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Monday Memos: 2015 Summer Lookbook

Hello people of the internet!!! In honor of the beginning of everyone’s favorite season (summer!), I thought that it would be fun to discuss our ‘2015 Summer Lookbook’. This time around we have 3 looks, with various expensive and inexpensive pieces that you can use throughout the season. No matter what your style is, or what you may be doing this summer, there should definitely be some pieces here that you can utilize. Before we start let’s hear a quick word from Olaf

I know that was cheesy, but I had to do it. Ready to move on to the lookbook? Ok, let’s go!


Boho Kendall & Kylie Fringe Tank Pac SunWhite Fringe Tank from ‘The Kendall & Kylie Collection’ at ‘Pac Sun’:
This is a really cute top that not only has a cool design that will make your top stand out, but also takes the classic crop top in an interesting direction by adding long fringe. This is a really cool piece that you can use with various outfits all summer long!
Pink High Waisted Destroyed Denim Shorts from Wet Seal:Boho High Waisted Destroyed Denim Shorts Wet Seal
What I really liked about these shorts is that their pink hue is a perfect summer color, and the distressed design makes them perfect to create a boho or edgy look. These shorts are a fun change from the classic “blue jean” look, so it’s an easy way to switch up your look a little.
Boho Daisy Aviator Sunglasses AeropostaleDaisy Aviator Sunglasses from Aeropostale:
I thought that these Aviators were the perfect accessory to add because they give the whole look a more chilled 70s vibe, and the daisies are a cool touch. Also, these glasses are inexpensive so if you wear them to a concert or festival, you wouldn’t have to worry if they get lost or broken.
Lace Up Peep Toe Booties from Forever 21:Boho Lace Up Peep Toe Booties Forever 21
I feel like these boots are definitely a bit of an unusual choice, but I thought that they gave the outfit a very cool vibe. Also this is another piece that you can use with multiple looks so it’s a win for sure.
Dressy Lace Circle Dress from H & MDressy Lace Circle Dress from H & M:
I’m so in love with this dress y’all, I just can’t! It’s the perfect length for just about any occasion, and it’s also very forgiving (because you know some times we need the help). I also thought that the lace gives the dress a very summer feel, but it can also be transitioned to fall, winter, and spring so you’ll get your money’s worth out of this piece.
Dressy Look Lace Up Gladiator Wedge Sandals from Forever 21:Dressy Look Lace Up Gladiator Wedge Sandals Forever 21
Right now EVERYONE is lovin Gladiator sandals and we can’t blame them! These shoes will definitely dress down this outfit a bit, and also give your feet a well deserved break. You can always replace these shoes with flats or heels if you need to for a certain occasion, but these sandals will definitely be your go to shoes this season.
Dressy Look COACH CORNER ZIP WRISTLET IN PRINTED CROSSGRAIN LEATHER from MacysCoach Corner Zip Wristlet in Printed Crossgrain Leather from Macy’s:
This is such a cool wristlet y’all I just can’t get over how much I completely love this thing. Honestly we all know Coach is expensive and not sometime that most of us fill our closets with, but if you’re going to invest in a Coach accessory I think that this is a pretty good way to go. A wristlet is cool because you can fit your important cards, your money, put your phone in your pocket and your good to go. I loved the colors on this piece, which is why impaired it with this dress, but honestly you could pair it with any
Gold Rhinestone with Fringe Statement Necklace from Icings:Dressy Look Taryn Gold with Rhinestone Square and Fringe Statement Necklace from Icing
This is a really pretty, inexpensive necklace that you can honestly reuse over and over all year. The best part is that it’s perfect for a more dressy outfit, small enough to dress up a casual outfit, and you also get a fun, summer feel from the piece with the fringe. I also saw a beautiful name necklace recently and I’m very tempted to buy it. Pretty much any gold necklace will look great with a summer outfit.
Casual Look Cancelled Dolphin Hem Graphic Tee Aeropostale from AeropostalePink Graphic Tee from ‘The Bethany Mota Collection’ at Aeropostale:
Now you know we all have those days when we just don’t wanna try (some of us have those days more than others), but just because we’re going casual, doesn’t mean we need to sacrifice looking cute. This t-shirt looks super comfy, and shorts with funny sayings always have a place in my heart (Right? Right!).
RVCA Lower Deck Soft Shorts from Pac Sun:
Now another trend that everyone is loving is soft shorts (if we can just get everyone on a sweatpants & flip-flops trend life would be perfect…one day people of the internet, it will be back). These shorts are honestly one of my fav trends because the shorts feel like wearing pajamas but are socially acceptable (WIN!!!). Besides being incredibly comfy, these particular shorts also have a cool pattern that you can match with a variety of tops.
Casual Look Converse All Star Ox from FootlockerConverse All Star Ox from Footlocker:
If we’re taking comfort, you don’t need to look any further than converse. These shoes have found a place in our hearts for sooo many years, and honestly we’ll always love them. I thought these were cool because they have an interesting metallic shine that just adds a little extra flair to the outfit.
Studded Floppy Hat from Charlotte Russe:Casual Look Studded Floppy Hat
Now if we’re really having a casual day then the hair might not exactly be runway ready, so you can either do a bun, a ponytail, or a fun hat. Once summer hits floppy hats are A MUST and I thought that this studded one was particularly awesome because…well…it’s studded and studded stuff automatically looks cooler (oh you know it’s true).




