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YouTube Wednesday: Merphy Napier…the BookTuber you need to subscribe to NOW!!!

Hello people of the internet!!!! On today’s ‘YouTube Wednesday’ we’re going to talk about an amazing new Booktuber that every book lover will be ADDICTED to!!! For about a year I’ve been watching a Booktuber named Merphy Napier, and during this time I’ve noticed that her channel has become better and better the longer I’ve watched it. Merphy has a natural ease in front of the camera, which allows the viewer to feel as if they’re having a discussion with one of their friends also, her video content is very diverse and interesting which allows her viewers to know that they won’t ever feel bored watching her channel. I know that Merphy will quickly become a very popular Booktuber, so I thought that now was a perfect time to discuss what her channel has to offer so that you can subscribe to her today. Also she is a self-published author so make sure you support her by checking out her debut book ‘Perfection’ on her website here: https://www.merphynapier.com/menu/. So now let’s get into the fun part of this post, talking about the videos. Ready? Ok, let’s go!!!


The first video that we’re going to talk about is Merphy’s ‘DISCUSSION: How Many Books Is Enough?’ video, which was uploaded on November 12, 2016. This is a very interesting video that quickly discusses the topic of competition in the BookTube community. Many people have posed the question of whether or not our need to read as many books as possible in a month is a consequence of book tracking websites such as Goodreads, or even BookTube itself. This expands into other questions such as: ‘Should you only read what’s new and popular in order to stay relevant in the community (which goes into another topic about buying new releases as soon as they come out)?’, and ‘Are you allowed to DNF (not finish) a book if you aren’t enjoying it?’. Honestly this is a very complicated and interesting topic that still floats around the BookTube community today. I think Merphy does an amazing job of discussing her point of view on this topic, which is basically that reading shouldn’t be a competition, it should be fun. The next video we’re going to discuss is her ‘Top Five Wednesdays: Unlikable Protagonists’ video, which was uploaded on June 20, 2017 (you can check out the video below). I found this to be a very fun video to watch because as much as we love gushing about our fav protagonists, we also love complaining about protagonists that we consider unlikable (I’m looking at you Bella Swan!). In this video Merphy discusses several popular Young Adult protagonists that are considered unlikable, and gives her opinions about why they may not be as bad as everyone thinks. It’s a very fun video to watch and a must see for all fans of the Young Adult genre.

Next up we have Merphy’s ‘Books I Never Should Have Read’ video, which was uploaded on September 7, 2017. I really love the topic of this video because at first you think it’s going to be a rant video about her least favorite books, but in reality it’s a video about how incorrect marketing can cause a book to suffer. In this video Merphy explains that if a book is not marketed to the correct audience then this can result in low-ratings, bad reviews, and the author being branded a “bad writer”. This video is a perfect example of how Merphy can take a serious topic and not only perfectly explain her point of view on the topic, but do so in a way that’s interesting and engaging to the viewer. The final video we’re going to discuss is her ‘Diverse Book Recommendations’ video, which was uploaded on May 19, 2018 (you can check out this video below). This has to be one of my personal all time favorite Merphy videos, because it discusses a very important topic not just in literature, but in media in general. Although we have seen a rise in books/movies/TV shows with diverse characters and situations, there is always room for even more diversity. In her video Merphy discusses underrated books that deal with: Physical Diversity, Racial Diversity, and Sexual Diversity. These books range from LGBTQ+ topics, to blind and deaf representation, and so much more. It is very exciting to see more Booktubers discussing diverse books/authors that aren’t always on the forefront of everyone’s minds, because this way you get to see a much wider range of experiences/perspectives which is what makes reading so amazing, and why we keep coming back story after story.


Keep up with everything Merphy is doing:


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Monday Memos: ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’ just gave you 1 more reason to watch Netflix

Thirteen Reasons WhyHello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘Monday Memos’ we’re going to talk about a new show that we’re all going to want to check out on Netflix. If you have ever read the novel ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’ by Jay Asher then prepared to get really excited! In 2011 Universal Pictures purchased the rights to make ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’ into a film starring Selena Gomez. On October 29th (of 2015) it was announced that this book would instead be made into a 13 episode miniseries that will be executive produced by Selena Gomez, her mother Mandy Teefey, and Kristel Laiblin (who has also served as a producer for films such as The Man with the Iron Fists, In Time, and Children of Men). I’m not 100% sure if Selena will still star as the lead character Hannah Baker, but I’m sure we’ll find out soon so I’m excited to find out. Personally I am a HUGE fan of this book, so I’m excited to see this miniseries. This is the latest book to get a film/TV release, following other Young Adult novels such as: Harry Potter, Twilight, The Hunger Games, The Divergent Trilogy, The Fault in our Stars, and the TV show Eye Candy, among many others. It’s really cool to see our favorite stories get a breath of fresh air by coming to life on the big and small screen, and I’m really excited to see which of our favorite novels will be added to this list next. So now let’s discuss the plot a little bit (and don’t worry there won’t be any huge spoilers).


