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YouTube Wednesday: Keegan Acton…the new beauty/fashion guru that YouTube is obsessing over

Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘YouTube Wednesday’ we’re going to talk about an incredible YouTuber who you will soon bekeegan acton addicted to. It can be really hard for a YouTuber to distinguish themselves because of all of the competition from the other great channels on the website. Once you see Keegan’s videos, it’s easy to figure out that she definitely stands out from the crowd. Not only is she knowledgeable about all of the topics that she discusses on her channel, but she’s also very entertaining to watch, has a natural on-camera presence, and she is able to engage her audience from the start of the video to the end. If you’re not already subscribed to her channel then you are definitely missing out. So please read on to discover the YouTuber that all your friends already love. Ready? Ok, let’s go!!!


The first video that we’re going to talk about is Keegan’s ‘Sephora and Charlotte Russe’ haul, which was uploaded on June 6th, 2013 (you can check out this video below). This video is the perfect introduction to Keegan’s channel because it shows us that she’s a natural born entertainer who can not only mesmerize her audience, but also leave them wanting to keep coming back to see more. I also love that this video is a haul because we get a glimpse at what Keegan’s personal style is like, which is a great way for her to connect with her audience. Next up we have her ‘First Impression | Nume Octo Wand’ video, which was uploaded on December 26th, 2013. First impression videos are great because we get to see what our fav YouTubers really think about a product without worrying that they’re just trying to get us to buy the product. In this video Keegan shows that she’s really good at reviewing products because she gives a very detailed review that tells us why the product is great, but does so in a way that allows us to figure out if this is the product for us.

Now we’re going to talk about Keegan’s ‘ My Braces Experience | EVERYTHING You Need To Know About Braces’ video, which was uploaded on March 17th, 2014. I think that one of the best things about YouTube is that we really get to know our favorite YouTubers in a way that makes us feel as if they’re our best friends. This video is a perfect example of that, because through this video Keegan is able to connect with all of her viewers who have braces, or will get braces in the near future. This is a MUST SEE video if you fall into either of these categories because Keegan is very detailed when she explains the process of getting braces put on, taken off, and everything in between. The final video that we’re going to discuss today is Keegan’s ‘ iPhone Case Collection 2015’ video, which was uploaded on June 22nd, 2015 (you can check out this video below). Personally I love watching iPhone case collections because you get to see some really cool cases and learn where to get them (gotta have more stuff to add to that letter to Santa). In this video we not only get to see some really cute phone cases (I seriously want all of them), but we once again get a glimpse into what Keegan’s personal style is, and how it has evolved. I really wish that I could have written about all of her videos because they’re all AMAZING, so I would definitely check out this channel if you want to give yourself an early Christmas present.


Keep up with everything Keegan is doing here:

YouTube: Keegan Acton

Instagram: keeganacton

Twitter: keeganacton




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YouTube Wednesday: MissInnerBeauty2…the beauty guru you will be addicted to this Spring


missinnerbeauty2Hello people of the Internet!!! On today’s ‘YouTube Wednesday’ we are going to discuss another AMAZING YouTuber that y’all will soon have to subscribe to!Who are we talking about? I’m glad you asked! If you haven’t heard of Hannah aka MissInnerBeauty2 then y’all need to jump on the bandwagon. Trust me you’ll love her! Hannah’s beauty/fashion/fitness tips & tricks will help you feel beautiful from the inside out by showing you that confidence is always in style. So now let’s move on to the videos. Ready? Ok, let’s go!

