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Monday Memos: Top 5 shows to binge watch this winter break

Hello, people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘Monday Memos’ we’re going to talk about one of the past times that we all enjoy…binge-watching! Let’s face it, one of the big things we look for when we’re looking at cox internet plans, as well as all the providers in our area, is that the internet is going to be fast and reliable so we’re able to stream movies and TV shows. No-one wants to be waiting for something to buffer right in the middle of the most important part – it just ruins the tension and the drama of the moment. Whether you like Netflix, Hulu, DVDs, or if you have one of the best android boxes, you know that we love spending hours getting lost in our favorite shows. It really doesn’t matter what they are as long as they are binge worthy of course! You may also want to check out the DMG Facebook page to see if they have anything that you may wish to see!. So if you want to know what shows you should watch this winter please keep reading. Ready? Ok, let’s go!!!

5) Beverly Hills 90210 (Hulu):Beverly-Hills-90210-beverly-hills-90210-2630447-745-543

This classic 90s teen drama is definitely one that all music fans should check out (if you’re not already a fan of it) because this is the show that is given the credit of creating the teen drama genre that brought us other favorites such as Dawson’s Creek, Gossip Girl and so many others. If you think Rosewood has drama just wait until you see what happens in Beverly Hills.

star trek4) Star Trek (Netflix):

If you’re into sci-fi then I’m sure you’re already in love with this groundbreaking franchise, with a new highly anticipated movie coming out next year this is the perfect time to get familiar with Star Trek. This show has great, complex characters, incredible action, and because there have been A LOT of movies, spin-offs, and even an aminated show then you know that this is a franchise that knows what its’ viewers want to see.

3) Digimon/Yu-Gi-Oh (Netflix, Crunchyroll, Yugioh.com): digimon yugioh

I will admit that I am a big anime fan. I love watching the shows no matter how ridiculous they are. I’m even thinking about getting some chibi Nendoroid figures because I love cute collectibles like that. Whether you watched these shows as a kid, love anime, or just love amazing shows then you have to rewatch these shows this winter break. If you haven’t revisited the Digital World lately then you need to catch up before this franchise releases it’s newest movie next year (btw if you haven’t seen the 1st movie in the Digimon Adventure Tri series then you need to RIGHT NOW because it’s amazing). 2016 will also bring us a new movie that will follows the King of Games Yugi as he saves the world from evil…again (poor kid can’t get break). Even though we don’t know a lot about this new movie yet, we do know that it takes place 6 months after the original Yu-Gi-Oh manga ends so now is a good time to dust off your deck and getting ready to duel.

2) Pretty Little Liars (Netflix):

pretty little liarsOk if you’ve ever seen this show then you know that you have to binge watch this show at least every other season to keep up with everything that has happened. Last season we found out who “A” was and honestly were left with even more unanswered questions. When we visit Rosewood again in 2016 we will time jump 5 years in the future, so needless to say you may need a few days to catch up again on all the romance, drama, and suspense (I don’t know if my feels can handle this again y’all).

1) Gilmore Girls (Netflix):gilmore girls

Needless to say the internet went into a frenzy when we found out that we were going back to Stars Hollow. Gilmore Girls had drama, romance, amazing characters, witty writing, and basically made everyone want to move to a small town. If you’ve never seen Gilmore Girls then you are missing a VERY important part of TV history and you need to hop over to Netflix right now and check it out (c’mon you’re on there all day anyway so go on and check it out).

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YouTube Wednesday: MissInnerBeauty2…the beauty guru you will be addicted to this Spring


missinnerbeauty2Hello people of the Internet!!! On today’s ‘YouTube Wednesday’ we are going to discuss another AMAZING YouTuber that y’all will soon have to subscribe to!Who are we talking about? I’m glad you asked! If you haven’t heard of Hannah aka MissInnerBeauty2 then y’all need to jump on the bandwagon. Trust me you’ll love her! Hannah’s beauty/fashion/fitness tips & tricks will help you feel beautiful from the inside out by showing you that confidence is always in style. So now let’s move on to the videos. Ready? Ok, let’s go!

The first video that we’re going to talk about is Hannah’s ‘My Top 10 Spring Essentials’ video, which was uploaded on May 13th, 2013. Personally I love looking at a YouTuber’s first video because it not only shows how they have grown as YouTubers, but also as people. I thought that this was an AWESOME debut video because it showed that Hannah is knowledgeable about what she’s talking about, and also has a fun personality that jumps off the screen. This is also the perfect video for anyone who is new to the beauty world. Ok, the next video that we’re going to talk about is Hannah’s ‘Naked Pallets Comparison: 1,2,3 and Basics! Urban Decay’ video, which was uploaded on January 7th, 2014 (you can check out the video below). I thought that this was such a great at video for Hannah’s viewers, and it just really impressed me. If you’ve wanted to buy any of these pallets, but haven’t because you couldn’t decide which one you wanted and/or you didn’t want to spend the money to buy more than one of the pallets, then this is the video for you. Once again Hannah shows that she is a natural on camera, and really knows what her audience wants to see.


Next up we have another AMAZING Hannah video! This is a ‘Blair Waldorf Back To School Makeup + Hair Gossip Girl’ video, which was uploaded on July 15th, 2014 (you can check out the video below). Now I think that we can all admit that the characters on ‘Gossip Girl’ had the best style ever and Blair is definitely a HUGE fan favorite because of this very reason. Blair had the perfect mix of preppy and girly, and just seemed so perfectly put together, that we couldn’t help but wish we could all look that awesome every day. Hannah is able to perfectly replicate this character’s signature fashion and beauty style, which shows us that Hannah’s videos will just continue to amaze us. Now even though we could sit here all day and talk about all of Hannah’s videos (which trust me I would LOVE to do), I can’t keep y’all here all day, so let’s talk about our final Hannah video. Ok, the last video that we’re going to talk about is Hannah’s ‘FabFitFun First Impressions Unboxing’, video which was uploaded on April 11th, 2015. I thought that this was another really cool video, because this service delivers a box every season with beauty products/health products/and exercise products. I hadn’t heard of this specific service before so I thought that the company had a really interesting concept. I really loved how Hannah seemed very honest about her review of what was in the box, which definitely makes us love her even more. In this video Hannah shows that she is very comfortable in front of the camera, and is able to make you feel like you’re talking to one of your friends, which is definitely the sign of a YouTube star in the making.



Keep up with Hannah:

YouTube: MissInnerBeauty2

Twitter: Hannah (@MsInnerBeauty2) | Twitter

Tumblr: adancingimagination



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