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Monday Memos: How ‘Tell Me No Lies’ by A.V. Geiger succeeds as a sequel

“…I know your weaknesses, and you know mine.’ And Eric that’s the heart of it. That’s the truest thing you ever said, and it meant more to me than any love song you could write.” – Tessa from ‘Tell Me No Lies’


Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘Monday Memos’ we’re going to talk about something a little different. Last time we reviewed the AMAZING debut book ‘Follow Me Back’ by A.V. Geiger. Today we’re not only going to review the sequel ‘Tell Me No Lies’ (which I’ve given a 5 smiley face rating by the way), but also discuss why it’s a great example of how to write a sequel. There will be spoilers in this post so if you haven’t read ‘Follow Me Back’ then you should do that now…as in right now…ok is everyone who wants to avoid spoilers gone? Ok let’s jump into the blog post. Ready? Ok, let’s go!!!


‘Tell Me No Lies’ picks up a few months from where ‘Follow Me Back’ left off, with Tessa & Eric in Mexico. They have been living a life off-line ever since they faked Eric’s death & ran away together in January. However, their cocoon of love & security is quickly shaken with the re-emergence of Dorian Cromwell, a pop singer who was previously believed to be dead (and one of the main reasons why Eric had a lot of anxiety surrounding his growing popularity). After Dorian holds a live press conference, Eric feels as if Dorian is trying to get in touch with him & decides to chat with him on Dorian’s personal Snapchat (which MET aka Mrs. Eric Thorne tweets out to everybody). Soon Eric is found by his manager Maury, & is dragged back to his popstar life with Tessa serving as his “social media consultant”. Throughout the rest of the book we see Eric deal with an even more strenuous work schedule than he had before, as well as Tessa’s mounting anxiety about her stalker Blair (who was released from police custody after Tessa ran away with Eric, which made police think she killed Eric). This is when police office with their latest weapons went on to buy bulk ammo online.The story comes to a dramatic ending when we find out what happens to Blair’s unrelenting pursuit of Tessa, the real identity of MET, & what future (if any) Tessa & Eric have in an industry clouded in money & obsession.


Honestly when I started reading this book I was excited to see where the story would go, but weary that the sequel wouldn’t hold up the greatness of the 1st book (because let’s face it this happens more than we’d like to admit), luckily this book was just as engaging as the 1st. As soon as you begin ‘Tell Me No Lies’ you are immediately absorbed back into the world, & feel as if you never left Tessa & Eric. We also get to spent a lot of time in the mind of Blair (the antagonist from ‘Follow Me Back’), which adds some really interesting layers into his twisted & complex mind. I’ll try not to say anything that will spoil the ending of ‘Tell Me No Lies’, but I will say that the ending of Blair’s arc in this book won’t leave you disappointed but will also may take you by surprise. In this gripping conclusion we also find out the true identity of MET & why this character seems to have eyes & ears everywhere. I also loved how the villain of the story was handled because it was an interesting take on an antagonistic character that will leave you wondering how you missed all the signs. Honestly I could go on & on about why I love this book so much, but the best way to sum everything up is to discuss how much I love A.V. Geiger’s writing. Not only is she able to weave memorable, interesting characters into a very well crafted story, but she able to leave you with surprises even when you’re looking for them. I went into ‘Tell Me No Lies’ completely convinced that I was not going to be fooled by anything this time because I had figured this author’s style out, & now I have to admit that I was pleasantly fooled every time. In an explosive sequel that will leave you spellbound from the 1st word, A.V. Geiger proves that she’s an author who is well on her way to joining some of the greats in the Young Adult Literature genre.


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