The first video that we’re going to talk about is Hannah’s ‘My Top 10 Spring Essentials’ video, which was uploaded on May 13th, 2013. Personally I love looking at a YouTuber’s first video because it not only shows how they have grown as YouTubers, but also as people. I thought that this was an AWESOME debut video because it showed that Hannah is knowledgeable about what she’s talking about, and also has a fun personality that jumps off the screen. This is also the perfect video for anyone who is new to the beauty world. Ok, the next video that we’re going to talk about is Hannah’s ‘Naked Pallets Comparison: 1,2,3 and Basics! Urban Decay’ video, which was uploaded on January 7th, 2014 (you can check out the video below). I thought that this was such a great at video for Hannah’s viewers, and it just really impressed me. If you’ve wanted to buy any of these pallets, but haven’t because you couldn’t decide which one you wanted and/or you didn’t want to spend the money to buy more than one of the pallets, then this is the video for you. Once again Hannah shows that she is a natural on camera, and really knows what her audience wants to see.


Next up we have another AMAZING Hannah video! This is a ‘Blair Waldorf Back To School Makeup + Hair Gossip Girl’ video, which was uploaded on July 15th, 2014 (you can check out the video below). Now I think that we can all admit that the characters on ‘Gossip Girl’ had the best style ever and Blair is definitely a HUGE fan favorite because of this very reason. Blair had the perfect mix of preppy and girly, and just seemed so perfectly put together, that we couldn’t help but wish we could all look that awesome every day. Hannah is able to perfectly replicate this character’s signature fashion and beauty style, which shows us that Hannah’s videos will just continue to amaze us. Now even though we could sit here all day and talk about all of Hannah’s videos (which trust me I would LOVE to do), I can’t keep y’all here all day, so let’s talk about our final Hannah video. Ok, the last video that we’re going to talk about is Hannah’s ‘FabFitFun First Impressions Unboxing’, video which was uploaded on April 11th, 2015. I thought that this was another really cool video, because this service delivers a box every season with beauty products/health products/and exercise products. I hadn’t heard of this specific service before so I thought that the company had a really interesting concept. I really loved how Hannah seemed very honest about her review of what was in the box, which definitely makes us love her even more. In this video Hannah shows that she is very comfortable in front of the camera, and is able to make you feel like you’re talking to one of your friends, which is definitely the sign of a YouTube star in the making.



Keep up with Hannah:

YouTube: MissInnerBeauty2

Twitter: Hannah (@MsInnerBeauty2) | Twitter

Tumblr: adancingimagination



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YouTube Wednesday: Beautybabe149, the next YouTube beauty/fashion queen has arrived

Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘YouTube Wednesday’ I am going to introduce y’all to another AMAZING beauty/fashion/life style guru that you will become ADDICTED to (you’re welcome!). This amazing YouTuber not only shares her amazing style, hair, and beauty tips, but also does fun DIYs (Do It Yourself Projects), cool beauty/fashion hauls, and gives her fans advice about life and YouTube. So if you’re not already a fan of Erica, aka Beautybabe149, then read on and learn why you are missing out on YouTube’s newest hidden treasure.


