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Monday Memos: Damn Daniel…the meme we can’t get out of our heads

Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘Monday Memos’ we’re going to talk about that internet meme that EVERYONE is buzzing about, you know the one. Yes, we’re going to talk about the ‘Damn Daniel’ meme. This meme which stars 14 year old Daniel Lara (back at it again with the white vans…sorry I couldn’t help it), and 15 year old Joshua Holz (who provides the voice behind the meme). So what is it about this meme that has taken the internet by storm? Keep reading to find out. Ready? Ok, let’s go!!!


For years the internet has been flooded by viral hits from the 2007 YouTube videos ‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ & ‘Chocolate Rain’, to the 2011 mega hit ‘Friday’, and more recently 2015’s ‘The Dress’. So what is it that makes a viral hit? Is there a formula for internet fame, or is it truly a fortunate accident? Personally I think that the answer is both more complicated, and simpler than people think. The thing that all of these viral hits have in common is the use of a “good” idea in combination with whatever the new technological fade is at the time. With ‘Charlie Bit My Finger’, ‘Chocolate Rain’, and ‘Friday’, it was exploring what YouTube was truly capable of. The dress took advantage of our love of arguing over the internet. ‘Damn Daniel’ started off as a series of Snapchats that quickly gained popularity over a series of days. This meme took off because it was funny, creative, and took advantage of the fact that we all love videos that only last a few seconds. We love to be entertained, but right now the Internet demands instant entertainment, which makes ‘Damn Daniel’ perfect. With a song made about the meme, a ton of media attention, and even a guest spot on Ellen, it’s obvious that Daniel & Josh did something right, and we will see a lot of similar memes coming out this year.





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