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Monday Memos: The single word that changed a life

Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘Monday Memos’ we are going to talk about a story I read last week on Facebook that I just Bekah Georgy anorexia starbucks girlhad to share with y’all. Every day we are constantly bombarded with terrible, often unimaginable crimes that happen in the world. In fact, we have become a culture that in a lot of ways, has become a bit unaffected by disasters. We’re so used to hearing about how dangerous and terrible the world is that it can be difficult to imagine a world where people do nice things just because they want to be nice. As I previously said, I read a story last night about a Starbucks barista that performed a simple small action that really affected a woman. So now let’s get to the story.

On October 20th, 2015 a woman from New Hampshire named Bekah Georgy wrote a piece for themighty.com about a recent trip to Starbucks. Now, this may seem like the beginning of a really boring story, but I promise you it gets really good. In the piece, Bekah explains that she has suffered from Anorexia Nervosa. She explains that most days the most she can consume is coffee. This is incredibly saddening, and should never get to this extremity. There is many treatment program for adolescent girls suffering from anorexia or any eating disorder, to avoid Bekah’s situation, and to help yourself before your eating disorder gets worse. Bekah also suffers from anxiety and depression and has attempted to commit suicide 5 times. Then after some time she was able to overcome this condition with the help of cbd oil for anxiety and depression.

There are many different things Bekah could have done to try and combat her anxiety and depression – many people find CBD oil works well for them, for example. However, she may have been trying to cure her anorexia first, as this may have been the root of her anxiety and depression. She continues to explain in this post that she was having a particularly bad day, in which her suicidal thoughts were worsening, and she contemplated not even drinking the coffee that she had just bought from Starbucks. Then Bekah saw that the barista at the Starbucks had written the word ‘Smile!!’ on her cup. Bekah explained that this simple word helped her feel better about her day and stopped her from doing any harm to her body that day. I found this story to be really inspiring because we just don’t hear about these stories as often as we should. It really shows that ever little action we take has a more powerful reaction. I’ll link the article Bekah wrote below because I really think y’all should read it. This just shows that sometimes the biggest smiles, hide the deepest scars. Also, if you know someone who is suffering from something similar to this, you can find more information on how they can deal with it here for example.

Bekah’s article: What the Starbucks Barista Didn’t Know When She Wrote ‘Smile’ on My Coffee

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Monday Memos: Interview with singer/songwriter Meghann Wright

Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘Monday Memos’ we have a very cool interview with rising singer/songwriter Meghann Wright. In this y’all will learn a little more about Meghann’s music, which artists have influenced her, and what words of advice she has for all of YOU (If you haven’t read my first blog about Meghann, then check it out here ). So please enjoy the interview, and remember to purchase Meghann’s self-titled EP on ITunes.


Celinda: Hi Meghann, so to start things off, what/who initially sparked your interest in pursuing a career in music?

Meghann: Well, I grew up in a very musical family. My parents were always playing, singing or taking us to concerts. It just seemed like a natural part of life, like eating or sleeping.

Celinda: So was there a specific moment in your career when you knew that you
wanted to pursue music?

Meghann: When my band ‘Running With Karma’ broke up, I realized I wanted music to be
my career and that if I wanted to get anywhere I would have to pursue it
on my own and establish myself as a serious musician, not just a member of
a band.

Celinda: Numerous artists such as Frank Sinatra, Alicia Keys, and Jay-Z have
described New York as a city of great inspiration and influence in reguard
to their songwriting, how do you feel that living in New York has
influenced your music?

Meghann: I would not have been able to write any of the music I make now without
the experience of living in New York. It can beat you down, but it is also
magical because so many people of all walks of life come to New York to
make something of themselves. It’s fascinating and inspiring. It truly is
my adopted home. Whenever I return to NY from being away, the skyline
fills me with love.

Celinda: That is really interesting. So, I really love that your sound is influenced by a variety of genres and artists, however which artist/bands would you say have had the greatest
influence on your music?

Meghann: Tom Petty and Dolly Parton have influenced my songwriting style, but I have
drawn influence from everything from post emo indie rock to jazz.

Celinda: Those are really interesting influences, so who are some other artists/bands that have influenced your music that might surprise your fans?

Meghann: Well, I grew up playing saxophone and I think my melodic approach and vocal
timbre were influenced by that a lot.

Celinda: That is so cool! If you could go on a dream tour with any artists/bands, who would you want to
tour with?

Meghann: I would put together a crazy traveling festival like ‘The Good Times With
Bad People’ Tour I am currently on, and it would feature all of my friends’
bands regardless of their genre.

Celinda: That sounds like it would be such a tour. So where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Meghann: I hope to have a successful music career either writing, performing or
both. I could also see myself running a small indie label.

Celinda: Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview Meghann, lastly is there anything else you’d like to add for any of your fans who are reading this interview?