Erica is a 17 years old beauty/fashion/life style guru, who as of 7/30/2014 has 348,575 total views on YouTube, 3,146 followers on Instagram,17,811 YouTube subscribers, 64 ‘likes’ on Facebook, and 4,074 followers on Twitter. She uploaded her first video, entitled ‘OOTD: Summer Nights #1’ on June 16th, 2012 (OOTD: Summer Nights #1). The video was a great introduction to Erica’s personality, and even though the video is only 1 minute and 46 seconds long, she is able to put her fun, bubbly personality front and center, which definitely leaves you wanting more videos. Erica is also able to show off her fashion skills by demonstrating a really fun, casual look that many would want to emulate (I know I do). The next video that we are going to discuss is Erica’s March 21st, 2013 ‘Q&A 1’ video (Q&A #1 ♡). In this video, she answers fan questions, such as her ethnicity, where she finds the music for her videos, her favorite candy, and so much more! In the video, Erica also talks about how she grew up watching YouTube, and from the early age of 10 years old would make mock vlogs with a flip cam. She said that her family knew about her videos when she first starts uploaded them, but her friends didn’t find out until Erica made a happy birthday video for fellow beauty/fashion guru Bethany Mota ( on another channel with “random” videos), and Bethany commented on, and liked the video. There are a lot of other cool facts about Erica in this video so I would definitely suggest checking it out. Speaking of cool facts, the next video that we are going to discuss is Erica’s ’50 Facts About Me!’ Tag video (50 Facts About Me! TAG) which she uploaded on April 6th, 2013. In this video, Erica discussed her whether or not she has siblings, how long she’s known one of her Best Friends, what ascents she likes to speak in, and what she loves “more than life itself”. I loved this video because the facts were different than your typical ’50 Facts About Me’ video, and Erica was very entertaining throughout the whole video (this video will make you want to be her best friend). Next up we have Erica’s ‘First Day of School, Hair, Makeup, & Outfit’ (First Day of School: Hair, Makeup, & Outfit | Collab with Piperlanee – YouTube) video, which she uploaded on August 12th, 2013. I chose to discuss this video because I know that back to school season is upon is (boo!!!) BUT…that also means back to school shopping, and picking out the PERFECT first day of school look (YAY!!!…don’t you just love how the universe balances everything out!?!). I really loved this video, because the hair and makeup look were simple and easy to do (perfect for those days when you’re running late because your alarm “didn’t go off”…don’t worry I believe you…really I do). I also loved that the makeup look was just a step above natural looking, so it is perfect for all ages to copy. I will definitely be trying this look, and I guarantee that you will look like a supermodel in those hallways if you do too.


Next we have another vlog, where Erica gives her tips & tricks about getting started on YouTube, (which she uploaded on September 1st, 2013, and you can find here My Tips & Tricks: Getting Started on Youtube! – YouTube). In this video, she discusses her 3 number 1 piece of advice, how to deal with haters, and how to network and promote your channel. I thought that this video was a really cool idea because, it gives useful information for aspiring YouTubers, but does so in a positive, upbeat way that fans will love. The next video we are going to discuss is Erica’s ‘Black Friday Haul 2013’ (Black Friday Haul 2013!!! – YouTube) which was uploaded on November 30th, 2013. Personally I was really excited to see this video because haul videos are my favorite type of fashion YouTube videos. I really loved the deals that Erica got (you have to love a guru who knows the true value of a good sale) and it definitely makes me want to the stores she went to this Black Friday, to see if I can get similar deals. Once again, Erica was funny, and fun to watch in this video, and proved that she is a natural in front of the camera. Ok, next we are going to discuss another video that I was really excited about, which is Erica’s ‘DIY Flower Crown + How I Style Them’ video (DIY Flower Crown + How I Style Them!) which was uploaded on July 20th, 2014. I thought that this was a really cool video because flower crowns are a huge trend right now, and if you can find a way to make your flower crown unique, why wouldn’t you. This is also the perfect project for people who love DIYs, or want to be fashionable on budget. With a small amount of summer left, this is the perfect project to celebrate the rest of this season in style. Ok now we’ve arrived at the last video we are going to discuss in this blog post (even though I could literally talk about every video on this channel). The video we are going to discuss is Erica’s ‘Everyday Makeup Routine Summer Edition’, which was uploaded July 26th, 2014 (Everyday Makeup Routine | Summer Edition) I loved this look, because it was light, but was not too light to use as a nighttime look (for those days when you’re in a rush, or just don’t feel like redoing you makeup…I know how you think people of the internet). The look was also simple to replicate, and the products were a mix of high end and drugstore, so the average viewer can most likely have access to all or some of these products. This is definitely a look that I will be trying this summer. I give this video 5 smiley faces (like I always say, I use smiley faces because they are more fun than stars).  Erica also has a 2nd channel where she vlogs and has lots of other cool videos that y’all will want to check out.


As you can see, Erica has all the ingredients needed to make her into a YouTube Queen. She has a fun, bubbly personality that will instantly make you fall in love with her, she is well spoken and able to articulate very well in her videos, she is knowledgeable about the topics she discusses, and she has a very close relationship with her fans. I definitely see Erica making a career out of her YouTube channel, and joining the YouTube beauty/fashion elite. She is definitely a star on the rise, and someone to keep an eye on. She may be a secret to some YouTube fans now, but with a growing fans base, and the personality and charm to wow any audience; this won’t be the case for long.


