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YouTube Wednesday: Eclipses For Eyes, the band that will give your eyes and ears a jumpstart

Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘YouTube Wednesday’ I am going to introduce y’all to an AMAZING new band that you will be rocking out to ALL SUMMER (and fall, winter, spring…basically forever…but let’s continue). If you love awesome rock bands with cool female lead singers like Paramore, Flyleaf, etc., then you’ll love ‘Eclipses For Eyes’. This Tempe, AZ band consists of:  Lexi Salazar (Vocals),  Cameron Dartt (Guitar), Allen Zettel  ( Guitar), Dustin Yoes (Drums), and Alex Cardwell ( Bass). They are quickly gaining a fiercely loyal fan base, and will very soon become a staple in any of your music playlist. The band also recently won the 2014 Hot Topic Battle of The Bands, which was an online competition, in which fans voted for their favorite band (see I told you everyone loved this band!). So if you want to learn more about ‘Eclipses For Eyes’ (and you know that you do), please read on!


The first video that we’re going to discuss is ‘Eclipses For Eyes’ cover of Taylor Swift’s hit song ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ (located here à I Knew You Were Trouble Cover). I really love this cover for many reasons, first of all, Lexxi puts her AMAZING vocals center stage on this cover, and trust me her voice will blow you away. Another aspect of this rendition that makes it really unique, is the use of a violin. The violin adds a unique flair to the track, which shows that ‘Eclipses For Eyes’ is not just a cover band, but a band of artists. The band’s led singer Lacey also has her own YouTube page, where she posts covers, and vlogs. I really enjoyed her videos, because she covers a wide range of topics, such as how to be a vegan, updates for ‘Eclipses For Eyes’, and suicide awareness/prevention (which is a topic that is very near and dear to her heart. You can find out why by watching this video Suicide awareness/prevention story). I really love it when musicians allow their fans to get to know them on a personal level, because I feel like this just allows a fan to feel more like a friend to their favorite stars, which makes you love them even more.


The band also has numerous original songs on their YouTube page. The first original song that we’re going to discuss is called ‘Sharks’ (which is also the band’s first music video on their page, you can find it here à Eclipses For Eyes – Sharks [Official Music Video] – YouTube). ‘Sharks’ is a very high energy song that all rock fans will absolutely love! The track is completely addictive due to its energy and the very relatable lyrics that it contains. I have honestly had this song on repeat ever since I first heard it. The music video definitely does the song justice, and keeps the viewer engaged from start to finish. My favorite thing about this track is that it just gets better the more times you hear it, and it never feels played out. Next up, is the band’s song ‘Letters’ (the official music video for this track can be found here àEclipses For Eyes – “Letters” Official Music Video).  This is another infectious, high energy song that will bring out your inner rock star (and yes your mirror and hairbrush do think you’re awesome). I really like the drum beat on this track, because it reminds me of a marching/heart beat, which just adds a cool flair to the song. The music video was a lot of fun to watch, but my favorite part of ‘Eclipses For Eyes’ videos (and honestly their songs in general), is that you can tell that they are very passionate about their music. I love it when bands allow you to see how much their music means to them, and how connected they are to their work, because I feel that this just gives off a genuine and sincere vibe which makes you care more about the music.


So did you love them? Yes! See, I knew you would. Well trust me you’re not alone. ‘Eclipses For Eyes’ currently has 45,100 followers on Twitter, 4,085 ‘likes’ on Facebook, 1,641 followers on Instagram, 1,448 subscribers on YouTube, and 37,553 total views on YouTube. With this kind of fanbase backing them, and their own individual advance level of natural talent and artistry, I definitely see them going far. So if I were you, I would definitely check out their music, and connect with them on all of their social media websites now, so you can be ahead of the curve when ‘Eclipses For Eyes’ blows up (which they will do VERY soon).