Meghann: Never give up on yourself, no matter what anyone says. You have to be your
own biggest cheerleader, fan, quarterback, and whatever other sports
metaphor you can come up with. People don’t believe in you till you
believe in yourself. As my friends the Green Gallows say, “keep your head
held high and stomp the beat.”

Keep up with Meghann!
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Monday Memos: How a YouTube video could help YOU change the world

Hello people of the internet on ‘Monday Memos’ we are going to discuss a YouTube video that as of 9/27/2014 has over 500,000 views (and it was uploaded on 9/8/2014, so that’s pretty impressive. This video was uploaded by a man named Prince EA, and is entitled ‘Why I Think This World Should End’ (here’s a link to the video Why I Think This World Should End – YouTube). Now before you jump to any conclusions, this is an inspiring, NOT DEPRESSING video (because honestly we go on the internet to get away from the depression life or situations can cause). If you’ve seen this video then you know why we have to talk about it, if you haven’t then please stay with me here, because you WILL want to know all about this video. And yes I know that YouTube videos are usually reserved for Wednesdays, but this blog goes beyond just talking about the video. Trust me you’ll love it (oh and if any of my former teachers see this post, I promise that I know that you aren’t suppose to start a sentence with and…just putting that out there in the universe). Ok on to the blog!!!


In this video Prince EA speaks about how the world has turned into a cruel, intolerant place, that just seems to be getting meaner and more negative as we become more technologically advanced. He included a really cool Robert Kennedy quote, that would be too long to include here, but basically says that even though not everyone will necessarily change the world on their own, if we all do small things to make a positive difference, then we can change the world together. When I saw this video I was instantly blown away because of how powerful and relatable this video is to our everyday lives. Honestly everyday people are bullied for the things that make them special and unique. Whether it’s how you act, what you enjoy doing, what you believe in, etc., you should and go have the right to be you. Unfortunately as technology and human curiosity has made the world a smaller and smaller place, meanness has also advanced. In the past few years, bullying and other tragedies in the world has gotten a lot of media attention. But if we stop and think about why, the answer is really sad. It seems that as more and more celebrities, young adults, teens, and get ready for it KIDS struggle with eating disorders, self-harm, suicide, and even murdering others, the topics of bullying, and the growth of unkindness in general begin to become more present in our lives. Now when I say “bullying” I don’t just mean hitting someone, or being mean to them in person or online every day. Even if you’re not targeting someone, you can still be a bully. How you ask? We’ll have you ever been mean or lashed out at someone because YOU were having a bad day? Well that mean word from you may be the 100th mean thing that person has heard that week or even that day. Eventually all this can make a person crack. Now even though having bad days or just being in a bad mood is natural, the best thing to do is talk to someone about it, because taking it out on someone else (whether you mean to or not) can just cause someone to hurt themselves, other people, or even you (I know I sound like a digital billboards d or something, but this is all true and VERY important). Recently Disney Channel has announced its’ ‘Choose Kindness’ campaign, where they will try to raise awareness of the effects of bullying through topics discussed on its’ shows, and most likely PSAs (which means public service announcements by its stars). The first two shows to take the lead in this campaign are the popular Disney shows ‘Girl Meets World’ and ‘Austin & Ally’ (which will show episodes where popular characters are bullied for being themselves, and their friends must help them deal work through it). I think that this is definitely a step in the right direction, because if we learn to be kind and positive at a young age, then maybe bullying will disappear or at least not be as bad and common as it is now.


As y’all can see, kindness is a little thing that can really make a big difference in the world (ok now I sound like a PBS special, but you get the point). If we could all just remember these world, “be kind to one another”, then I think that the world would be a happier place for everyone. BTW do you know what great philosopher said those words? Yes the one and only Ellen Degeneres (who said TV wasn’t educational!?!). So since we are a generation that loves challenges and tags, I challenge/tag all of you to share this video (and if you want to share the blog too, that would be awesome…just sayin’), and to also be kind to 1 person a day. Whether that’s a giving them a compliment, calling/texting a friend/family member just to see how they are doing, or just smiling at a random stranger. I promise doing something small for someone everyday may just make you day a little better ( I mean it can’t hurt right?). Just think about something real quick, some of our favorite YouTubers were bullied in school and turned to the internet for support. Now, they’re able to use their popularity and skills to help inspire others, and help them have a place to turn to when life gets just a little too hard. So if they can use kindness and positivity to help others, then why can’t you? I would like to thank Erica(aka Beautybabe149), for mentioning this video on her latest YouTube video about kindness. Without that video I don’t know if I would have found this AMAZING video, so please go check out her channel, subscribe, and if you want to learn more about her, I have a link to a blog post I featured her in here: YouTube Wednesday: Beautybabe149, the next YouTube beauty/fashion queen has arrived | celindareyesblog.


Keep in touch with Prince EA:

YouTube: Prince Ea – YouTube

Twitter: #ThereIsNoSpoon (@PrinceEa) | Twitter

Website: Welcome to Prince Ea’s official website

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SoundCloud: Prince Ea’s profile – Hear the world’s sounds

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