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YouTube Wednesday: TheGentlemansCove…the YouTube channel that will guide you through everything new in Men’s Fashion

Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘YouTube Wednesday’ we’re going to discuss an amazing YouTuber that y’all HAVE to checkthegentlemenscove out. If you’ve never heard of Jordan O’Brien (aka TheGentlemansCove) then get ready to meet your newest favorite fashion YouTuber. His channel will help all of y’all out there keep up to date with all of the latest fashion/hair/accessory trends. Whether you’re a guy who wants to fine tune your style, or looking for the perfect fashion related gift for the special guy in your life this holiday season then keep reading. Now let’s get to the videos. Ready? Ok, let’s go!!!


The first video that we’re going to talk about is Jordan’s ‘David Beckham H&M Inspired Hairstyle – How to style tutorial’, which was uploaded on November 18th, 2013 (you can check out the video below). If you want a cool new look then you’ll love this video. In the video Jordan explains step by step how to get this look, and tells you all of the products that you’ll need. With more than 1 million views, this video definitely proves that Jordan is the go to guy for all of your hair styling needs. Next up we’re going to talk about his ‘Back to School | Mens Fashion 2014 | Mens Fall Fashion’, which was uploaded on September 16th, 2014. If you want to revamp your wardrobe then this is the video for you. Whatever your personal style is you will find an outfit that’s perfect! In this video Jordan models the outfits, and tells you what each piece is and where to get it. Even though it’s a Back to School video, these are outfits that you can rock all year.

Next up we have Jordan’s ‘3 Things To Know About Cologne | Best Mens Fragrance’ video. This is the perfect video to check out now that the holiday season is upon us because it perfectly explains how to find the right cologne for any guy you may be shopping for. For instance, the guy you’re shopping for could like citrusy/woody smells, recommended for that could be Dior Sauvage Eau de Toilette, we all need help when buying for someone we haven’t properly bought for before! Jordan also talks about a very cool subscription service that you should check out if you or someone you know is always on the hunt for a great new fragrance. There were A LOT of incredible videos to choose from so I really had a hard time narrowing down this list. I highly suggest that you watch the other videos on this channel because there is a lot of cool stuff on it. The last video that we’re going to talk about is Jordan’s ‘How To Style Suits | Mens Fall/Winter Fashion 2015’, which was uploaded on November 17th, 2015 (you can check out this video below).This is another perfect holiday themed video, for anyone who is going to any Thanksgiving/Christmas themed events, or if you just want to add a little sophistication to your style. If dressing up isn’t your thing, there is a more casual suit look that is the perfect combination of style and comfort. In this video Jordan also tells us all about a subscription service that allows you to customize your own suit even down to the style of buttons on the jacket. How cool is that!?! This is a must see for all fashion fans out there!


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