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YouTube Wednesday: readbyzoe…the Booktube channel that your subscription box NEEDS!

Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘YouTube Wednesday’ we’re going to discuss an awesome new YouTube readbyzoechannel that every book lover will want to subscribe to right now (well finish reading this post and then go subscribe to the channel…ok? Ok). On this channel Zoe gives her viewers book recommendations, shows us book/bookmark hauls, and proves that she’s a fangirl just like the rest of us (so we can all obsess over our OTPs together yay!!!). So if you’re ready to release your inner nerd then let’s talk about some of the videos on this amazing channel. Ready? Ok, let’s go!!!


The first video that we’re going to talk about is Zoe’s ‘BOOK UNHAUL! [#1]’ video which was uploaded on June 28th, 2014 (you can check out this video below). Honestly this is one of the first book unhauls that I remember watching and I really like the concept of this type of video. Just in case you’re not familiar with this type of video, a book unhaul is when a BookTuber discusses books that they are going to get rid of because they did not enjoy the book, decided that they will probably never read the book, for various other reasons. These are really great videos to check out because you can get a person’s honest opinion about a book before spending money on it. After watching several videos on a BookTuber’s channel you usually get a good idea of what their personal tastes are, and if you have similar tastes then their opinion of a book will probably match your opinion. The next book that we’re going to talk about is Zoe’s ‘BOOKS I’M TAKING TO COLLEGE’ video, which was uploaded on August 22nd, 2014. Now as every book lover knows, if we could we would literally carry our book collections with us everywhere (and I realize that you can do that with e-books but that’s a different topic for a future blog post). If you are/will be living in an apartment or dorm room in the near future then this is an excellent video for you to check out because honestly it can be hard to leave books at home when you now you’ll be away from them for a while (ok we have to resist using #thestruggleisreal here…must resist…ok we obviously can’t because the struggle really is real).

Now we’re going to discuss Zoe’s ‘MY FICTIONAL BOYFRIENDS TAG’ video, which was uploaded on May 28th, 2015. Now we know we’re all fangirls/fanboys at heart, and because of this we honestly have a very deep emotional connection to our favorite book characters (and because of this so many ships are constantly set loose on the world). This is a really fun video that you will definitely have on replay, and a entertaining tag that you can play by yourself or with friends. The final video that we’re going to talk about is Zoe’s ‘BOOKS I WANT TO BE ADAPTED’ video, which was uploaded on December 30th, 2015 (you can check out the video below). If you love books (and you obviously really do if you’re still reading this post), then you know that you have a list of books that you think deserve a TV and/or film adaption. With the trend of so many of our fav books already getting adaptions, it is very likely that your favorite novel could get a small or big screen adaption some day. I highly recommend this video because Zoe gives a very interesting list that’s full of variety, so you’ll definitely find something you like on this list.


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YouTube Wednesday: abookutopia…the channel that is truly a utopia for all bookworms

Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘YouTube Wednesday’ we’re going to talk about an amazing channel that’s a little differentabookutopia than what we usually discuss. I think the coolest thing about YouTube that draws us all to it is that everyone is able to find interesting, entertaining people who share our interests and obsessions. Whether you love amazing covers, unique beauty/hair tutorials, hilarious comedians, or anything in between you’ll find the perfect channel to subscribe to. Today we’re going to talk about an incredible Booktube channel called abookutopia (which features a seriously entertaining self-proclaimed book-o-holic named Sasha) so if you love books and/or anything book related then you’re going to want to keep reading. Ready? Ok, let’s go!!!


The first video that we’re going to talk about is Sasha’s ‘Divergent Book Trailer’, which was uploaded on July 11th, 2013 (you check out this video below) is a really fun skit that all Divergent fans will love! Sasha does a great job of showing that not only is she very knowledgeable about this amazing book, but she also has the ability to instantly mesmerize her audience and keep us interested throughout the video. In a world where most people have a VERY short attention span (I mean honestly why do you think we love Vine so much), it’s interesting to find someone that makes you want to watch their videos and not worry about the length of the video. The next video that we’re going to talk about is Sasha’s ‘Interview with Melissa Landers!’, which was uploaded on May 28th, 2014. This is a really fun interview to watch because it is extremely well executed, and demonstrates Sasha’s natural on-camera charisma and fun-loving nature. She has a lot of other really interesting interview with various authors on her channel so I would definitely check them all out!


