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YouTube Wednesday: Sloan…The Female Otaku we all need in our lives

Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘YouTube Wednesday’ we’re going to discuss an AMAZING YouTuber who you will all be super obsessed with. Are you an otaku? Do you love anime? Are you always looking for interesting new YouTubers to obsess over? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you’re probably already subscribed to Sloan The Female Otaku, but just in case you’re not, please read on to find out exactly why you NEED to subscribe to her right now! Also, she’s a part of a very interesting podcast called ‘The Kotatsu’ with some other awesome YouTubers, so definitely go check that out too. Ready? Ok, let’s go!!!

The first video we’re going to talk about is Sloan’s ‘Top 10 Summer + Fall 2014′ video, which was released on November 18th, 2014. This is definitely a good “intro to Sloan” video because you instantly become mesmerized by her fun, quirky personality. Sloan’ quick wit will reel you in, but her deep knowledge of anime will definitely keep you hooked. Next up we have her ‘Ore Monogatari!! Epiosde 24 Finale Review’, which was uploaded on September 23rd, 2015. I chose this particular episode review because I’m a HUGE fan of this show (seriously watch this show, it will make your feels have all the feels!). Honestly, as much as we would all love to sit down and listen to an hour-long discussion about all of the great anime out there, who really has time for that. Right? Right! Well fear not people of the internet, Sloan has you covered! Her episodes reviews are detailed enough to make you want to watch the anime she’s reviewing, but concise enough to fit into your busy schedule of binging Netflix…I mean handling important adult business. Yeah, let’s go with that! Some anime fans and otakus may be interested more in the cosplay and merchandise side of it all so, perhaps if they’re looking for discussions about, reviews of, or places to buy something like a custom anime body pillow, they may need to do some more digging online to find the content they desire – but it is out there, so fear not!

Moving on, let’s discuss Sloan’s ‘Summer 2016 AMV’, which was uploaded on September 20th, 2016. Let me just say that I LOVED this video! It was such a cool idea to do an AMV as sort of seasonal wrap up video. 5 smiley faces on this one Sloan! I feel as if the art of the AMV got lost somewhere around 2010 and I for one miss it. Bravo Sloan! Seriously though that AMV is really well done so y’all should check it out! Lastly we’re going to talk about her ‘I MET joey the anime man (and Akidearest)’ video which was uploaded on February 15th, 2017 and is apart of her ‘Sloan Vlogs’ series. Now let’s just go ahead and admit it, we love it when YouTubers fangirl (or fanboy) over other YouTubers! It was so much fun to see Sloan freak out over possibly missing a chance to meet one of her favorite YouTubers, and then have a fangirl attack when she finally finds him. This video takes you on a true journey, and you’ll love every minute of it! It’s so cool to see that deep down Sloan is just abnormal crazy fangirl like the rest of us.


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