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Monday Memos: Top 5 cartoons of the 90s that deserve a spin-off/continuation

Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘Monday Memos’ we are going to talk about something that I think we can all relate to. Now I know that you all remember getting up early on Saturday mornings and watching your favorite cartoons (this was probably the only time any of us ever voluntary woke up early). So with the recent trend of popular shows receiving spin-offs/continuations (such as ‘Digimon’, ‘Boy Meets World’, and ‘Full House’), I thought that this would be a good time to talk about a few cartoons that also deserve a spin-off/continuation. For the sake of time, I only chose 5 shows for this list (even though there are SOOO many more), so if y’all have any suggestions please comment below. Ok, are you ready? Let’s go!


5) DuckTales:

Ok honestly how could you not like this show? I mean it’s about the awesome adventures that Scrooge McDuck and his nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie (haha those names always crack me up) go on. This show is based off of the ‘Uncle Scrooge’ comics, and featured really awesome villains and additional characters such as Donald Duck. Now technically ‘DuckTails’ has already gotten two spin-offs (‘Darkwing Duck’ and ‘Quack Pack’), but these spin-offs featured some of the characters from ‘DuckTails’, not all of the characters. It’s also been 19 years since ‘Quack Pack’ (the last spin-off) aired, so I think it’s time for the ducks to return. I mean the ‘DuckTails’ theme song along should be enough proof of this show’s awesomeness.


4) Rocket Power

Ok now this is a show that I’m surprised hasn’t already gotten a spin-off. This show had an awesome mix of fun, life lessons, and kids doing awesome extreme sports. Anybody who watched ‘Rocket Power’ definitely wanted to be just like Otto and his friends (the characters on the show just in case you didn’t know). Another thing that really made this show awesome was the fact that we finally got a really cool female character in Reggie (Otto’s sister). Of course she dealt with boy/friend problems just like any girl, but she could also beat a lot of the guy characters on the show, and proved that being a tomboy can be very cool. Exciting adventures, cool characters, and awesome extreme sports, remind me again why this show hasn’t gotten a spin-off?


3) Hey Arnold!

Ok now you gotta love ‘Hey Arnold!’. What  I liked best about this show is that the characters were super relatable, and seemed like real kids so the plot lines of the show were believable. Whether you were cool like Gerald, slightly crazy but actually misunderstood like Helga, or completely average like Arnold, you found a character that could represent you on the show. Even though we love shows that have cool, crazy characters, in awesome situations, it definitely shows talent and courage for a network to make a show that’s just about regular kids dealing with regular life stuff. With not a lot of cartoons like this currently on air, it seems like the perfect time to shout out ‘Hey Arnold!’.


2) Animaniacs

Now this was a show that was wacky, fun, and a little weird at times, but honestly we loved every minute of it! This show was about three siblings named Yakko, Wakko, and Dot who were fictional 1930s cartoon stars, who were locked away in the Warner Bros. water tower until they escaped in the 1990s. Once the three escape they wreck havoc on the Warner Bros. lot. Yakko, Wakko, and Dot got into really hilarious situations by interacting with “studio employees” and other cartoon characters on the lot. What I liked most about this show is it had a cool mix of wacky humor, pop culture references, and more mature jokes that we probably didn’t get as kids. This show has had spin-offs but it was so unique that I think it deserves to entertain us again.


1) Recess

Lastly, but definitely not least, we have ‘Recess’ (aka the show about the BFFs you wished you had). This show was about a group of 6 fourth graders, who had adventures and dealt with life problems during everyone’s favorite time of the day…recess! The characters playground is a mini-world environment that has the stereotypical cliques, and a “government” complete with unwritten laws, and even a king. This was another show that had a wide range of characters that just about everyone could relate to. Whether you fit in more with T.J. the class clown, Spinelli the tomboy, Gretchen the nerd, or even Randall the snitch, you’ll definitely see yourself within this series. Even though ‘Recess’ had a few movies after the show ended, we only got to see the characters make it to the 5th grade. I say we need at least 1 more season so they can go to 6th grade, and then move on to middle school.