The next video that we’re going to talk about is Sasha’s ‘If You Like This…| BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS!’ video, which was uploaded on February 5th, 2015. If you are a HUGE book lover (c’mon you know everyone reading this blog post should have their hand up in the air right now…yes you too), then you’ll want to watch this video on replay. In this video Sasha picks a really interesting and diverse group of books, and not only tells you which books you should check out that are similar to these books, but also why they’re similar. The final video that we’re going to talk abut is Sasha’s ‘My Playster eBook Library Tour!’ video which was uploaded on December 7th, 2015 (you can check out this video below). In the past few years everything we enjoy has gone digital and mobile, from handheld/mobile video games, to our music, movies, and even books. Unfortunately sometimes we are just so busy that we may not have time to actually pick up a physical copy of a book and let our inner bookworm go wild. Luckily, e-books solve this problem by allowing us to take digital copies of our favorite books with us anywhere through the use of a phone, tablet, and other devices. In this video Sasha tells us all about the website playster.com, and goes through her personal Playster eBook library. if you want to check out a new site where you can find e-books, movies, music, and games, or if you just want recommendations on new books to check out, then this is the video for you!

Keep up with everything Sasha is doing (and reading here):

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Monday Memos: RawSpiceBar Review…the subscription service that will spice up your holiday season!!!

Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘Monday Memos’ we are going to talk about an AMAZING new product that y’all will be obsessed with this holidayRaw Spice Bar Pic 2 season. Once the holiday season begins we are bombarded with delicious food, but after a while you might feel that you’re growing tired of the same types of food. I was recently given the incredible opportunity to review a new spice subscription service called RawSpiceBar. RawSpiceBar is a service that sends you 3 regional species every month, includes recipes of dishes (which feed 4-6 people) that you can use each of the spices in, and tells you a brief history of the region that the spices originate from, all for a mere $6 per month (you can also get a prepaid subscription for 6 months for $36 or 1 year for $66 which means that with this option you get 1 month free, gotta love that!). The spices are all really awesome and the dishes that you can make with them are super delicious. If you love to cook new and exotic dishes, or if you just want to spice up your holiday menu this year then you NEED to subscribe to RawSpiceBar. Now I know that you want to hurry up and subscribe to Raw Spice Bar, but if you want to learn even more about these awesome spices then please keep reading! Ready? Ok, let’s go!!!


The spices that I will be reviewing today were from the features spices for the month of November, and were for Ethiopian dishes. The three spices that I received were Berbere, Ethiopian Mitmita, and Pumpkin Pie Spice. Berbere is spicy and smoky addition that really gives the food a rich flavor. Personally I am a huge fan of spicy food, so this is now one of my favorite spices. You can use this spice with various soups, meats, poultry, as a rub on roast chicken or vegetables, and stirred into oil and vinegar as an awesome new dip, so the possibilities for delicious new dishes with these spice are endless. Don’t worry if you’re not a big fan of spicy food, because Berbere is a little spicy, but not unbearable, and definitely brings out the flavor of the dish in a new and exciting way. Next up we have the Ethiopian Mitmita spice! Now this is a very hot and spicy addition to any dish, that will definitely require you to have a drink nearby. Although this spice is seriously hot, it really makes a great addition to any meat stews, grilled meats, or as a replacement for hot sauce. Like I’ve previously said, the Ethiopian Mitmita spice is really hot, but I would give it a try because you seriously have never had flavor explode onto your taste buds like this before. Lastly we’re going to talk about the Pumpkin Pie Spice. Now I know what you’re thinking how different can this Pumpkin Pie Spice be from every other Pumpkin Pie Spiced food I’m eating/drinking during this time of the year. well trust me when I say that you have NEVER had Pumpkin Pie Spice that was this good! The cinnamon in it will seriously make you feel like baking dozens of cookies, and the blend is sweet but not overly sweet so it’s perfect for coffee, tea, or any Raw Spice Bar Pic 1baked good you can think of. If you want to kick off the holiday season right, this is the spice to get you in the perfect mood.


