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YouTube Wednesday: Before You Exit, the amazing Pop/Rock band that has now arrived!!!

Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘YouTube Wednesday’ we are going to discuss a new band of brothers that is quickly taking over the radio waves and the hearts of millions of fans around the world. This band’s amazing musicianship and unique vocals has turned heads of some very important industry officials and has subsequently landed them on some very impressive tours. Who are we speaking of? None other than the INCREDIBLE band, Before You Exit. If you don’t already know who they are (which I can’t imagine is possible), then remember that name because this band is set to be the next big thing in Pop music. People of the internet please allow me to introduce you to Before You Exit.


Before You Exit is a Pop/Rock band from Orlando, Florida. The band was formed in 2007 by Connor McDonough, Braiden Wood and Thomas Silvers. A year after they formed, Before You Exit added Connor’s younger brother, Riley to the lineup. On August 12th, 2009, they self-released their debut EP, ‘A Short Story Long’. In 2010, Before You Exit opened on All Time Low’s ‘My Small Package’ Tour (which was the first major tour they were apart of). On March 4th, 2011 they released their next EP, ‘Letting Go’. In 2011 they played a few shows on All Time Low’s ‘The Dirty Work’ Tour, and also had their own mini headlining tour entitled ‘The Next Big Thing’ tour. In 2012, Before You Exit supported Allstar Weekend on their ‘All the Way’ Tour, alongside popular Pop/Rock bands Hollywood Ending and The After Party. Also in 2012 Toby McDonough (the youngest of the McDonough brothers) joined the band, which then changed the lineup to feature the three brothers, and included Braiden and Thomas for live performances. The band also did work to expand their global recognition by performing in Brazil at the NoCapricho Festival in 2012. The band’s 3rd independent EP ‘I Like That’ was released on February 4th, 2013. Also in 2013, the band was able to support ‘I Like That’ by touring with Action Item on their ‘Resolution’ Tour (alongside Paradise Fears and Hello Highway), Olly Murs on the North American leg of his ‘Right Place Right Time’ Tour, and Cody Simpson on his ‘Paradise’ Tour (alongside Ryan Beatty). The band continued to expand their international exposure by performing in the Philippine, Singapore, and Malaysia. On March 18th, Before You Exit began their headlining ‘Dangerous’ Tour, on the east coast on support of their latest single of the same name. In February of 2014, Braiden Wood announced through his official Tumblr page that he would be resigning from the band to pursue a career as a solo artist. On February 11th, the band announced that they were going to release an official music video for their track ‘Soldier’ from ‘I Like That’. The ‘Soldier’ video premiered on Radio Disney’s website the next day.


Along with their amazing original music,Before You Exit has also accumulated an impressive catalog of cover songs that truly show off the band’s musical range. The first cover we’re going to discuss is a cover of ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ by U.K. Pop band One Direction, and was uploaded on January 1st, 2012. One aspect of this cover that I really loved(One Direction – What Makes You Beautiful Cover by Before You Beautiful)  was that Before You Exit kept the song’s original pop vibe, but made the track a rendition instead of a replication by adding rock influences in their vocals. I loved how they were able to truly blend their foundations within the Pop and Rock genres to make a unique take on this popular song. One of my favorite Before You Exit covers is their take on the song ‘Some Nights’ (Fun. – Some Nights Cover by Before You Exit, originally by Grammy award winning Indie Pop band Fun), which was uploaded on August 4th, 2012. Again, I loved that Before You Exit kept their rendition close enough to the original, that fans of Fun would be happy, but also tweaked the track enough to show off their individual artistry. In their rendition, the band was able to show off their incredible harmonies, and proved just how meticulously they work in order to achieve the best sound possible. I also loved the cool drum break that the band added in the middle of the track, which added a cool flair to the song, and was also visually cool to watch. The final cover that we are going to discuss is the band’ stake on the heart wrenching ballad ‘All of Me’ by John Legend (John Legend – All of Me Cover by Before You Exitwhich was uploaded on April 22nd, 2014). I really loved how this cover allowed the band to demonstrate their soulfulness, and this added another layer to their versatility. This is definitely a really challenging song to sing, and due to the fact that the band handled this task so skillfully, speaks volumes about their natural talent and well-developed artistry.


Along with their impressive catalog of original and cover tracks, Before You Exit has also released several music interesting music videos. The first official music video that they released was to promote their single ‘I Like That’ (Before You Exit – I Like That (Official Music Video) which was released on May 30th, 2013), off of the EP of the same name. The ‘I Like That’ music video starred Disney Channel Stephanie Scott (from the hit show ‘Ant Farm’) as the band’s love interest. The video began with the guys in the band meeting a girl (Stephanie) in an amusement park on a pier. They then leave her arrows throughout the amusement park, so she can find them. She follows the arrows, and they wait for her, but when she arrived to where they were performing the band has already left, so the girl is left to walk away awkwardly. I really loved this video because the ending was unexpected and funny, which made it memorable, and the concept also went along with the upbeat, fun vibe I the song. It was a really interesting direction to go with the track (which is about “liking” the beautiful things about a person that they don’t necessarily see), and this risk definitely paid off. The next music video that Before You Exit released was to promote their track ‘Soldier’ (Before You Exit – Soldier (Official Music Video) which was released on February 12th, 2014). ‘Soldier’ tells the story of a teen girl whose parents fight due to her father’s alcoholism. The girl writes a letter to Before You Exit, one night her mom leaves. That night she runs from her room while her dad is in a rage, and he sees the letter on her desk, he reads it, and then realizes how what he and his wife are doing is affecting his daughter. The next morning the daughter comes back home after riding her skateboard all night, and the mom and dad hug her, while she cries. The video the ends with the girl riding her skateboard into the sunrise. I felt that the video was very emotionally charged, and perfectly illustrated the song’s message of being there for someone as their “soldier” in times of need. The latest music video that Before You Exit has released was to promote their latest single ‘Dangerous’ (Before You Exit – Dangerous (Official Music Video) this video was released on March 22nd, 2014). The video begins with the guys in Before You Exit getting arrested, and then cuts to a flashback to tell the story of how this occurred. The next shot begins by showing 3 girls who steal money from a safe, and then take the police on a chase. The girls stop the car, and then run out of it and hide. The guys in Before You Exit see the car and begin to look at it curiously. The police then arrive and arrest the guys. Throughout the video, there are also shots of the guys performing in a warehouse. This video once again kept the upbeat, fun, vibe that the song projects. I really enjoyed this video because the concept was unique, and unexpected, which made the video memorable. The song itself is a very unique track for the band, due to its’ jazzy, Rock n’ Roll infused Motown vibe, which is the perfect combination of old school Pop meets modern Rock.


So as you have probably already figured out, Before You Exit is a band  with talent, vision, dedication, artistry, and the potential to go as far in their career as they aspire to go. These guys have built an impressive touring resume, accumulated a great catalogue of catchy and emotionally driven songs, and have put out impressive, creative music videos that their fans love.  With all of this, It is truly not a matter of when Before You Exit will become huge stars, but rather how huge they will become.



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