Stay Connected with Eclipses For Eyes here:

YouTube: EclipsesForEyesTV

Facebook: Eclipses For Eyes | Facebook

Twitter: Eclipses For Eyes (EclipsesForEyes) on Twitter

Instagram: eclipsesforeyes on Instagram






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YouTube Wednesday: Rivers Monroe, the band that will soon take over your radio and IPod

Hello people of the internet!!! For today’s YouTube Wednesday blog, I will be introducing you too another AMAZING band (you may now clap….ok now shall we begin? Great!). I found out about this band after one of their members followed me on Twitter, and I have to say that I have been completely obsessed with their debut cd (which they are giving away for free on their website…I know how amazing is that)! So please allow me a few minute to tell y’all why Rivers Monroe will soon add a permanent spot on your IPod’s playlist.


According to their Facebook fan page, Rivers Monroe was founded in Philadelphia when friends Mat Rivers (a pianist/vocalist) and Mike Monroe (a guitarist/vocalist) decided to join forces and begin a band. The two musicians later added a guitarist named Doc, a bassist named Kirby, and a drummer named Dan. Once the lineup was completed, the future of this amazing band was set. Over the years, Rivers Monroe has been able to gather a loyal fanbase, which has led them to perform a national tour, which was sponsored by Coca-Cola, Sunoco, Cerwin-Vega, Motel 6, and other businesses. The band currently has 7,688 likes on Facebook, 23,364 followers on Twitter, 620 followers on Instagram, and 307 subscribers on YouTube. Needless to say, these guys have certainly used social media to spread the word about their music, which shows that they are not only great musicians, but also have a firm grip on the “business” end of the music business.


Rivers Monroe has also had the experience of playing shows with many established bands, such as: Paramore, All Time Low, Fun, Incubus, Phoenix, The Wonder Years, Passion Pit, Allstar Weekend, and numerous others. Just in case you’re not familiar with any of these bands (and if you are not, your homework this week is too search all of these bands on YouTube…after you read this blog and check out Rivers Monroe of course), many of these bands have had platinum selling albums, have won Grammys, and have been on the Vans Warped Tour. So needless to say, Rivers Monroe has performed alongside a very impressive group of musicians, this definitely speaks volumes towards the band’s talent and fan base. Now if you thought that this band couldn’t get any more impressive, prepare to have your mind blown away one more time, Rivers Monroe has also been a fixture on TV. They have been featured on the Verses Network, NASCAR Network, FOX Sports TV, Speed TV, and their music has been featured in the 2011 and 2014 NASCAR video games. I honestly don’t know how this band finds the time to be this awesome…but yet they do!


Now that you know enough information about Rivers Monroe to win a trivia contest, allow me to introduce you to the amazing music that this band makes. The overall sound of Rivers Monroe is pop-punk, with definite stylistic influences from amazing alternative rock bands such as Fall-Out Boy and We The Kings. Their music is very high energy, and perfect for spring break/summer road trips, or for just dancing around your house. Although the majority of their music is very high energy and fun, Rivers Monroe also knows how to write very moving ballads. This allows them to tap into another aspect of their musicianship, and the result is a small hint of blue-eyed soul infused rock, that demonstrates that these guys can not only rock, but also know how to write lyrics that will cut deep into your soul. I understand that we have now become a singles centric society (meaning that we have the ability to only buy single tracks off of an album), I personally still love having the ability to buy and enjoy an album in its’ entirely. With Rivers Monroe’s album, I am able to play the album from beginning to end, and I never have to skip a track due to boredom. Trust me, finding an album that you truly enjoy from beginning to end is rare these days, so when you find a band that can do this, you know that you’ve truly found a band that will one day completely control the radio airways. I HIGHLY recommend this band for music lovers everywhere, because even if you think that Rivers Monroe’s music will not be something you like, you will soon find yourself addicted to their catchy beats and infectious hooks.


Here’s how to stay connected with Rivers Monroe:

Website: Rivers Monroe

Facebook: Rivers Monroe | Facebook

Twitter: Rivers Monroe (RiversMonroe) on Twitter

Instagram: Instagram

YouTube: RIVERS MONROE – YouTube








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