seriously, I really like that these videos are perfect for someone with a buy work/school schedule, who also wants to get a small workout in, or doesn’t want to go to a gym every day. The last video that we’re going to discuss is one of my favorite YouTube videos ever, because I feel like the concept is so cool and unique. This video entitled ‘Old Hollywood Black and White Makeup Tutorial of Merle Oberon’ (Old Hollywood Black and White Makeup Tutorial of Merle Oberon | Troy Jensen Iconic Makeover) was uploaded on October 10th, 2014. This tutorial shows the process that celebrity makeup artist and photographer goes through in order to give Susan Yara a look inspired by 1920s/1930s inspired by ‘Wuthering Heights’ actress Merle Oberon. I really loved this video because it shows you how to achieve a very authentic  “classic Hollywood” look, that will help you achieve some AWESOME black & white selfies. This look is also perfect as part of a Halloween costume, and will definitely give you a very cool and unique costume that isn’t impossible to achieve (so you don’t have to cut holes in a sheet like Charlie Brown…not that I’ve ever done that…). I honestly cannot talk enough about how beautiful and elegant this look is, it will honestly make you feel like a part of Hollywood royalty (and you will be the queen of the selfies if you upload a picture of this look on Instagram!).


Keep up to date with Mixed Makeup:

YouTube: Mixed Makeup

Website: Mixed Makeup | Beauty, Makeup, Fashion, DIY and More

Twitter: Mixed Makeup (@mixedmakeup) | Twitter

Instagram: mixedmakeup on Instagram

Facebook: Mixed Makeup

Google +: Mixed Makeup – Google+



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YouTube Wednesday: Danielle Marie…beauty, fashion, health…the guru with all the answers

Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘YouTube Wednesday’, we are going to discuss a beauty/fashion/health guru/blogger/and vlogger, who is about to take the internet by storm. At the tender age of 15, this young budding internet sensation has: 46,336 subscribers (2,235,296 views) on YouTube, 4,724 Twitter followers, and 20,000 followers on Instagram. With such an impressive internet presence, I’m sure y’all are all already familiar with her, but if not, please allow me the pleasure of introducing you to Danielle Marie (people of the internet, you may now clap!). This kind of internet presence is something many businesses dream of; with help from a Stafford SEO Company, their websites can gain additional traction and online traffic. If you haven’t already heard of Danielle Marie (or even if you love her), please read on!


Danielle was born on September 25th, 1998 in Florida. She uploaded her first YouTube video (that is currently available on her channel) on April 29th, 2011. The video featured Danielle’s younger brother Freddie, who smelled different perfume/body spray scents, and gave his opinion ( check out the video hereàA Guy’s Opinion on Your Scent). The video was really funny and it was cool to see the close relationship between Danielle and Freddie. I thought that this was an excellent introduction video to Danielle’s channel, because it showed how natural, and charismatic she is in front of a camera. The next video on Danielle’s channel that we are going to discuss is her hair straightening tutorial video. The video entitled ‘How To: Sleek Straight Hair’ (please click here for the videoàHow To: Sleek Straight Hair), was very well done, and definitely showed how skillful Danielle is with hairstyling. Now even thought you may think that you know how to straighten you hair, trust me…you DON’T. Not only does Danielle show you how to properly straighten you hair, but she also shows you how to use the flat iron to make your hair look more blown back (it looks AMAZING!). So I would HIGHLY recommend this tutorial for all of you beauty hair lovers out there. Next up, we are going to talk about Danielle’s ‘Brace Face’ video (located right hereàBRACE FACE – YouTube), I really loved this video because it truly showed how confident Danielle is, and how close she is to her fans. I absolutely love it when YouTubers allow their fans to get to know them on a personal level, because it makes a viewer feel as if they are actually close friends with their favorite web star (honestly, I have so many YouTubers who are my BFFs but they just don’t know it yet…oh you know you have a YouTube BFF in your head, but that person has no clue you’re besties yet…exactly, that’s why you are my people. Internet high five!


Another video that Danielle did that I absolutely love is her ‘Favorite Summer Read’ (click here! Click here! à? Favorite Summer Reads!! ?) video . Personally I’m a HUGE book nerd so I loved discovering new books through her video. Don’t worry if you’re not a huge reader, because these books are not like the ones you have to read in school. The books Danielle recommended are about romance, friendship, and the adventures that come along with summer. I’ve read some of the books from one of the authors that she mentioned (I haven’t read the book that was mentioned in the video, but it sounds really interesting), so if you are bored this summer, or want to go on an adventure from the comfort of your home, then definitely check out these books! Next up is Danielle’s ‘NYC/IMATS 2014’ (which stands for the International Makeup Artists Trade Show) haul. In this video, Danielle talked about the items that she purchased at IMATS, and various other stores in NYC. If you’re a fan of hauls (just for the record I LOVE hauls…just so y’all know), you should DEFINTELAY check out this one. Because c’mon, what’s better than cool fashion, and learning about products you never knew existed? Answer. There is nothing better. So click hereàNYC/IMATS HAUL 2014 – Clothes, Makeup, More!! – YouTube and prepare to want to spend all of your money on every item! (your wallet might be sad, but you’re closet and makeup bag will be SO happy with you. The last video we are going to discuss is Danielle’s ‘EASY Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle! Food, Staying Fit and Stress Free’ video (video hereàEASY Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle! – Food, Staying Fit & Stress Free) . In this video, she discusses various healthy snacks that you can try (and even a service that sends you a box of healthy snacks to try), how to mentally relax and clear your mind, and some fun ways to stay in shape. I really loved all of Danielle’s suggestions, because they were affordable for just about any budget, and flexible enough to fit in the busiest schedule. When I’m busy I often don’t “find” time to eat right and/or exercise like I should, but I think Danielle made some excellent suggestions that I will definitely be trying. All in all, I really love how diverse Danielle’s videos are, how much fun she is to watch, and how she speaks and engages her audience in a way that makes us feel as if we all know her. I also suggest that you all check out Danielle’s vlogs and blog 9which discuss the same types of topics that you find on her YouTube channel).


So now I know you want to go subscribe to Danielle, right? Yeah I thought so. I definitely suggest that everyone check out Danielle’s videos, because once you do, I promise that you will not be able to leave her page. Equipped with a fun, bubbly personality, interesting video topics, and a vast knowledge of all things beauty, fashion, and health related, it’s quite obvious that Danielle is on the path to becoming a HUGE name in fashion and beauty. Make sure you subscribe, and follow all of her social media accounts, so you don’t miss a single second of this young guru’s rise to fame.


Keep up with Danielle here:

YouTube: Themakeupbydanielle

YouTube Vlog Channel: Danielle Without The Makeup

Twitter: Danielle Marie (TheMakeupByD) on Twitter

Instagram: danyellymarie on Instagram

Tumblr: floridagirlwithpearls

Facebook: themakeupbydanielle | Facebook

Blog: A Dash Of Danielle





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