Keep in touch with Erica!!!

YouTube: Beautybabe149 – YouTube

2nd YouTube Channel: TheOtherSideofErica – YouTube

Twitter: erica (beautybabe149) on Twitter

Instagram: beautybabe149 on Instagram

Facebook: Beautybabe149 | Facebook




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Monday Memos: Top 10 Reasons Why It’s Better If You Don’t Have A Valentine This Year

Hello people of the internet!!! Today, we will talk about the heart shaped elephant in the room…Valentine’s Day (cue suspenseful music). Maybe you’re single this Valentine’s Day and are bitter about it…or maybe you’re single and don’t care, either way this is the blog for you! So grab some popcorn, turn up those Taylor Swift songs, and chill out with the ‘Top ten reasons why it’s better if you DON’T have a Valentine this year!!!’


10) You can sit around in your PJs all day and watch romantic comedies/ Nicholas Sparks movies…who wouldn’t want Ryan Gosling or Channing Tatum as their honorary boyfriend?

channing tatum and ryan gosling








9) You can make your mom or dad your Valentine and then casually suggest visiting your favorite store or mall (hello presents!!!)








8) Being single on Valentine’s Day is like the first day of a New Year, calories don’t count so you can eat whatever you want without repercussions (that is the rule right!?!)







7) You can get some of your BFFs together and talk about how much guys suck while you listen to Taylor Swift songs (sing it with me…”we. are never ever getting back together…”).








6) If you’re feeling more positive, you and your BFFs can have a dance party in your room while listening to your favorite boy band (or man and for our Backstreet Boys fans).








5) You can blog/vlog!!! (C’mon all the cool kids are doing it!)








4) You can walk around the mall in a onesie( oh you know you’ve ways wanted too…o.k, guess that’s just me then…awkward…)








3) You can use your detective skills and figure out who ‘A’ is on ‘Pretty Little liars’ (c’mon you know that this is seriously the biggest mystery of our time, just don’t watch the show in the dark…trust me on that one).








2) You can paint a bullseye with a picture of a jerky person in the middle. Yes throwing darts at the face of a person may seem a little aggressive, but painting is relaxing so it evens out right?








1) You can have a Harry Potter movie marathon…now if he can survive fighting a creepy faced guy for 8 movies, you can survive flying solo on the “day of love”.














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YouTube Wednesday: meghanrosette, the witty beauty/fashion/lifestyle guru that you will want to be BFFs with!!!

Hello people of the internet, please allow me for a moment to paint a picture for you. A 16 year old girl receives news one summer from her doctor that she has mono, so she must begin bed rest. Now usually teenagers spend the summer time hanging out with friends, going on trips, swimming, etc.. So what can a 16 year old do during the summer for fun if she’s stuck at home? Well if you ask the girl behind the extremely popular YouTube channel ‘meghanrosette’, you start a career launching YouTube channel.


Meghan Rienks, (whose last name isn’t actually Rosette, the name was created because Meghan’s middle name is Rose) was born on August 4th, 1993 in a city near San Francisco, CA. Meghan has said that she was a “dramatic” child, and officially caught the acting bug after a 3rd grade production of ‘The Wiz’ (where Meghan played a munchkin…o.k. everyone say it with me…awwwww…I’m mean seriously a 3rd grader playing a munchkin, that is just too cute!). Meghan then began taking acting, voice, and dance classes in order to further explore her love of performing. She began experimenting with makeup in the middle school, and continued acting.. Once Meghan entered High School, she soon began performing in numerous school plays. However, Meghan’s most important high school activity would occur the summer before her senior year, when Meghan contracted mono from sharing a soda can with her friend. Although most people would hide in their room and cry over this, Meghan took the advice of her mother, and began a YouTube channel. So, on June 16th, 2010 the channel ‘meghanrosette’ was born, and Meghan’s life was forever changed (Here’s Meghan’s 1st video where she does a fashion haul with one of her friends: Haul with dancer4life34! – YouTube).


