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YouTube Wednesday: LeadingLadyBeauty your new guide to all of the latest fashion/beauty trends on YouTube

Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘YouTube Wednesday’ we are going to talk about an AMAZING new leadingladybeautyYouTuber that that you will need to subscribe to right now. If you haven’t heard of rising YouTube star LeadingLadyBeauty, aka Jade, then you have to keep reading because you are seriously missing out. Jade’s vibrant and fun personality will entertain you from beginning to end, and her knowledge about all things fashion & beauty related will keep you anxiously awaiting her next video.

If you’ve been looking for a new guru to subscribe to, then I highly suggest you check out this channel. Now let’s get to the art you’ve been waiting for, let’s discuss 4 of Jade’s videos. Ready? Ok, let’s go!!!

The first video that we’re going to discuss is Jade’s ‘Spring Look Book – 2014’ video, which was uploaded on April 13th, 2014. I thought that this was the perfect video to kick things off with because it gives us a glimpse at what Jade’s personal style is like. This video also can give you A LOT of inspiration for cool spring time outfits, that will definitely get you more Instagram likes. If you’re looking to boost the popularity of your Instagram profile and would like to climb your way to the status of an ‘influencer’, learning how to buy Instagram likes might be a worthwhile endeavor. This video is very well done, and will definitely give you an idea of what’s to come. Next up we have her ‘Halloween Make Up Tutorial 2014’, which was uploaded on October 19th, 2014 (you can check out the video below).Now once October hits we see A LOT of Halloween makeup tutorials. Even though it’s really fun to play with makeup and hair and recreate our favorite TV/movie/book characters, sometimes we want to create a look that feels like “Halloween”, without fully committing to dressing up. In this video Jade shows us how o create a very cool grunge look, that will help you feel like your participating in Halloween without actually “dressing up”. Definitely a fun alternative if you’re looking for something different this Halloween,


Now let’s move on to Jade’s ‘How To Long Hair Routine’, which was uploaded on July 4th, 2015. This is a video that you’re going to want to add to your hair care playlists right now. One of the bad things about the weather changing, is that we have a larger chance of hair & skin damage, so you have to change up your routine a little to save yourself from weather hazards. I really loved this routine because Jade tells us exactly what we have to do in order to achieve this articular look, so if you want to change up your hair care routine, or you don’t have a routine, then this is the video for you. Ok, the final video that we’re going to talk about is Jade’s ‘Primark Haul Autumn 2015’, which was uploaded on October 4th, 2015 (you can check out the video below). Now y’all know that we have to include a haul, because haul’s are amazing! I thought that this was a good video to end this post with because in the 1st video that we talked about, we got to get a sense of what Jade’s style is, in this video we get to see how her style has evolved. Knowing this is really important, because it will make you feel more connected to Jade, and we all know that we love to feel like our fav YouTubers are our best friends. In this video we continue to see Jade’s natural on-camera talent, and the personality and knowledge about beauty/fashion, that will make you fall in love with her channel all over again. The growth that we see from the 1st video to this video, will definitely leave you excited for what’s to come on this channel.


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