The story revolves around the aftermath of the suicide of a high school girl named Hannah Baker. We follow the story through the eyes of a shy guy named Clay Jensen who is surprised to find a box of 7 cassette tapes from an anonymous person. He listens to the tapes and finds out that Hannah is narrating the tapes. On these tapes she explains that there are 12 people & 13 reasons that are responsible for her committing suicide. She says that each of the 12 people must pass the tapes along to the next person, otherwise someone else will release a second set of the tapes to everyone at their school. This is definitely a really interesting story that will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions. The book ends with giving the audience a lot of really good life lessons, but do so in a very realistic non-preachy way. I am so excited that this book is getting more attention, and I am interested to see where Netflix takes this story.





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Monday Memos: The Fault In Our Stars…a star crossed love story with no faults

Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘Monday Memos’ we are going to discuss the topic that has been on everyone’s mind the past few months (drumroll!!!)…’The Fault In Our Stars’. Now I know that by now a lot of you have already read the book and/or have seen the movie. Am I right? Good, glad we’re on the same page! One thing that I’m sure that we’ve all noticed, is that a lot of popular young adult fiction books have been converted into movies and TV shows (Divergent, The Hunger Games, Pretty Little Liars, Twilight, Harry Potter…which I’m not sure is technically “young adult fiction” but he’s 11 in the first book so let’s go with it). Ever since this trend has emerged, book and movie lovers of several of these franchises have debated whether or not “the book or the movie is better”. Personally I’m usually a fan of the books and movies in a franchise but I know not everyone agrees (it’s ok if you disagree with me, we’re still besties. Ok? Yay!). So if you have read ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ and are unsure about whether or not you will like the movie version of the story, then read on and I will discuss with you the reasons why you will love the novel and movie versions of this story. I’m going to talk a little bit about the basic plot of the story, but not too many spoilers I promise.


The main plot of this story revolves around a teenage girl named Hazel, who has cancer and lungs that do not properly work on their own. Hazel is a very witty girl who tries to make jokes about her disease, but the fact that she has been sick for 3 years is starting to take a toll on her. One day in her cancer support group, she meets a boy named Augustus (Gus), and then EVERYTHING changes. I’m not going to tell y’all what else happens, because you’re going to want to see the movie. The story also includes appearances from Hazel and Gus’ friend Isaac (who also has cancer but I’m not going to tell you what kind…just remember the word robot…it will make sense when you see the film). Hazel and Gus instantly bond after they meet, and go on adventures that teach them about friendship, love, hope, and the true concept of “forever”. I’m not going to tell y’all any more information about the plot line, because I don’t want to ruin the story, but trust me when so say that this is NOT just another teen love story (I promise EVERYONE will enjoy and relate to the movie and the book).


The next thing that I want to speak to y’all about is the incredible acting in this film. Shailene Woodley (who plays Hazel), really embodies the character, and is able to make you feel every emotion that Hazel encounters. Although we’ve become very familiar with Shailene’s work over the past few years ( ‘The Secret Life of the American Teenager’, ‘The Descendants’, ‘Divergent’, and numerous other projects), she shows just how much she is growing as an actress through her work in this film. Ansel Elgort (who plays Gus), shines equally as bright, in his first role as a leading man. Although Ansel has appeared in the films: ‘Carrie’ and ‘Divergent’, he really demonstrates what a great actor he is in ‘The Fault In Our Stars’. He’s able to take the charming and humorous character of Gus, and portray him on screen in a way that makes us really care about him. If you’ve read the book, then I know that you have a certain idea of what these characters are like, and I promise that Shailene and Ansel’s portrayals of Hazel and Gus will NOT disappoint you. If you fell in love with these characters in the novel, then you will fall in love with then all over again in the film.