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Monday Memos: 6 things we want to see in Fuller House

6 things we want from fuller house

Hello people of the Internet!!! On today’s ‘Monday Memos’ we are going to discuss the revival of one of our fav sitcoms ‘Full House’. Now with this iconic show’s sequel ‘Fuller House’ making its’ way to Netflix next year, I thought that this would be a good time to discuss the ‘6 things we want to see from Fuller House’. Now the only characters that we’re going to talk about in this blog post are DJ (Candace Cameron Bure), Kimmy (Andrea Barber), Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin), uncle Jesse (John Stamos), DJ’s 12 year old son JD, DJ’s 7 year old son Max, and Kimmy’s teenage daughter Ramona (I don’t think that any of the names of the actors playing the kids in this show have been released, and there’s always the possibly that their characters’ name’s might change but this is the info we have so far). The rest of the original cast has not been officially added to ‘Fuller House’, so we’re just gonna work with the characters we know will be in the show at this point. If y’all have any suggestions please comment below! So are y’all ready? Ok, let’s go!


6) Ok, now this show’s plot revolves around DJ who is now a widow with 2 sons, and a baby on the way. She needs help dealing with life, so she asks her best friend Kimmy, and younger sister Stephanie to move in with her to help. We all know that in this scenario, the first thing we’re all going to ask is who did DJ marry? That leads us to another question, which is what happened to Steve (DJ’s boyfriend throughout most of her high school years)? So I think we’re left with 3 opinions here. Either DJ married Steve and he’s dead (which would break our hearts because these two were definitely some of our first OTP aka One True Pairing). Another choice is Steve could leave in/move to DJ’s neighborhood and try to be a friend to her during this hard time, and eventually maybe start pursing a relationship with her. Or, Steve could be married/divorced and come back into DJ’s life as a friend, and she wants to pursue a relationship with him but can’t.  No matter what they decide to do with Steve’s character, we definitely need some kind of closure.


5) Another thing that we need to find out is what career DJ chose to pursue. We know that Stephanie is a struggling musician, and I don’t think we know what career Kimmy chose yet (and honestly I couldn’t come up with one so I’m excited to see what happens). I don’t remember DJ having a lot of specific interests outside of writing, and doing school newspaper/yearbook editor type of stuff (if y’all remember more please let me know), so I thought that maybe DJ would be a good TV reporter. DJ was also very cool and a little daring so maybe she could be one of those reporters that goes around reporting on world events like wars, natural disasters, stuff like that. Maybe the show could even have DJ quit her job and start an independent record label with Stephanie (since she’s a musician), and we could see some cool Joey/Jesse type of comedy from the two sisters.


4) Ok, now I think we can all agree that Kimmy was a really fun character, so I’m excited to see what grown up Kimmy will be like. I think that one funny thing that the show could do, would be to have DJ’s kids (specifically her older son because he’s suppose to be the rebellious one), take advantage of Kimmy’s lack of intellect, by getting her to tell him about all of the “bad” stuff DJ and Kimmy did as kids. I think that this could produce some really funny situations, where the kids could use this knowledge for ideas, or ammo against their mom.


3) So far we don’t know anything about Kimmy’s daughter Ramona except her name, so I thought that it would be fun to think about what her character might be like. I think it would be fun if Ramona was a funny, comic relief type of character, but in a completely different way than Kimmy was. I think that it would be cool if Ramona was really smart and had a sarcastic, almost too mature for her age type of personality. This would really be the first time that this series had a character like this, so it could be a fun change.


2) it would be awesome if we had a storyline were DJs son JD gets arrested. Now hear me out for a minute. Full House had a lot of episode that dealt with the issues that kids face such as: peer pressure, drinking, smoking, dating, etc., so this could be an interesting step. I think it would be an interesting story, if JD got arrested for something smallish like shoplifting or very light vandalism, and we got a classic Danny Tanner speech from DJ. It would be a touchy subject, but I think that this show could handle it really well.


1) And of course we need to see an episode that talks about how DJ’s sons are affected by their Dad’s death. This would definitely be a more emotional episode than we’re used to from this franchise, but it would be a really good way to explain how JD (who is said to be very rebellious) and Max (who is said to be very neurotic) ended up the way they are. This would definitely be a very compelling story, which would definitely bring back the tone and writing that made Full House such a success.



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