To wrap everything up, all of these spices were seriously great and I give them all 5 smiley faces (because you know smiley faces are more fun than stars). If the spices for November were so amazing, I can’t wait to see what the next featured spices will be! If you want a unique culinary experience every month than this subscription is a must have for you, and it also makes a great gift for any chefs in the family. I never promote any products that I don’t follow believe in so trust me when I say that $6 a month is a small price to pay for these incredible spices. So subscribe to RawSpiceBar today and get ready to have all the bragging rights at any holiday party this year!



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Monday Memos: Crossley Hunter Album Review

Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘Monday Memos’ I am so excited to bring you a review for indie rock bandCrossley Hunter album cover Crossley Hunter’ self-titled album, which was produced and engineered by John Wozniak (Marcy Playground) and mixed by Mike Norberg (The Dying Arts) at Mushroom Studio in Toronto, Ontario, and drops August 28th, 2015. A few months ago I first introduced you to this AMAZING band (you can check out that piece here: Monday Memos: Crossley Hunter…the newest band on the rise that YOU need to know about). I was also fortunate enough to interview the band’s vocalist/guitarist Justin Hammond (which you can check out here:Interview with YOUR new fav band Crossley Hunter), which helped us learn about the band’s musical inspirations, how they prepare for live performances, advice the band has for aspiring musicians, and of course, what to expect from this album. Next up we’ll talk a little bit about each song, and then quickly recap why this is a CAN’T MISS album. Ready? Ok, let’s go!


1) Devil Smiling: The first song that we’re going to talk about is the band’s lead single Devil Smiling. I went into greater detail when I spoke about this song during my first piece about the band (located in this post’s intro). After listening to ‘Devil Smiling again, again, I still loved the song’s high energy, catchy lyrics, and overall infectious vibe. This is definitely a great introduction to what you’ll find on the rest of the album.


2) X Rays: If you love songs that you can turn up loud  while driving and completely rock out to, then X Rays is your song. This is another song with unforgettable lyrics that you’ll find yourself singing along to all day. There is also an UNBELIEVABLY amazing guitar solo about 2 minutes into the song that you will be OBSESSED with!


3) Heaven Sent: ‘Heaven Sent’ slows things down just a little bit, and allows you to really get caught up in the raw emotion that the lyrics portray, making it a very easy song to connect with. This is definitely one of those songs that you can listen to over and over again, and never get tired of.


4) Burning Bright: What you’ll love most about this song is the powerful vocals that cause you to be completely mesmerized by this song from start to finish. You have to love a song that instantly demands your attention, and keeps you glued to your headphones.


5) Down and Out: Down and Out is another song that shows that this album is serious about establishing Crossley Hunter as a band with it’s own distinct identity. This is also another great example of Crossley Hunter’s incredible talents as songwriters, and musicians, due to their ability to make a song that you can’t get out of your mind.


6) Bring Me Down: This phenomenal rock anthem is a MUST HAVE for all of your playlists. The song is not only full of energy, but also contains emotionally charged lyrics that are so breathtakingly sincere and heartfelt that you’ll HAVE to play this song on repeat for a few days.


7) Like They Used To: In this song we not only get to see the power of this band’s amazing vocals once again, but also the unique depth of Crossley Hunter’s artistry. It’s so amazing to hear an album that still holds strong more than midway through the album.


8) Stomp Clap Drink: ‘Stomp Clap Drink’ definitely has a bit of a different vibe than the first 7 songs on this album,  songs but stills has that special Crossley Hunter touch that we’ve grown to love. The addition of the album’s producer/engineer John Wozniak as a vocalist on this song is a fun surprise that fans will love. This song definitely shows that Crossley Hunter isn’t afraid to experiment with their sound, and will make you excited to see how they cultivate their sound for future projects.


9) Edge of Night: Just like the song that preceded it, ‘Edge of Night’ shows the band’s artistic growth, due to the inspiration of other genres that is utilized in this song. This definitely gives the band a more wide appeal and will attract fans that may normally fall out of the band’s demographic. A must hear song for music fans everywhere!


10) No Heart: No Heart is a ballad that has incredibly honest, heart wrenching (no pun intended) lyrics that will hit you hard, and definitely make you feel a large range of emotions. It’s one of those rare songs that not only holds your attention, but also makes you feel everything the writer is trying to convey.