So as y’all can see, this story made a very nice translation on to the silver screen. Personally the book and movie made me laugh and cry hysterically (thank you John Green for playing with my emotions). I truly believe that if you are a fan of the book, then you will LOVE the movie. Shailene and Ansel do an AMAZING job bringing Hazel and Gus to life, and cause you to fall even more in love with the characters (yes it’s possible…really it is). So if you’re worried that the movie will “ruin” the book for you, just stay calm, grab some popcorn, and remember that “[We’re] on a roller coaster that only goes up my friend” (if you’ve seen the movie or read the book then you know this quote, and yes I know that the word in the beginning of the quote is I’m, but there is no “I” here, we are in this together people of the internet).




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Monday Memos: Divergent Movie Review…Hollywood Hype or Oscar Gold?

Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘Monday Memos’, we are going to talk about the movie that is currently on everyone’s mind, Divergent! Although there is a tradition in Hollywood of making films inspired by popular books, this trend has become more prominent in the past few years. The current trend of shooting films inspired by popular young adult books began with the 2001 release of ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone’ (this was the title that was used in the U.S and a few other countries, but the original title of the book and movie was ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone). This film was given raved reviews from critics and fans, and would soon produce a phenomenon that would result in films, books, merchandise, amusement parks, and much more! This trend has continued with films such as ‘Twilight’, ‘The Hunger Games’, and now ‘Divergent’. Now if you’re a fan of the book, then you’ve probably already seen the movie but, if you are on the fence about whether or not you should see it then please read on!


Now before we talk about the movie, I thought that y’all might want to know a little about the book. ‘Divergent’ is the first in a three book series written by Veronica Roth. She wrote ‘Divergent’ during the winter break of her senior year of college, and the movie rights were secured before she graduated. The book received great reviews, and has quickly gained a fiercely loyal group of fans. Like the books that came before it, this novel has produced a line of merchandise, and has turned the actors in the movie into instant global superstars. Now let’s start talking about the movie! Just so you know, I will not give out nay spoilers in this blog post, I’m just going to touch on how interesting it is, is it worth spending money on, so don’t worry what actually happens in the movie will remain a mystery.


First of all, let me start by saying that I haven’t read any of the books in the series, so I walked into the theater completely oblivious about what to except or whether or not I would enjoy the story. I have seen some of the projects that various members of the cast has worked on, but I was still on the fence as to whether or not this movie was really going to be super interesting. After watching the film, I only have two words to describe ‘Divergent’ …it’s AMAZING! This sci-fi thriller is filled with non-stop action, and suspense. I love that the plot of the film is interesting from beginning to end, and leaves the viewer with a deep emotional connection with the film and its’ characters. The movie definitely sends you on a roller coaster ride of emotions, and at the end leaves you anxious for the next installment (seriously can that be released tomorrow or something…please…never hurts to ask right?!?). I’ve read that the film strays from the book and cuts out/adds certain events, but I think that diehard fans of the book will still love the movie because the film is certainly strong enough to stand on its’ own. In fact, one of the films greatest strengths is the performance of the lead actress Shailene Woodley, who was able to perfectly adapt to her character’s growth throughout the film, and proved that not only is she lead actress material, but she is also an Oscar worthy actress (she is definitely going to have A LOT of gold in her future). I also really loved the rest of the cast, I feel that they all portrayed their roles honestly and really made you feel every word of dialogue. Of course, I also loved the great chemistry between Shailene and Theo James (who plays her love interest in the movie), and I hope you all get used to seeing Theo on the big screen, because I think we will be seeing a lot of him in the future. It is a known fact that Theo beat out a lot of amazing, well-established actors for his role, and all I have say is Bravo ‘Divergent’ casting directors, great job!


Like I said earlier, I DO NOT want to spoil the movie for any of y’all (because trust me it is that good, but if you’re going to invest your money (or someone else’s money) in a movie this year, ‘Divergent’ should definitely be first on your list. I would not suggest waiting and buying the movie on DVD or renting it, because I think that the special effects can really only be fully experienced on the big screen (with very unhealthy yet delicious snacks, but that’s a topic for another blog). Anyway, to sum everything up…‘Divergent’ is a film for the young, the old, the sci-fi crazed, those who claim to hate sci-fi, fans of the book, and anyone who just “accidentally” goes into the theater. This is a good family film, date film, or event a good to take your grandma too if you’re trying to spend quality time (or if your just looking for a reason to put off that math homework). I definitely give ‘Divergent’ 5 smiley faces (I would give it stars but smiley faces are cooler).