On the surface, Meghan’s channel seems like that of any other young guru however, once you watch just a few minutes of any of her 412 videos, you can see that this girl is anything but ordinary. Meghan is not openly knowledgeable about fashion trends, beauty secrets, and everyday life issues, but she also has a charisma and ease on camera that instantly draws you in. She is also extremely witty and goofy, which makes her very relatable, and only adds to her overall charm. I first discovered Meghan a few months ago when I saw her on an episode of the hit show IMO (which stands for In My Opinion), on the super popular AwesomnessTV YouTube channel. On IMO, Meghan is on a rotating panel, where the panelists discuss a wide variety such as; fashion trends, celebrities, relationship/friendship issues, etc. (basically it’s a teen/young adult version of ‘The View’). When I first saw Meghan on IMO, I instantly found her very interesting and funny, and wanted to learn more about her.


After I watched a few of her videos, I could see why she (as of December 10th, 2013) has 535,602 subscribers on her channel. Meghan is not only adored by her large fan base, but has also grabbed the attention of many important fashion and beauty publications. She has been featured in magazines such as Teen Vogue and Seventeen. Meghan has also interviewed celebrities and has done red carpet coverage for Seventeen magazine (here’s a video of Meghan interviewing Ashley Rickards, the star of MTV’s popular show ‘Awkward’: My First Time Tag with Ashley Rickards – YouTube). Along with working on her growing YouTube career, Meghan has also continued acting, and was recently on the hit AwesomnessTV show. She also stars on the YouTube show ‘The Goreys’, as Abigail Gorey (here’s a link to the first episode: Hello Dr. Jacobs – Episode 1 – YouTube). Because of all of these amazing accomplishments that she’s had in such a short time span, I would definitely recommend that EVERYONE keep an eye on Meghan, she will definitely be a huge star soon.


Another reason why I highly recommend Meghan’s channel, is because she is very open and honest with her fans. In her ‘Draw My Life’ video (here’s the link to that video:Draw My Life | MeghanRosette – YouTube), Meghan admitted to having insecurity issues in middle school due to her appearance, and also stated that her elementary school friends shunned her because they were popular and she was not. Meghan has also spoken about the bullying she received from her two best friends in college. She admits that she became anxious, OCD, and suffered a great depression because of what occurred between her and these friends. Although Meghan says that she is in a better mental state now, I think that it was very brave that she decided to reveal some of the struggles she has faced. Her story is truly inspiring, and proves that you can do whatever you set your mind too as long as you follow your dreams and ignore any haters. I think Taylor Swift said it best in her song ‘Ours’, when she states, “People throw rocks at things that shine…”. Due to her bubbly personality, natural charisma, and wit, I certainly see a bright future ahead for Meghan in vlogging and acting. Keep on shinning girl!








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YouTube Wednesday: Lia Marie Johnson, The next comedy genius/music star you need to know about

Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘YouTube Wednesday’, we are going to discuss rising YouTube star and actress Lia Marie Johnson. She was born in Wahiawa, Hawaii in November of 1996. Lia began performing at a young age, after her family’s move to Virginia. During her time in Virginia, she was in several school plays and talent shows. A short time later, Lia and her family moved to California, and she posted her first YouTube video of herself singing ‘Ave Maria’ on June 8th, 2008 (which you can see here Ave Maria 2 – YouTube). Lia’s first YouTube video began to achieve some attention on YouTube, so she continued to post cover videos. On July 3rd, 2011, Lia released a music video for her song ‘One and Only’ on YouTube, and released the video to ITunes on July 5th, 2011, (here’s a link to the ‘‘One and Only’ music video: Lia – One and Only – YouTube). She continued to act in commercials and perform in numerous sketches such as in a ‘Twilight’ sketch which was posted on the popular Funny or Die website, as well as on the internet sketch comedy show ‘OMGTV!! Live’ (here’s a link to one of Lia’s sketches, so you can see how funny she is! I promise you’ll love it!!: Lia – OMGtv!!Live Sketch Comedy – YouTube).