11) Aphelion: Just like the first song on an album, the last song is incredibly important, because it definitely sets your thoughts on what the project is as a whole. Aphelion is another emotionally charged song with honest lyrics that hit you right in the heart, and fits in with the standard that Crossley Hunter has set for itself. The sound of the song is very reminiscent of classic 90s grunge, but once again has that special something that instantly makes it identifiable as a Crossley Hunter song. A perfect ending for this album!


To recap, Crossley Hunter’s self-titled album is an album I HIGHLY recommend that you all check out. It really establishes a unique identity for this band, and will instantly capture and keep your attention for the duration of the album. Although the album has a unified vibe that is present throughout the album, there are certainly some songs that will make you excited to see what Crossley Hunter will do with future projects. Lastly, don’t forget that the album drops August 28th, 2014!


Keep up with Crossley Hunter:

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Monday Memos: Interview with rising beauty/fashion YouTube star Charlotte Davis

Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘Monday Memos’ I am pleased to bring you an interview I recently had with the incredibly talented rising YouTube star Charlotte Davis. This interview was particularly fun for me, because I had originally written about Charlotte on her birthday in April, and we were now doing an interview the day before my birthday in October. I just thought that this was a really fun fact that y’all would enjoy. Through this interview, I really wanted y’all to get to know Charlotte better, and I definitely think that after reading it you will feel like you’re long lost BFFs. In this interview, you will learn all about why Charlotte decided to join YouTube, who she hopes to collaborate with someday, her other hidden talents and her connection to Daniel Radcliffe (yes Harry Potter, its true). So get ready to learn all about YOUR fav new YouTuber Charlotte Davis.


Celinda: Hi Charlotte! With this interview I really want to get to know you a little bit more, because when I was initially researching information about you, I couldn’t find a lot outside of your videos. So I wanted to get to know you a little better, a little about your back story and such so your viewers can feel like they’re BFFs with Charlotte. So, we often hear about people joining YouTube because of bullying, boredom, or to advance other careers like music, things of that nature, so why did you join YouTube.

Charlotte: I remember that I’ve always loved art, crafts, and making things. It was 2 years ago this Halloween, that I googled how to do some crazy, awesome Halloween makeup. I always thought that YouTube was for music videos and things like that. I really didn’t know about people having channels or anything like that. So I googled Halloween makeup and I came across Emma Pickles. I remember coming across her, and thinking that she’s just so talented. From that I saw the regular makeup videos, and I’ve always had an interest in makeup, but I’ve never felt that I was particularly good at it. I always said to my mom, “I don’t know what I should do”, and my mom would go “well, you’re good at talking”. So I would like to make my channel more chatty, but I guess it’s hard until somebody know you, that they’ll just want to listen to you talk. But watching Emma’s videos is really how I got into YouTube.


Celinda: So I think you already touched on my next question a little bit. My next question was about your interest in fashion and beauty. Were you the little girl growing up who always wanted to be a princess and wear cute sparkly things, or are fashion and beauty an interest you developed later in life?

Charlotte: Yeah I did. I have 3 brothers, so when I was born, my mom was so thankful. She just put me in dresses and I think that she just liked having a little best friend, but I remember loving clip-clops (the little glittery Cinderella like slippers). But from studying art, I always used to draw dresses. When it comes to fashion, I love looking at it, but I’m not really good at designing. But I’ve always taken an interest in trends. I also love shoes, bags, and scarves because they look the same every day, whether you’re having a good day or bad day. That’s why I always buy cool jewelry and accessories (after this when went on for about 10 minutes or so fangirling over YouTubers…it was awesome!).


Celinda: So do you have any specific goals that you hope to achieve through your YouTube channel in the future?

Charlotte: Yes. Ever since I was little, I’ve always wanted to be a television presenter, which is a little funny now because if I were to ever reach that goal, I don’t know if I would want it to be on television, or on YouTube. So I think it goes back to the whole thing of chatting, and listening to other people’s stories, and hearing what they’re about. So I would like to try presenting in some form, or being a part of something.


Celinda: I think you would be really good at that. I could definitely see you on television, YouTube, radio; honestly you could do it all. So I want to move on and talk about your blog site for a second. I was really excited when you launched it, because once I started reading it, your words and phrasing was just so animated that I felt like I felt like I get to travel with you and see the things you see. I particularly loved the post with all the desserts because it made me very hungry (here’s the link guys (Top Edinburgh Bites – Don’t go at all unless you go here . . . |Charlotte Davis Review| | ). So I was wondering if you had any plans to further your writing career, and maybe become an author or something in that realm?