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YouTube Wednesday: Lia Marie Johnson, The next comedy genius/music star you need to know about

Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘YouTube Wednesday’, we are going to discuss rising YouTube star and actress Lia Marie Johnson. She was born in Wahiawa, Hawaii in November of 1996. Lia began performing at a young age, after her family’s move to Virginia. During her time in Virginia, she was in several school plays and talent shows. A short time later, Lia and her family moved to California, and she posted her first YouTube video of herself singing ‘Ave Maria’ on June 8th, 2008 (which you can see here Ave Maria 2 – YouTube). Lia’s first YouTube video began to achieve some attention on YouTube, so she continued to post cover videos. On July 3rd, 2011, Lia released a music video for her song ‘One and Only’ on YouTube, and released the video to ITunes on July 5th, 2011, (here’s a link to the ‘‘One and Only’ music video: Lia – One and Only – YouTube). She continued to act in commercials and perform in numerous sketches such as in a ‘Twilight’ sketch which was posted on the popular Funny or Die website, as well as on the internet sketch comedy show ‘OMGTV!! Live’ (here’s a link to one of Lia’s sketches, so you can see how funny she is! I promise you’ll love it!!: Lia – OMGtv!!Live Sketch Comedy – YouTube).


She soon met fellow YouTubers Benny & Rafi Fine (also known as ‘The Fine Bros’ on YouTube), who hired her for one of their sketches entitled ‘Sarah Palin Family Meeting’. Lia has continued to work with The Fine Brothers on their ‘Kids React’ series (which is an online show that shows kids between the ages of 5 and 14 popular internet videos, and then the brothers ask the kids questions about the videos in order to get their opinions on pop culture figures, viral videos, and social/political issues…you can check out the fine brothers channel here: TheFineBros – YouTube).


Lia later went on to become a part of the cast another show created by The Fine Brothers, entitled ‘Teens React’, which shares the same format as ‘Kids React, but stars teenagers between the ages of 15 and 19 (Lia is currently still a part of this show). She also currently is a part of another Fine Brothers’ project called ‘My Music’, which is a mock reality show which depicts the day to day lives of employees at a fictional record label. Lia has also worked with various YouTube stars, such as Shane Dawson (who owns and operates one of the most subscribed channels in YouTube history) and Britney Louise Taylor. Due to Lia’s association with the Fine Brothers, and various other popular YouTubers, Lia was soon contacted by ‘AwesomnessTV’ (a YouTube channel that has videos about beauty, fashion, music, celebrity gossip, as well as a talk show and comedy sketches…I would definitely suggest that you check it out, because it is truly awesome, here’s the link: AwesomenessTV – YouTube…but remember, check out the link after you finish reading this blog, deal? Yay ok let’s continue then!).


She has been a part of numerous sketches for AwesomnessTV, however her most popular sketch is her ‘Terry the Tomboy’ series. This sketch is about a proud, self proclaimed tomboy named ‘Terry’, who makes vlogs in which she instructs her audience on how to dress and act as a tomboy. This series has been a HUGE success for Lia, and definitely shows her skills and passion for comedic projects. As a part of the ‘AwesomnessTV’ team, Lia has also appeared on Nickelodeon as a part of AwesomnessTV’ 7:00-7:30pm Monday night timeslot on the popular network. Along with her comedy sketch work, Lia also posts cover videos on her YouTube channel, vlogs, and does tag videos or challenge video (tag videos are videos where the YouTuber making the video answers questions, or discusses a particular topic, and challenge videos challenges the YouTuber making the video to do weird and/or difficult dares). Lia films the videos by herself, as well as with various other AwesomnessTV and YouTube stars. On October 29th, 2013 Lia guest starred on the first episode of the AwesomnessTV original web series ‘Side Effects’, as the character of ‘Susan’ ,the best friend of one of the main characters ‘Whitney’ (Meg DeLacy). Lia and Meg performed a rendition of Taylor Swift’s hit song ‘Mean’ on the show, which was uploaded on to ITunes on October 29th, 2013 (here’s a link to the official ‘Side Effects’ music video of the two talented girls performing the song Taylor Swift – “Mean” | Side Effects Official Music Video – YouTube). Although Lia is only 17 years old, she already has a resume that many would envy. I defiantly see her becoming a huge star in the next few years, and it won’t be long before she is a household name. Lia is a star on the rise, and I can’t wait to see what she accomplishes in 2014.







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