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YouTube Wednesday: Angry Grandpa’s house prank

angry grandpa

Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘YouTube Wednesday’ we’re going to talk about a recent YouTube video that we can’t stop watching. I know we often talk about how talented, funny, and creative YouTubers are, but sometimes we forget that they are regular people who just share their awesomeness with us. However, sometimes we get videos where our fav YouTubers discuss social issues with us, tell us about their fears/problems, and basically treat us like the BFFs that we all wish we were to them. If you love the popular YouTube channel ‘Angry Grandpa’ and/or videos that will make you cry then please keep reading. Ready? Ok, let’s go!!!


A few weeks ago the YouTuber ‘thekidwiththecamera’, who is the son and one of the masterminds behind ‘Angry Grandpa’, uploaded a “prank” video that will melt your heart. If you’ve never seen ‘Angry Grandpa’ before, it’s a YouTube channel where a man named Michael “Pickleboy” Green uploads his father (Charlie Green) reacting to current events, celebrities, and pranks that Pickleboy pulls on him. There are videos of Angry Grandpa pulling pranks on his son as well (disclaimer: The only video on this channel that I’ve seen is the one that I will post below, but some of the other videos do contain language that may be inappropriate/insulting to some people, so keep that in mind if you check them out). Anyway, in this video, Pickleboy, his girlfriend, and his father are looking at a house because Pickleboy has told his dad that he’s interested in buying it. The three go through the house, and after they get Angry Grandpa’s approval, Pickleboy tells him that he’s not buying the house for himself, he’s actually buying it for Angry Grandpa. The reaction to this is priceless and will definitely make you want to go and hug your loved ones (just round them all up in a big group hug…no it’s really not as weird as it sounds…moving on). Before this, Angry Grandpa lived in a trailer home, so that fact just breaks you heart even more (seriously I haven’t cried this much since I saw ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ and now YouTube has me crying again…anyways…). Personally I like seeing videos like this because it’s cool to see that there are so many good things in the world, check out the video below, but have some tissues on standby.




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YouTube Wednesday: ‘Robin’ by Joseph Arthur…a memoral to the iconic comedian/actor Robin Williams

Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘YouTube Wednesday’, we are going to discuss a recent tribute video that is currently gaining a lot of attention on YouTube. The video was uploaded by a musician named Joseph Arthur, and honors some of the work of iconic comedian/actor Robin Williams. I felt that this video was a beautiful tribute to a man who made us cry, laugh, and is a part of all of our individual stories. I’ve always found it really remarkable that you can go just about anywhere in the world, and you will find someone who has seen his work. This ability to touch the lives of so many is a gift, and undoubtedly proved just how special Robin Williams truly was. So please read on to learn a little bit about the video, the artist behind this powerful song, and of course please spread the video so we can give a little back to a man who gave us all so much.


The artist behind the emotionally gripping song ‘Robin’ is singer/songwriter Joseph Arthur, whose songs have been included on numerous high profiled Film and TV soundtracks such as: Shrek 2, The Bourne Identity, The OC, House, and many more. He is also an accomplished artist, whose co-collaboration on the artwork of his own 1999 EP ‘Vacancy’ was nominated for a Grammy for ‘Best Recording Package’. Joseph has worked as an entertainer for many years, and throughout this time, his work has been highly praised by various other artists and industry experts. I really found ‘Robin’ to be a moving and emotional song, which leaves you feeling sad that we no longer have the great Robin Williams around to make us laugh, but also thankful for the legacy he left. In the song and video, Joseph takes us through a trip down Robin William’s film reel, and we see clips from TV shows and Films such as: Mork & Mindy, Happy Days, Good Morning Vietnam, Mrs. Doubtfire, Good Will Hunting, Night at the Museum, and many more. The whole video will definitely make you cry, but will also leave you amazed at the wide range of work that Robin Williams did throughout his career. The video also shows clips of Robin William’s stand-up acts, and Late Night Show TV appearances. I think that the lyrics perfectly tell the story of a man who was brilliantly gifted, but unfortunately never free of his personal demons. Although the video has already gained quite a bit of attention on YouTube, I definitely feel that it deserves more, due to the great impact that Robin Williams had the lives of so many of the entertainers we have today, and on all of his fans. So please view and share the video (Joseph Arthur – Robin (A Tribute to Robin Williams 1951-2014) – YouTube ) so we can properly honor this great entertainer.


Ok, that video seriously makes me cry every time I see it. I feel that it is definitely able to put into words what Robin Williams meant to all of his fans. A lot has been said about how this great artist died, but I think that we should remember him for all the good he did while he was alive. Personally some of my favorite memories involve watching various Robin Williams films, and marveling at his seemingly effortless comedic genius. I feel that his art will certainly travel through time, and although he is gone, that inner light and sparkle that he gave the world will never diminish. So, in the words of Aladdin, “Genie, you’re free”. Thank You Mr. Williams, we will always miss you.


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