Charlotte: Well, I was never very academic in school and that’s why the arts drew me in. But I’ve never had someone tell me my writing was animated so that’s really cool. I have to say that I’m not a very good reader, it’s definitely something that I’ve neglected, but listening to audible books have made me really interested in listening to stories.


Celinda: Well maybe you could be the next J.K. Rowling and write the next Harry Potter book that we all desperately want.

Charlotte: It’s funny because I actually worked in ‘Harry Potter World’ and there’s a lot of trivia that you miss form the books that people would always ask me about. I remember seeing Daniel Radcliffe from a distance back in the U.K. and all I wanted to scream was “I worked in Harry Potter World” (so according to the ‘6 Degrees of Separation’ theory, Charlotte knows Daniel Radcliffe through working at Harry Potter World, I know him through knowing Charlotte, and you all know him through knowing me…we’re just gonna pretend it counts ok? Ok!).


Celinda: So do you have any other talents outside of beauty. fashion, art, and writing?

Charlotte: I think looking back on it; I always thought that I wasn’t particularly good at art or makeup because you think “well there’s always someone better”. When I was 15 I started working for a florist, and I really developed that skill and now I work as a florist and it’s cool because it’s a skill that I can always go back to.


Celinda: So a little earlier in the interview we were discussing some of the YouTubers that you love (I didn’t include most of this part because we fangirled A LOT and it would have made the interview a lot longer). So I was wondering if there was any YouTuber that you could collaborate with who would it be and why?

Charlotte: I just really Essie Buttons because she’s geeky but also cool, and Bethany Mota looks like she puts so much effort into her videos, it’s just incredible. I also really love Tanya Burr. Ok, let’s talk about collaborations again. This might not count but I love Ellen DeGeneres! She’s just so cool and giving, I just love her. I also love Tyler Oakley; he’s taking over the world.


Celinda: You know who I think you should collaborate with one day? Jack and Finn. You guys could be like triplets, because you honestly remind me so much of them.

Charlotte: No one has ever told me that before. I remember when they first came about, they like hit the scene on a summer and it just went wild. But after Emma Pickles, those were the first people I watched after my little brother showed me their videos. I also really love FunForLouis and PrankvsPrank. So you can add them all to the list!


Celinda: What advice would you give to someone who wants to start a YouTube channel but are hesitant or afraid?

Charlotte: Ok, so stop thinking about it and do it. I spent a whole year thinking about it, and it’s just a waste of time because you get frustrated thinking “oh what can I do?”. Because you’re never going to get that perfect video. I’m not always 100% happy with my videos, but I have to remember that I’m still learning, and I’m not going to get loads of views straight away. You’re not gonna get the perfect video so don’t try to wait for that moment because it’s not gonna happen. What’s going to happen is that after a few years in, people like to see how you’re growing, so my advice is to just do it. Also make sure you put up something you don’t mind a future employer seeing, or anyone seeing n the future. So make sure that anything you put out there is something you’re proud of.


Celinda: Ok, the next thing I want to ask you is, what’s one thing you wish you would have known about YouTube before becoming a YouTuber?

Charlotte: How time-consuming it can be. I get really frustrated because I constantly having different backgrounds because I’m in the process of moving. I think that everyone is really hard on themselves, so that’s something that I didn’t realize that I would get so frustrated at. Because when you do watch YouTubers that already have great content, views, backgrounds, people asking them to talk about their products, you start to think that they live in this perfect world, but then you realize that it’s not always like that and you have to work really hard at it.


Celinda: So do you have anything else you’d like to tell you viewers/readers who may be reading this interview?

Charlotte: That’s a good question. If I ever get boring, uninteresting, or if my viewers would prefer different content…please tell me! Most importantly thank you for watching me in the first place.


Celinda: I want to thank you again for taking the time to do this interview with me Charlotte. Hopefully we can do this again sometime.

Charlotte: Thank you, it was lovely to meet you properly.


