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YouTube Wednesday: Natasha Bure, meet YouTube’s newest rising star

Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘YouTube Wednesday’ blog we are featuring Beauty Guru/Singer Natasha Bure. This young rising YouTube star has only been on YouTube for a short time, but has already proven that she is very knowledgeable about beauty, fashion, and how to capture the undivided attention of an audience. At the young age of 16, Natasha has shown through her videos that she is an intelligent, charismatic young entertainer who will very soon take the internet by storm. It’s easy to see where Natasha’s talent as an entertainer comes from, if you consider the fact that her mother is actress Candace Cameron Bure (who most know as DJ Tanner from the highly popular sitcom Full House). Trust me, once you see one of Natasha’s videos, you will instantly become a fan and will also want to see this young talent blossom into the next YouTube queen.

Natasha uploaded her first YouTube video on August 11th, 2014 Natasha Bure Official Youtube + All About It). This video was an introductory video that tells viewers what to except on the channel in the future. I decided to mention this video not only because it is the first one on the channel, but also because even in a video with such sole content, Natasha is able to show that she is funny, relatable, comfortable on camera, and most importantly, very fun to watch. The next video that we are going to discuss is Natasha’s ‘August Favorites’ video which she uploaded on August 21st, 2014 (August Favorites ). This video covered Natasha’s favorite beauty/skin products, movies, and miscellaneous products of the month. I really loved all of the products that Natasha mentions in her video, and I also loved the mixed between high end and inexpensive items that she had in the video, I definitely think that this makes the video appeal to a wider range of audience. In this video, Natasha also allows her bubbly personality to shine, and certainly will make everyone wish they could be her BFF (also, the mean girls reference was great…Glenn Coco would be so proud). The final video that we are going to discuss in this blog post, is Natasha’s ‘Back To School Style + What’s In My Backpack’ video which was uploaded on August 29th, 2014 (Back To School Style + What’s In My Backpack). I really thought that this video was perfect to showcase because back to school time is now upon us. I absolutely LOVED the outfits that Natasha showcased because they’re cute, stylish, perfect for a wide range of styles, and school/parent approved (got to keep those ATMs…I mean parents happy…just kidding, we love them). I also really loved how Natasha was able to show how back to school style can also extend to school supplies. She was able to show pieces that were both efficient and cute. You gotta love a girl who’s so stylish that she makes you want to even copy her school supplies style (and trust me you will want to).

Didn’t I say see was amazing? As I’m sure you can already tell, Natasha is on her way to become a top YouTuber. I think that what really sets Natasha apart from all of the other beauty/fashion gurus on YouTube, is the fact that she is not only knowledgeable about both topics, but she also has an incredible level of comfort in front of the camera. She also has the ability to quickly gain an audience, in fact in only a month on YouTube (as of September 10th, 2014); she already has 2,436 subscribers and 23,957 total channel views. I was awestruck when I found out about these numbers. I mean, some businesses find it hard to gain YouTube subscribers and comments and might have made use of some of the best sites to buy YouTube comments and views to promote their YouTube page. I don’t think Natasha has had any such service to help her. She also has over 72,000 followers on Instagram (which achieved in about 7 or 8 months), and 1,960 Twitter followers (which she accumulated in about 1 month). I find this truly amazing, especially seeing as some people can find it so hard to even reach this number in their lifetimes. If I’m honest, I thought the only way you could increase your Instagram followers was through a service similar to what Nitreo, (https://nitreo.com) can offer. Or so this is what my friend tells me. I’ve never tried it. This achievement just goes to show that you can reach thousands of followers on your own, but there is no harm in getting additional help along the way. So as you can see, Natasha is quickly becoming the internet’s biggest not so secret talent. I am very excited to see where Natasha goes from here. It will be fun to see just how high this young star rises.

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