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Monday Memos: Hannah Michaels, the new artist that will rule your fall playlists

Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘Monday Memos’ we are going to discuss an AMAZING new singer/songwriter that I know y’all will fall in love with. Remember the name Hannah Michaels, because she will soon become your fav new artist. With a very cool old school funk meets soul vibe, Hannah’s music is a breath of fresh air in the modern music scene. If you love artists such as Amy Winehouse and Ingrid Michaelson, then you will become OBSESSED with Hannah. With two well accomplished and prestigious writers behind her first single, this young artist is off to a great start, and I definitely think that her talent and artistry will allow her to become a staple on your radio VERY soon. So let’s jump into discuss Hannah’s debut single I’m Not Runnin (which you can see here I’m Not Runnin).


This single was co-written by Rachael Taylor (formally of the indie pop band ‘He Is We’), and Jay Vice (who co-wrote and produced Victoria Justice’s 2013 single ‘Gold’). Once I heard I’m Not Runnin, I instantly fell in love with it! This song is a really beautiful track about a girl who has always been lonely and “running “ from relationships, but now she is finally in a safe relationship that she doesn’t have to fear. I love that this song has an amazing message, and really catchy lyrics that you will be replaying constantly. Another thing that I love about this song is Hannah’s voice on the track. She has such a uniquely lovely voice that you are instantly intrigued, and can’t help but stay mesmerized from the first note to the last. I love the honesty in Hannah’s voice, which really shows that she is able to connect to what she’s singing, and make us believe it. Now let’s move on to the I’m Not Runnin music video ok? Ok!


I really like this video because it is beautifully shot, and really illustrates the message of the song. The locations ( a field in a forest and pier on a beach), really give the video a vibe of freedom, innocence, happiness and all of the great things that come with being young and in love. Hannah was also able to show through this video, that she is a natural in front of the camera (I mean honestly a lot of artists are awkward or not able to fully commit to the story behind their first music video). Once you start watching the video, Hannah is able to transport you into the story, and you forget that you’re watching a music video. I think that the best thing about the I’m Not Runnin video, is that it leaves you anxiously waiting for the next video and song Hannah will put out (and considering the fact that the video has almost 12,000 views and has only been out for 6 days as of November 14th I’m not the only one who feels this way).


So tell me people of the internet, after hearing I’m Not Runnin, you’re obsessed with Hannah right? I knew you would be! Honestly I am so excited about Hannah’s future in the music industry, because she has everything needed to become a star: talent, a high level of artistry, uniqueness, likability, a distinct tone to her voice that is easily distinguishable, and a killer debut single that instantly forces you to pay attention to her. So if you like staying ahead of music trends, then support Hannah’s music, keep up with her social media accounts, and jump on the bandwagon before she becomes a huge star (because trust me, she will).


Keep up with everything Hannah is doing:

Twitter: hannahmclifford

YouTube: Hannah Michaels

Facebook: OfficialHannahMichaels

Website: Hannah Michaels

Google +: Hannah Michaels – Videos – Google+


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