Stay up to date with everything Charlotte is doing:

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YouTube Wednesday: Charlotte Davis…the internet’s newest BFF

Hello people of the internet!!! Before we jump into today’s blog, please allow me to mention a few names too you. Bethany Mota( macbarbie07), Weylie Hoang (ilikeweylie), Zoe Sugg (Zoella), Meghan Rienks (meaghanrosette), what do all of these names have in common? All of these young women are very successful beauty/fashion/lifestyle gurus who have obtained their large and loyal fanbase through showcasing their skills, wit, and bubbly/funny personality through their videos. Please allow me to now introduce you to the next young guru who will soon be joining these superstars of the web. People of the internet please give it up for Charlotte Davis (everybody clap!!!). I discovered Charlotte’s channel the other day through Twitter (thank you Twitter!), and I am so happy that I did. I have watched all of her videos, and I can honestly say that I am a HUGE fan! So without further ado, let’s go!!!


Charlotte Davis uploaded her 1st YouTube video (a spring beauty/fashion/homeware spring haul Spring Haul – Beauty, Fashion, Homeware | Charlotte Davis) on March 14th, 2014. I really love this video, because in it Charlotte really allows her personality to show. I really love to watch the first video that various YouTube creators upload, because they can often be awkward and shy, and it’s nice to see how these YouTubers grow over the years. However Charlotte’s video was very different than your typical ‘first beauty guru video’. In this haul, Charlotte is confident, witty, and seems to have a natural charisma for on camera work. The one thing that I really look for in YouTube personalities (gurus, musicians, vloggers, etc.) is relatability, because if you don’t feel like you can relate to a YouTuber, then you really won’t enjoy their videos no matter how good they are at what they specialize in. While I was watching her haul video, I felt as if I was skyping with Charlotte, and we were having a conversation (don’t worry I didn’t respond to my computer screen…I promise I didn’t). She really made me feel as if we were BFFS, and this is definitely a characteristic that will help her quickly earn a loyal fanbase that will help take her far. Needless to say I was very impressed. Moving on, another video that Charlotte has uploaded that I really enjoyed was her ‘Minnie Mouse French Bow’ tutorial (Easy Minnie Mouse French Bow | Hair Tutorial | Charlotte Davis). In this video, Charlotte takes her audiences through the step by step process of creating a really cool hairstyle that looks like Minnie Mouse’s iconic bow. This is definitely one of my favorite new videos, because it makes achieving the look seem very simple (depending on how good you are with styling hair, if you’re like me…you may want to practice a bit). I feel that this video truly shows how skilled Charlotte is with styling hair, and makes me excited for any future hair tutorials she does. I was most impressed by the fact that she did the first part of the look (a French braid with her back to the camera, her head upside down, and no mirror (yeah…that takes some serious skill y’all).


One thing that I really love about Charlotte’s channel thus far is how diverse her videos are. So far she has reviews, haul videos, a ‘favorites’ video, a baking video. The baking video was an Easter themed vlog that taught us how to make ‘Cream Egg Brownies’ (Cream Egg Brownies | Charlotte Davis | Easter 2014). Again, Charlotte really allowed her personality to shine through this video. I really loved that she read the recipe as she filmed the video, and didn’t edit out any bloopers or funny moments. This really made her video feel natural, and made her even more relatable because she looked like a typical girl baking. By the end of this video I feel that Charlotte accomplish three main things: 1) she further proved that she’s a really fun person to watch on camera, 2)she can not only give out great fashion/beauty advice, but she can make too, and 3) she made me really want to try that recipe…seriously I was really hungry after watching this video.  The finial video that I’m going to discuss with y’all in this blog is Charlotte’s ‘Graze Unboxing Review’  (Graze is a company that provides various healthy snacks that are packaged perfectly for those who are always on the go Graze Unboxing Review | Charlotte Davis | Easter – YouTube). What I really love about this review, is that she tries out the products for the first time on video. Because of this, you get her honest reactions to the snacks, which I feel better validates her opinions. I also love that Charlotte is very honest in her review of the snacks. She speaks about how she loves certain snacks, and why she doesn’t like other snacks. I know that sometimes you can wonder if reviewers are paid to say good things about products they don’t really like, so it’s nice to know when you are receiving an honest opinion.


