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Monday Memos: Crossley Hunter Album Review

Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘Monday Memos’ I am so excited to bring you a review for indie rock bandCrossley Hunter album cover Crossley Hunter’ self-titled album, which was produced and engineered by John Wozniak (Marcy Playground) and mixed by Mike Norberg (The Dying Arts) at Mushroom Studio in Toronto, Ontario, and drops August 28th, 2015. A few months ago I first introduced you to this AMAZING band (you can check out that piece here: Monday Memos: Crossley Hunter…the newest band on the rise that YOU need to know about). I was also fortunate enough to interview the band’s vocalist/guitarist Justin Hammond (which you can check out here:Interview with YOUR new fav band Crossley Hunter), which helped us learn about the band’s musical inspirations, how they prepare for live performances, advice the band has for aspiring musicians, and of course, what to expect from this album. Next up we’ll talk a little bit about each song, and then quickly recap why this is a CAN’T MISS album. Ready? Ok, let’s go!


1) Devil Smiling: The first song that we’re going to talk about is the band’s lead single Devil Smiling. I went into greater detail when I spoke about this song during my first piece about the band (located in this post’s intro). After listening to ‘Devil Smiling again, again, I still loved the song’s high energy, catchy lyrics, and overall infectious vibe. This is definitely a great introduction to what you’ll find on the rest of the album.


2) X Rays: If you love songs that you can turn up loud  while driving and completely rock out to, then X Rays is your song. This is another song with unforgettable lyrics that you’ll find yourself singing along to all day. There is also an UNBELIEVABLY amazing guitar solo about 2 minutes into the song that you will be OBSESSED with!


3) Heaven Sent: ‘Heaven Sent’ slows things down just a little bit, and allows you to really get caught up in the raw emotion that the lyrics portray, making it a very easy song to connect with. This is definitely one of those songs that you can listen to over and over again, and never get tired of.


4) Burning Bright: What you’ll love most about this song is the powerful vocals that cause you to be completely mesmerized by this song from start to finish. You have to love a song that instantly demands your attention, and keeps you glued to your headphones.


5) Down and Out: Down and Out is another song that shows that this album is serious about establishing Crossley Hunter as a band with it’s own distinct identity. This is also another great example of Crossley Hunter’s incredible talents as songwriters, and musicians, due to their ability to make a song that you can’t get out of your mind.


6) Bring Me Down: This phenomenal rock anthem is a MUST HAVE for all of your playlists. The song is not only full of energy, but also contains emotionally charged lyrics that are so breathtakingly sincere and heartfelt that you’ll HAVE to play this song on repeat for a few days.


7) Like They Used To: In this song we not only get to see the power of this band’s amazing vocals once again, but also the unique depth of Crossley Hunter’s artistry. It’s so amazing to hear an album that still holds strong more than midway through the album.


8) Stomp Clap Drink: ‘Stomp Clap Drink’ definitely has a bit of a different vibe than the first 7 songs on this album,  songs but stills has that special Crossley Hunter touch that we’ve grown to love. The addition of the album’s producer/engineer John Wozniak as a vocalist on this song is a fun surprise that fans will love. This song definitely shows that Crossley Hunter isn’t afraid to experiment with their sound, and will make you excited to see how they cultivate their sound for future projects.


9) Edge of Night: Just like the song that preceded it, ‘Edge of Night’ shows the band’s artistic growth, due to the inspiration of other genres that is utilized in this song. This definitely gives the band a more wide appeal and will attract fans that may normally fall out of the band’s demographic. A must hear song for music fans everywhere!


10) No Heart: No Heart is a ballad that has incredibly honest, heart wrenching (no pun intended) lyrics that will hit you hard, and definitely make you feel a large range of emotions. It’s one of those rare songs that not only holds your attention, but also makes you feel everything the writer is trying to convey.


11) Aphelion: Just like the first song on an album, the last song is incredibly important, because it definitely sets your thoughts on what the project is as a whole. Aphelion is another emotionally charged song with honest lyrics that hit you right in the heart, and fits in with the standard that Crossley Hunter has set for itself. The sound of the song is very reminiscent of classic 90s grunge, but once again has that special something that instantly makes it identifiable as a Crossley Hunter song. A perfect ending for this album!


To recap, Crossley Hunter’s self-titled album is an album I HIGHLY recommend that you all check out. It really establishes a unique identity for this band, and will instantly capture and keep your attention for the duration of the album. Although the album has a unified vibe that is present throughout the album, there are certainly some songs that will make you excited to see what Crossley Hunter will do with future projects. Lastly, don’t forget that the album drops August 28th, 2014!


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