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YouTube Wednesday: Stephanie Carina…your newest YouTube bestie!!!

Hello people of the Internet! On today’s ‘YouTube Wednesday’, we’re going to talk about fashion/beauty/DIY guru Stephanie CarinaStephanie Carina. This rising YouTube star is quickly winning the hearts of fans worldwide, and has gained a loyal following of 94,597 subscribers (or besties as she likes to call them), and 1,391,821 total channel views. I am really excited to feature Stephanie this week, because her videos are super addicting! Once you watch Stephanie’s videos, her fun and bubbly personality will instantly make you feel as if you’re talking to your best friend (and the best part is this best friend has the GREATEST fashion, beauty, & DIY tips!). So now let’s get to the fun part…the videos! Ready? Let’s go!!!


The first video that we’re going to talk about is Stephanie’s ‘DIY Pumpkin Spice Milkshake | Starbucks Inspired!’ video, which was uploaded on October 9th, 2014 (check out the video below). This is traditionally more of a fall treat, but who doesn’t love the idea of having Pumpkin Spice milkshakes all year long. Stephanie gives very detailed step by step instructions that make these milkshakes easy to prepare. These milkshakes are perfect for a party, or relaxing while you watch your fav YouTube videos, so you should definitely try them out! Next up we have Stephanie’s ‘How to Pack Healthy Lunches for School or Work! Quick & Easy!’ video, which was uploaded on November 15th, 2014. If you’re freaking out because you’ve waited until now to get in shape then don’t worry because Stephanie has you covered! The recipes in this video are easy/quick to make, and will give you a break from your typical lunch. This video also features really cute lunch boxes that are designed to help you correctly portion your food (you gotta love it when staying healthy is easy).

Now we’re going  to talk about Stephanie’s ‘The Real Way to Fake Naturally Curly Hair WITHOUT HEAT!’ video, which was uploaded on March 26th, 2015. Ok let’s be real for a second. Spring/Summer is the perfect time to rock awesome curls, but it’s also the worst time of the year to use excessive heat on your hair. This videos shows you how to use an inexpensive product to make beautiful curls without any heat. It’s definitely worth checking out. The last video we’re going to discuss is Stephanie’s ‘Music Festival Inspired DIYs! Tumblr and Coachella Inspired!!!’ video, which was uploaded on April 12th, 2015. This is a MUST SEE video for all music festival junkies (or if you just like to look really cool). The various DIYs in this video are super easy to make, and look AMAZING! So check out the video below, and prepare to make all your friends jealous by how cool you look.


Keep up with everything Stephanie is doing:

YouTube: Stephanie Carina

Twitter: stephiecarina

Instagram: stephaniecarina



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