So as you can see…Charlotte’s awesome! She has definitely quickly become one of my favorite new YouTubers, and I am SO excited to see her channel grow. I can definitely see big things in Charlotte’s future, and I know that she will join the YouTube elite very soon. I honestly had a really hard time choosing which videos to write about for this blog post because I love all of Charlotte’s videos, and wanted to talk about them all. I HIGHLY suggest checking out Charlotte’s videos, following/subscribing to all of her social media accounts, and spreading the word about her channel…trust me you’ll be happy you did!


Keep in touch with Charlotte:

YouTube: Charlotte Davis

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Davis3Charlotte

Instagram: charlottedaviscouk on Instagram

Pinterest: charlotte davis on Pinterest





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Monday Memos: Movie Review of ‘Grace Unplugged’…drama, heart, music…this movie has it all!!!

Hello people of the internet, on today’s ‘Monday Memos’ we are going to talk about an AMAZING new movie that I recently saw called ‘Grace Unplugged’. This movie has drama, romance, great acting, and phenomenal music. It is inspiring and a film that will charm audiences of all ages (however there are scenes that involve drinking in the film, so parents should be careful when showing this film to young children). I truly believe that this is a film that the whole family can sit down and watch on a weekend nighttogether. ‘Grace Unplugged’ will make you cry, it will make you sing, but most importantly it will make you think. So without further ado, here is my review of ‘Grace Unplugged. Spoiler Alert! The next few paragraphs are a summary of the movie, so if you don’t want to know how it ends, please skip to the last paragraph. Enjoy!!!


‘Grace Unplugged’ tells the story of an 18 year old musician named Grace Trey (AJ Michalka). Grace’s father Johnny Trey (James Denton) was a one-hit wonder who found God after becoming entrenched in extreme alcohol consumption, and the various other pitfalls of stardom. After changing his ways, Johnny devotes his life to playing music for God, and installs this believe in Grace. From a very young age, Grace begins singing, and playing the piano and guitar. Eventually, Grace begins to play in her father’s band, and they travel all over the United States performing and ministering at various churches.  The movie begins in Birmingham, AL where the Trey family has been living for 3 years. Although Grace and her father have always played together, they often argue about how the music should be arranged. Johnny wants the music to be played the way he wrote it, and Grace wants the opportunity to come up with her own ideas and style. This difference in opinions begins to cause a deep rift in and Grace’s relationship, which causes to become more protective over Grace and Grace, becomes more rebellious by lying to her parents more often. One day, Johnny’s former manager Frank “Mossy” Mostin comes to town, and informs Johnny that a major record label wants to sign him after his old hit ‘Misunderstood’ goes viral. Johnny declines the offer, so Grace records her own version of the song and sends it to Mossy. She then runs away from home, and goes to Los Angeles to take meetings with Mossy.


Mossy tells her that the record label that wanted to sign Johnny is interested in her, but they want her to record and shoot a video for ‘Misunderstood’ in order to see how the track does before they possibly do more for her. When Johnny and his wife find out that Grace has run away, they become very upset, and Johnny tries in vain to talk Mossy into convincing Grace to come home. Not long after Grace arrives in Los Angeles, Mossy sets up a gig for her, and Grace finds out that the head of the record label will hear her perform. Grace is very nervous to perform in front of her first “bar crowd”, but once she begins to perform, she becomes very comfortable and the crowd goes crazy for her. After the show is over, Grace finds out that Johnny came to the show, and he tries to convince her to come home by questioning her motives for doing what she’s doing. Grace refuses to go home and Johnny goes home heartbroken. Shortly after the gig, Mossy takes Grace to a party with the label head and some of his team, and Grace feels pressured to drink champagne, so she does. Mossy then gives Grace an advance that the label has provided, and she buys herself a car. The label’s team continues to try to change Grace’s image little by little, and Grace begins to give into the temptation of drinking socially with them. One day when Gracie returns to her apartment form the grocery store, she finds the door unlocked, and is startled when she meets Quentin (the label’s image consultant’s intern). Soon after, Mossy tips off a popular magazine to the fact that Grace is going on a date with a famous TV star named Jay. Grace begins to slowly fall in love with Jay, and is further charmed when she receives flowers from Jay in the middle of an interview. Grace continues to go on dates with Jay, and becomes drunk on one of the dates. Jay tries to take her home, but she refuses because of her beliefs, and goes home to her apartment.