She soon met fellow YouTubers Benny & Rafi Fine (also known as ‘The Fine Bros’ on YouTube), who hired her for one of their sketches entitled ‘Sarah Palin Family Meeting’. Lia has continued to work with The Fine Brothers on their ‘Kids React’ series (which is an online show that shows kids between the ages of 5 and 14 popular internet videos, and then the brothers ask the kids questions about the videos in order to get their opinions on pop culture figures, viral videos, and social/political issues…you can check out the fine brothers channel here: TheFineBros – YouTube).


Lia later went on to become a part of the cast another show created by The Fine Brothers, entitled ‘Teens React’, which shares the same format as ‘Kids React, but stars teenagers between the ages of 15 and 19 (Lia is currently still a part of this show). She also currently is a part of another Fine Brothers’ project called ‘My Music’, which is a mock reality show which depicts the day to day lives of employees at a fictional record label. Lia has also worked with various YouTube stars, such as Shane Dawson (who owns and operates one of the most subscribed channels in YouTube history) and Britney Louise Taylor. Due to Lia’s association with the Fine Brothers, and various other popular YouTubers, Lia was soon contacted by ‘AwesomnessTV’ (a YouTube channel that has videos about beauty, fashion, music, celebrity gossip, as well as a talk show and comedy sketches…I would definitely suggest that you check it out, because it is truly awesome, here’s the link: AwesomenessTV – YouTube…but remember, check out the link after you finish reading this blog, deal? Yay ok let’s continue then!).


She has been a part of numerous sketches for AwesomnessTV, however her most popular sketch is her ‘Terry the Tomboy’ series. This sketch is about a proud, self proclaimed tomboy named ‘Terry’, who makes vlogs in which she instructs her audience on how to dress and act as a tomboy. This series has been a HUGE success for Lia, and definitely shows her skills and passion for comedic projects. As a part of the ‘AwesomnessTV’ team, Lia has also appeared on Nickelodeon as a part of AwesomnessTV’ 7:00-7:30pm Monday night timeslot on the popular network. Along with her comedy sketch work, Lia also posts cover videos on her YouTube channel, vlogs, and does tag videos or challenge video (tag videos are videos where the YouTuber making the video answers questions, or discusses a particular topic, and challenge videos challenges the YouTuber making the video to do weird and/or difficult dares). Lia films the videos by herself, as well as with various other AwesomnessTV and YouTube stars. On October 29th, 2013 Lia guest starred on the first episode of the AwesomnessTV original web series ‘Side Effects’, as the character of ‘Susan’ ,the best friend of one of the main characters ‘Whitney’ (Meg DeLacy). Lia and Meg performed a rendition of Taylor Swift’s hit song ‘Mean’ on the show, which was uploaded on to ITunes on October 29th, 2013 (here’s a link to the official ‘Side Effects’ music video of the two talented girls performing the song Taylor Swift – “Mean” | Side Effects Official Music Video – YouTube). Although Lia is only 17 years old, she already has a resume that many would envy. I defiantly see her becoming a huge star in the next few years, and it won’t be long before she is a household name. Lia is a star on the rise, and I can’t wait to see what she accomplishes in 2014.







  • All photos and information used in this blog belong to Lia Marie Johnson, YouTube, AwesomnessTV, Nickelodeon, Taylor Swift, Big Machine Records, Franz Schubert, Stephanie Meyers, Benny & Rafi Fine , Shane Dawson, Britney Louise Taylor, Meg DeLacy, IMDB, and all other original owners. I do not own anything in this blog. All opinions expressed in this blog are my own. I wrote this blog for entertainment purposes and no copyright infringement is intended.