A few days later, Grace gets a surprise when her idol Renae Taylor who is on the same record label) shows up at Grace’s music video shoot. Renae and Grace begin to speak about Jay, and Grace is heartbroken when Renae tells her that everyone in Hollywood uses each other to get ahead, and don’t necessarily have any romantic interest in each other. The next day, Grace has drinks with Jay, and discovers that Mossy set the whole thing up, and Jay’s only interest in her is to get publicity. Grace confronts Mossy, but Mossy tells her that she needs to get over it and work on an original song that she is suppose to present to the label. Grace (who has never written a song), feels an overwhelming amount of pressure to write the song, and she copes with this by drinking excessively. Grace overhears some of the label employees talking about her in the restroom, and she has a confrontation with Mossy over the fact that she couldn’t write an original song. Grace’s drinking escalates, until Quentin goes to her apartment, and invites her over to his home to have dinner with his family. When Grace arrives at Quentin’s home, she finds that Quentin’s family is very religious, and Quentin actually found God when Grace and her father played at the church that Quentin’s family attends. Back in Alabama, Johnny views Grace’s music video online, and becomes stricken with grief because he never allowed Grace to develop as an artist and a person. Grace then embarks on a radio tour, and Mossy informs her that due to the fact that her single is doing so well, the label wants to make an album for her. Mossy gives her a song to learn on the road, and she discovers that one of her stops is Birmingham. Quentin sends Grace a care package which contains a book that Quentin said helped him find God. When Grace arrives in Birmingham, she plays a song with her dad in her dressing room, and they both begin to regret how strained their relationship is.


When Grace returns to Los Angeles, Grace tells Mossy that she does not want to sing the song that he picked out because its’ lyrics contain a message that she doesn’t believe in. Mossy tells her that she has to sing the song, because she was just named as the opening act for Renae Taylor. Grace talks about her problem with Quentin, and he asks her why she wants to be an entertainer (just as Johnny did after her first gig in Los Angeles). The next day, Mossy and Grace’s band are waiting for her in the recording studio to record the new single however; she leaves a note telling Mossy that she’s going home, so Mossy uses another girl that he’s recently signed. Grace goes home to Birmingham, and asks her parents and her congregation for forgiveness for the wrongs she has committed. Grace plays a song she has written (which is the first song she has ever written), and her dad embraces her with open arms. Two years later, Grace is engaged to Quentin, and she and Johnny perform as special guests at a Chris Tomlin (a real-life Christian artist show. The movie ends with Grace receiving the opportunity to share her music with the world, performing with her dad, and strengthening her relationship with God.


Hello again! So now that you know what Grace Unplugged is about, I’m sure that you’re ready to go get the DVD right? Well if you still need convincing, please allow me to explain why I loved the film. First of all, I really love the character of Grace, although she made a lot of mistakes that had me yelling at my computer “girl what’s wrong with you! C’mon Grace think!!!” I do like that she’s willing to take chances to achieve her dreams. I also love the emotional journey that Grace goes on throughout the movie, as she attempts to discover who she is, what her relationship with her parents and God is, and what she will risk for her dreams. I felt that AJ Michalka (who you may know from the duo Aly & AJ, the movie ‘Secretariat’, cameos in other films and TV shows, or the duo 78Violet) did an amazing job bring Grace to life, and causing the audience to fall in love with her. I honestly thought that all of the various other actors and actresses were cast very well, but the casting directors did a particular good job casting James Denton (who you may know from TV shows various TV shows, particularly Desperate Housewives, and various film) to star as Grace’s father Johnny. The relationship between Johnny and Grace was pivotal to the film, so it was nice to see two thespians that were able to connect so well, and really make you believe that they were father and daughter. Lastly, I really loved that the film was not overly cliché and did not hide the truths about the dangers of stardom. We often hear about celebrity disaster stories, but we don’t often stop to think how these stories begin. In the movie, Grace’s drinking becomes a problem for her, although it begins very innocently. Grace also made a lot of mistakes that she later had to apologize for, but was eventually able to make her dreams come true. This is the type of movie that will leave you feeling inspired, and will warm you heart. I give it 5 smiley faces (oh c’mon, you know that smiley faces are more fun than stars!). I definitely recommend this cinematic gem to EVERYONE!!!






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